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Mimikyu V in Standard?


yes 3 S's is not a typo
OK, so I haven't seen many lists with Mimikyu V or with Mimikyu V as the main focus, but I am personally a huge fan of the card. lately, I have been messing around with Mimikyu V in Dragapult VMAX. Here I am with my list:

3 Dragapult V
2 Dragapult VMAX
4 Jirachi TEU 99
1 Galarian Zigzagoon
3 Mimikyu V
1 Dedenne-GX
1 Crobat V
1 Eldegoss V
4 Quick Ball
4 Switch
4 Scoop Up Net
2 Reset Stamp
3 Pokemon Communication
4 Marnie
4 Professor's Research
4 Boss's Orders
2 Air Balloon
2 Jessie & James
1 Weezing HIF 29
1 Energy Spinner
4 Horror Psychic Energy
5 Psychic Energy

As most people know, Eternatus VMAX could be pushed out of the meta due to the Brand New Urshifu VMAXs rising to the top as Tier 1 decks. Dragapult VMAX is weak to Eternatus, which means Urshifu rising to popularity could mean Dragapult could rise as well. Not only is its worst matchup is being pushed down the tierlist, but it will hit weakness on the Urshifus. Not only do I have this list, but I also have a Mimikyu V Stall deck I netdecked from PokeGoldfish, and it has been working for me:

1 Victini CEC 30
1 Phione CEC 57
4 Mimikyu V NEW
1 Mew UNB 76
1 Zacian V SSH 138
1 Zamazenta V SSH 139
2 Munchlax UNM 173
2 Pal Pad SSH 172
4 Cursed Shovel RCL 157
2 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
4 Quick Ball SSH 179
4 Crushing Hammer SSH 159
2 Lana's Fishing Rod CEC 195
4 Switch SSH 183
4 Lillie's Poke Doll CEC 197
4 Bird Keeper DAA 159
4 Giovanni's Exile HIF 57
4 Bruno NEW
2 Boss's Orders RCL 154
4 Bill's Analysis HIF 51
2 Lt. Surge's Strategy HIF 60
3 Galar Mine RCL 160

Let me Know what you Think



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Hey, lately I've seen Mimikyu V in quite a few Dragapult/Urshifu lists, but I don't really see the utility beyond stalling for a turn (assuming no gusting) or using it as a finisher. What makes you include 3 here? I don't think its contributions to a Dragapult deck merit 3 slots that could be used for something like Escape Ropes, a third Dragaoult VMAX or Crobat/Dedenne.

Besides that, I love Escape Rope and even if you stick with Mimikyu V I would change 1 or even 2 Switch to Escape Rope, which works great because it gives you more Jirachi outs.