Ruling Mimikyu from CEC


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I have a question about discarding supporters with a restriction on them with Mimikyu to bypass the restriction.

So there are like 3 supporters in my memory that I am specifically talking about: Rosa, Green's exploration, and Morgan. There is probably more, but anyway, the point is is that all three of these cards have a limitation, reading something like "this card can not be played unless" and I was just wondering if using Mimikyu's attack from CEC would bypass the restriction.
Impersonation - Discard a supporter from your hand. if you do, use the effect of that card as the effect of this attack.

I'm pretty sure it does, but I want to be sure. The reason I think it works is that the limitation isn't the effect of the card, it is just preventing you from playing it from your hand.


This would especially make Morgan more appealing since you wouldn't have to discard the other 3 supporter cards to use its really good effect.


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I'm pretty sure the game considers all parts of the card as the effect
Thanks. This is pretty unfortunate. I was thinking of actually using morgan and Cyrus prism star since I could bypass the restriction. I think I'll just make it bypass the restrictions as a rule for my cube.


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from the compendium

Q. When using Mimikyu's "Impersonation" attack, can I discard a Supporter like Green's Exploration or Morgan and bypass the requirement that says you can only play the Supporter if you do such-and-such?
A. You can discard those types of Supporter cards with Impersonation, but if you don't meet the Supporter card's requirements you cannot do what is says. (Dec 5, 2019 TPCi Rules Team)

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but it say when you play this card, and you are not playing the card but u are discarding it
Yes, you are discarding it, but you use the effect as if you are playing it. You still have to meet any requirements the card would normally need to be played, otherwise it goes to discard and nothing happens.