Ruling Mew UNB and Phoebe


Aspiring Trainer
Regarding Mew UNB and Phoebe from Battle Styles, if I play Phoebe from my hand before attacking with RS Urshifu VMAX, does GMAX Rapid Flow go through Bench Barrier?

ADP Big Rat

No it will not. Phoebe reads "During this turn, damage from your Pokémon VMAX's attacks isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokémon." Specifying Active Pokemon means Phoebe will never interact with targets on your opponent's bench. Even if Mew is active, Bench Barrier is not an effect on Mew, it's an effect on your opponent's benched Pokemon, meaning that while Mew is active, Phoebe still should not change any interaction between Rapid Flow and Bench Barrier.