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Alt. Format Messenger (Corviknight VMAX / Zacian V / Bronzong )

Dark Espeon

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Pokémon (16):
  • 3 Corviknight Vmax S5R (beatdown)
  • 4 Corviknight V S5R (beatdown)
  • 2 Zacian V S1W (beatdown)
  • 2 Bronzong S5I (enable)
  • 3 Bronzor SM9 (evolve)
  • 1 Eldegoss V (retrieve)
  • 1 Crobat V (draw)
Trainer (32):
  • 2 Boss’s Orders (control)
  • 4 Prof. Research (draw)
  • 4 Marnie (draw)
  • 2 Cheryl (heal)
  • 3 Pokémon Communication (search)
  • 4 Metal Saucier (accelerate)
  • 3 Metal Googles (defense)
  • 1 Escape Rope (control)
  • 4 Quick Ball (search)
  • 2 Switch (retreat)
  • 3 Viridian Forest (search)
Energy (12):
  • 3 Coating Energy
  • 9 Metal Energy


Start with Corviknight V or Zacian and make sure to have Bronzor on the bench on the first turn. Use Viridian Forest and Quick Ball to discard Basic Metal Energy to accelerate them with Metal Saucier. Next turn evolve into Corviknight Vmax and evolve the benched Bronzor into Bronzong to move the energies around. Make sure to have another Corviknight Vmax on the bench to cycle between them and use Cheryl to heal and tank.


Corviknight Vmax
Vmax Metal Pokemon – evolves from Corviknight V
HP: 320
Ability: Luster Body
Prevent all effects of your opponent’s Abilities done to this Pokémon.
[M][M][C] G-Max Hurricane: 240
This Pokemon can’t use G-Max Hurricane during your next turn.
Retreat Cost: 0
Weakness: R
Resistance: G

Corviknight V
Basic Metal Pokemon
HP: 210
[M] Clutch: 30
The defending Pokémon can’t retreat during your ppponent’s next turn.
[M][M][C] Sky Hurricane: 190
This Pokémon can’t use Sky Hurricane during your next turn.
Retreat Cost: C
Weakness: R
Resistance: G

Stage 1 Metal Pokémon - evolves from Bronzor
HP: 110
Ability: Metal Trans
As often as you like during your turn, you may move a [M] energy from 1 of your Pokémon to another 1 of your Pokémon.
[M][C][C] Zen Headbutt: 70
Retreat Cost: CCC
Weakness: R
Resistance: G

Trainer - Supporter
Heal all damage from each of your evolution Pokémon. Then, discard all energy attached to the Pokémon you healed in this way.
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John InCENAroar

Praising the Vish, Praying for Sableye V
What are your thoughts about including a LucMetal in this deck in lieu of a Duraludon? I know it makes both options less consistent, but Full Metal Wall could be really nice if you're going playing with Corviknight as a pivoting tank.

Dark Espeon

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Hi John InCENAroar,

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a decent idea since Bronzong can move the energies around.


probably forgetting something
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Personally I find 4-4 lines a bit excessive unless it's a quad deck, and even moreso with VMAX lines since if 2 are Knocked Out the game is just over, 3-3 should be plenty even if you happen to prize one. As for Energy, I think 9-10 total is ideal especially because of Metal Saucer.

What you can do with this space (5 slots):
  • 3rd Bronzong, it has just enough HP that RS Urshigu VMAX will OHKO without any help. If you get sniped and happen to prize the only other Bronzong in your deck, that could be trouble.
  • 3rd Cheryl for more healing
  • 4th PokeComm for increased consistency, Cheryl means you don't get a draw Supporter and you don't have Jirachi or anything like that
  • Dedenne+Crobat (1 each) previous point, if you play Cheryl you can't draw that turn and these somewhat circumvent that, although it does leave you open to Boss for easy Prizes which might be a dealbreaker in a tanking deck like this.

Dark Espeon

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Hi Vom,

Thanks for the review. Although this is an old decklist I made some modifications not listed above. I replaced two Escape Rope with two switch and I also replaced one Corviknight Vmax with one Crobat V to have some additional draw. Bronzong is ment to have Metal Googles attached to get him out of ohko range due to Rapid Flow.


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The good usual deck:) I may add 3 Jirachi's Stellar Wish for more consistency.