Grass-Type Gym Leader
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The Milotic line and Wallace were just revealed from the Japanese set Incandescent Arcana, which releases in Japan on September 2nd. We should see most of the cards from this set become part of our Silver Tempest in November.
Feebas – Water – HP30
Basic Pokemon
[C] Ascension: Search your deck for a card that evolves from this Pokemon and put it onto this Pokemon to evolve it. Then, shuffle your deck.
[W] Splash: 10 damage.
Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 1...

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Wallace - that won't hurt if opponent draw a card, unless if the opponent uses Oranguru to top deck a key card in a previous turn. A little distruption per se. Anyway, it's very rare to see cards that actually draw 4 cards. We'll give it a pass. 3-4
Feebas/Milotic - I wish Free Attacks wasn't limited to Hisui/Alola forms. RS Milotic would be bonkers, if that happens. Still, Ascension is Ascension. That attack is very notable before. 3-4/2 This Milotic sucks, despite having a gorgeous CHR.


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May be nice to ascend into RS Milotic 1st turn going 2nd but would probably get KO'ed right after? It does safe you from getting Marnie'd Turn 2 and you could evolve the next one after that, so i guess its still not bad. Kinda makes cards like camping gear and dream gift viable but you'll have to play them on your 2nd turn since you're ascending on the 1st.. (May not be a good deal afterall?) I'm expecting there'll be more milotics coming though even if there isn't an ex, since its so popular in every TCG generation. 🧜‍♀️

Wallace seems cool offering an even plane for that extra draw for both players. And letting your opponent decide kind of makes it more interesting. I'll definitely play this with Riley! (*Also, a nice upgrade from Erika.) 😁
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Honestly, i was so sure Wallace would do something like: Your Milotic's attacks do 60 more damage to your opponent's pokemon this turn. (You can only play this card if you evolved one of your feebas during this turn or the last). 😜😉

1 Energy for 110 snipe would be so dope! 🤤


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Maybe someday Milotic will get an accurately good card- but in the meantime, that art is just fantastic. Can't wait to see it in an actual pack!

GM DracLord

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Just notice something, I think it has been a while for a trainer card especially supporter like wallace to be a common card