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Standard Metagross-GX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by WastedSkyPirate, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    M E T A G R O S S - G X (BKT-BUS) V1

    Pokémon (16)

    4 Beldum
    3 Metang
    4 Metagross-GX
    3 Tapu Lele-GX
    1 Magearna-EX
    1 Alolan Vulpix

    Trainers (34)

    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 N
    3 Guzma
    2 Brigette
    1 Skyla

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Choice Band
    3 Max Potion
    3 Field Blower
    1 Professor's Letter
    1 Rescue Stretcher

    Energy (10)

    8 Metal Energy
    2 Psychic Energy


    The list above is based on @enjoifriend's Metagross-GX deck that was posted on the Derium's Competitive Pokémon YouTube channel.

    I have tested with this list a lot and found it to be very consistent in enacting it's core strategy - setting up multiple Metagross-GX and streaming Giga Hammer for 180 damage.

    My one change to Andrew's list is to substitute Necrozma-GX for a copy of Magearna-EX. Magearna-EX's Mystic Heart Ability helps in a number of situations and, in some cases, can swing a matchup back to a favourable position; this includes matches against the following:
    • Espeon-EX - Miraculous Shine will not devolve your Metagross-GX that have Metal Energy attached.
    • Espeon-GX - Divide GX cannot place damage counters on those Pokémon that have Metal Energy attached.
    • Greninja - As long as Magearna-EX has a Metal Energy attached to it, your Metagross-GX with Metal Energy attached are not affected by Shadow Stitching.
    • Turtonator-GX - Your Pokémon with Metal Energy attached will not receive Shell Trap's reactionary 80 damage.
    • Tapu Fini-GX - Tapu Storm GX will not return your Pokémon to the deck that have Metal Energy attached.
    In addition to the above, Magearna-EX has a retreat cost of 1, meaning that all of the Basic Pokémon in this deck can be retreated into Alolan Vulpix for a T1/T2 Beacon. This is, again, a small gain for consistency.

    Unfortunately, the metagame from Hartford Regionals appears to have been very hostile for Metagross so I'm not sure that the deck has a good standing at the moment. I'd like to hear from others that might have played Metagross at recent tournaments to understand the dynamics of your lists and how they performed.

    All feedback much appreciated!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017

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