Discussion Mega Ray Comeback?


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I was looking into the upcoming cards that are to be released in Unbroken Bonds, and Triple Acceleration caught my eye. I wonder if Mega Ray might make a return in Expanded...
You have Altaria so you don’t get absolutely murdered by PikaRom and Lightning Box, and Altaria has Delta Evolution. Mega Ray also has Delta Evolution, and I don’t see it being too difficult to get the Triple Acceleration down and hitting 240 on your first turn. What do you guys think?


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I personally do not think there will be a Mega Ray comeback because of how vulnerable it is to Sudowoodo. At least ZoroGarb has well... Garb. Even if you play the deck with Garb, it just becomes a worse version of ZoroGarb in my opinion.


I think alolan muk might be able to take care of sudowodo

The bigger issue might be the clunkiness of spirit links, and digging for a triple energy every turn. But if you like mega Ray I’d say it’s worth testing :)

It does seem like a worse version of Zoroark, with the trade off being a slightly higher damage cap and HP. But I don’t know if that’s worth missing out on trade and needing spirit links and having your energy get automaticallly discarded


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Well, with the Welder in the same set, which is a better Blacksmith since the attachment can be on any pokemon type, without type-related restrictions like those that the Blacksmith lays down on its card text, the Expanded format could see the Colorless Mega Ray(CMR) be overtaken in terms of card usage percentage by the once-inferior Dragon Mega Ray(DMR), but Mega Ray still will have a bad counter, regardless of its type. No matter, just one use of new Volcanion's first attack going second to power up your desired DMR on turn 1, then use Welder once on turn 2 going second combined a Lightning attachment for turn, since DMR needs 3 Fire, 1 Lightning, and 1 Colorless to attack w/ Dragon Ascent, but if you can't get Volc out or don't have the Energy in your hand to even be able to use its attack on T1 going second, or even if you're going first on T1, don't worry: Either one fire energy attachment for turn(best done on turn 1) AND two Welders(unless you use Lt. Surge prior to the Welders, since Welder is a Supporter, two of such cannot be used on same turn, don't be fooled) OR 1 Kiawe on T1, and then, all you have to worry about is the 1 Lightning attachment it needs afterward to use Dragon Ascent for 300. And after that, don't forget to use Welder again next turn to deal with the effect-induced discard, and watch decks get crushed... Yeah... I wish it was THAT easy to tell deck greatness on paper, but in reality, life isn't like that...

^ As for CMR, it has seen better days in Expanded, crippled by bench reducer cards like Parallel City and Sudowoodo GRI, not to mention that, come Unbroken Bonds, Honchkrow-GX might have a heyday shutting down Mega Evolution decks, so both possible MegaRays could be inferior anyway due to the rise of the Dark types... Or will they???

We'll see after some playtesting...


I think mega evolutions have seen their day. You’d have to get down muk to block sudowoodo and also find your spirit links which take up some valuable deck spots. On top of that Muk blocks important set up pokemon like Shaymin, Dragonite, Lele, and others do your own strategy becomes counter productive.


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I actually did play Mega Ray on the ladder a couple months back. The numbers just seemed to be so good; 220 HP narrowly escapes the KO from Zoroark, while you only need 7 Pokemon on bench to KO it back. It was actually pretty decent, but against anything other than opposing Zoroark GX, you're basically playing a worse Zoroark GX. And now with PikaRom and the returning popularity of Drampa Garb, it doesn't have the best matchup spread, although it's probably not horrible either.

It's a lot of fun either way. You won't make any enemies playing it unlike you would playing something like Sableye Garb lol