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Standard Mew's Rainbow Force

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by PineDog, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Mew's Rainbow Force/Skittles/Mew's Counter to (almost) everything/Mew's Rainbow Box

    Pokemon (16)

    • 4x Mew
    • 3x Xerneas
    • 2x Jolteon-EX
    • 1x Glaceon-EX
    • 1x Regice
    • 1x Jirachi
    • 1x Sudowoodo
    • 1x Hoopa-EX
    • 2x Shaymin-EX

    Trainers (34)

    • 3x Professor Sycamore
    • 2x N
    • 3x Pokemon Fan Club
    • 1x Hex Maniac
    • 1x Lysandre
    • 1x AZ
    • 4x VS Seeker
    • 3x Ultra Ball
    • 3x Escape Rope
    • 1x Battle Compressor
    • 1x Super Rod
    • 1x Dimension Valley
    • 4x Sky Field
    • 3x Fighting Fury Belt
    • 3x Float Stone

    Energy (10)
    • 4x Rainbow Energy
    • 4x Double Colorless Energy
    • 2x Fairy Energy

    Strategy: Using Mew, switch between pressuring your opponent with Eeveeloution locks and swinging damage with Rainbow Force. Various tech cards including Hoopa-EX, Sudowoodo, and Jirachi to set-up quicker and punish opponents for dealing there biggest attacks or relying on special energy.

    Update 1:
    -1 Brigette
    -1 Zoroark
    -1 Zorua
    +1 Pokemon Fan Club
    +1 Hoopa-EX
    +1 Dimension Valley

    Update 2:
    -2 Dimension Valley
    -1 Zoroark
    -1 Zorua
    -1 Druddigon
    +1 Sudowoodo
    +1 Jirachi
    +1 Sky Field
    +2 Escape Rope

    Update 3:
    -1 Umbreon-EX
    +1 Regice
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  2. Danglesmcjangles Spice Master General


    If you're going to run fan club i'd bump it up to 3 (take out a brigette) and add hoopa. You can grab a mew and a hoopa with fan club and scoundrel ring for eeveelutions and shaymin and you'll be set up quick! You could also cut the fan club for different supporters or add in another ultra ball and a level ball or two. The stadium decision is interesting. Sky field is obviously better for swinging for big damage with rainbow force, but dimension valley will help out in games where you want to get the lock up quickly. It's a cool deck and I will definitely be trying it out!
  3. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    These were some cards I was thinking about including, tell me what you think about them:
    Jirachi/ Pretty self-explanatory, for punishing decks that rely on special energy
    Regirock (Promo/)This is a rather odd choice, but because this deck doesn't have any fighting type, and stadiums are such a big deal in this deck, it's rather important to keep those in play
    Thoughts, opinions?
  4. bradon Aspiring Trainer


    Jirachi is a good idea. I'd definitely drop Umbreon-EX, it's not a good card. You need 4 Skyfield for sure.

    Not sure how good mew would be in here actually, his hp is very low and he needs 3 energy to attack.
  5. Yog Rogue


    Just gonna throw it out there, I've had success in Fairybox decks with the overlooked Sudowoodo.


    Could work well with Mew and this deck if you are looking for a Fighting type.

    Sudowoodo himself (i.e. not mew because he doesn't have the typing) revenge kills Megaman after a turbo bolt, or regular Manectric assuming they have a tool on after a Assault Laser. Zoroark / Darkrai /Raikou after most attacks. Miltank & Raichu you have other ways to kill anyway.

    And then with Mew can pull out a lot of tricks depending on the deck - returning the Toad or Tina lock, punishing Yveltal for stacking energies, sweeping Trev's weak Pumpkaboo benches (with Mew weakness on the active).

    Jolteon continues to be a problem, but I don't see any way in your deck to deal with Jolteon already? Excepting the Lysandre/Escape Rope combo.

    It's not amazing obviously, otherwise everyone would be running it. It's biggest weaknesses are the low HP and ease of playing around - but it does force your opponent to reconsider using their most powerful move because they know it will be coming right back. Some food for thought at least.
  6. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    I was actually considering that Sudowoodo myself yesterday! I'll find a way to add him in the deck, more likely than not dropping the Zoroark line in favor of a Sudowoodo and a Jirachi. I'll also fit in a few switches or escape ropes somewhere in the deck
  7. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    I keep Umbreon in as a counter to Primal Groudon and the occasional M Mewtwo or Gardevoir, when the rotation comes and Furious Fists drops, I'll probably drop it unless there's a huge Mega threat on the format. Because this deck doesn't have many counters to those types of decks. As for Mew, he's to switch between applying pressure with Eeveeloution locks, and then hitting hard with Rainbow Force. I'm probaly going to end up cuting out a Dimension Valley for a fourth Sky Field.
  8. Gengar master shiny pkmn bait
    Gengar master

    Advanced Member Member

    You probably won't see M Gardevoir and/or Mega Mewtwo. Even if you do Umbreon EX's attack, it has to kill which is not situational. You can use that spot for something more useful.
  9. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Couple of people at the league I go to run Mega Mewtwo, Mega Gardevoir, and one guy runs Mega Altaria (yeah...) so I put in the Umbreon as a counter, I may replace it with a trainer.
  10. Gengar master shiny pkmn bait
    Gengar master

    Advanced Member Member

    I suggest adding in 1 Regice for Megas then. That way, even their basic form can't attack you.

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