.: mega load of fakes from me :.

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+ Cascade Gonpory inc. +

soul of the eastern sky
hey, i have an over load of fakes to show you guys... some NEW and some OLD! don't worry though, i'll tell you if they're new or not:

ok, here we go!

Collection 1!
Pokemon: Sanctuary, LAND OF NOD

001 - Wooper
002 - Quagsire
003 - Poliwag
004 - poliwhirl
005 - Poliwrath
006 - Politoed
007 - Dratini
008 - Dragonair
009 - Dragonite ex
010 - Chimecho *
011 - Igglybuff
012 - Jigglypuff
013 - Wigglytuff ex
014 - Holon's Manene
015 - Holon's Mr. Mime
016 - Swablu
017 - Altaria
018 - Holon's Lunatone
019 - Holon's Solrock
020 - Celebi *
021 - Abra
022 - Kadabra
023 - Alakazam ex
024 - Porygon
025 - Porygon2
026 - Cleffa
027 - Clefairy
028 - Clefable

032 - Chinchou
033 - Lanturn ex

039 - Swalot ex

050 - Deoxys

Collection 1.2!
Pokemon: Sanctuary, LAND OF NOD ~ PROMO

PROMO - Wailord ex
PROMO - Lucario ex
PROMO - Dark Dextelebi

Collection 2!
Rather Random Cards

001 - Striktoil (Fangking Invention)
002 - Golduck (Dual Water + Psychic)

007 - Rapidash ex (rather random promo 001)
008 - Murkrow ex (rather random promo 002)
009 - Cascade Gonpory (trainer card special effect)

- - - - - - -

+ Milotic! (add your attacks)

- - - - - - -

Cryptoscate - Tropica Version Promo (in box)
Pretincess - Tropica Version Promo (in box)

- - - - - - -

Porygon2 * (Cascade's Pokémon - Special Event Promo)
Smeargle * (Cascade's Pokémon - Special Event Promo)

Collection 3!
Pokémon - the Crusaders forgotten Legacy

001 - Articuno (ancient)
002 - Zapdos (ancient)
003 - Moltres (ancient)
004 - Tauros ex
005 - Miltank ex

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Boy, that was fun... :) i totally hope you all enjoy these cards and i hope they inspire you to do something really creative to inspire me, to make more fakes ;)

there really is no use rating every card coz it'll take way too long, just simply pick out your favourite cards and tell me why you like them :)

have a great day, or night,... hehehe, just be great

bye bye


+ Cascade Gonpory inc. +

soul of the eastern sky
hey... did you need clearly...? please don't rate them.. i know some of these cards suck big time... but i did most of these AGES ago.. im not dumb, i know their mistakes... and i can't fix any of them... ;) are they good..?


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Mewthree is not even a real pokemon. Noone can be more of an expert on it than anyone else since it doesnt exist!!! Anyone can make up a picture or moves for it and call it Mewthree. There are pictures of it on the internet but they all vary and there is no right or wrong picture, none are offical. Who know's, Nintendo might make Mewthree (they wont though) and it could prove all the other fake Mewthree's wrong.


then can you make more evoulutions of legendary pokemon and a missingno ex and fusion pokemon like zapmolcuno and a card that alous to do fusion

+ Cascade Gonpory inc. +

soul of the eastern sky
no... im sorry i can't make these pokemon, i asked to help for my set, not new lame mixed pokemon.. im sorry! im going to remove the "request" thing, i have no time. NOR inspiration.


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don't remove it. I think it rox! Oh yea... I gave ya some card tips in another thread... could you use those (ahem.. with some minor corrections...)


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Mewthree, lol.

Cascade Gonpory, your artistic ability is top notch. If only I could do what you can do, my cards would look better. ^^ Your placement and wording is also near perfect, so I'll simply comment on playability.

Quagsire seems a bit broken, doing a solid 120 for 3. Power him up on the Bench to avoid Confusion; Sitrus Berry cures the 3 damage counters.

Poliwrath... binder fodder. Who would use such a thing? Is there some strategy I'm not aware of?

Dragonite ex is completely broken. Destiny Blend should be a Poké-Power. Altitude Dive is broken - free 150 for 5 at least. You get Confused, and then Paralyzed, which cancels it out. It's your turn again, there goes paralyze. Either way, Confusion and Paralysis don't work together. Can't happen.

Chimecho Star is... odd. Benched Pokémon can't be Confused. Energy Trans for Psychic Energy... eh. Gotta be something wrong with that, some move that abuses Psychic Energy. But yay for the idea!

You spelled Wigglytuff wrong in Song of Chaos.

Porygon2 DS's Poké-Body should be a Poké-Power. It's also not clear. Where are these Energy coming from?

Lanturn ex is either broken or useless. If you mean 100 to both your opponent's Active, it's broken. If you mean 100 to both theirs and both yours, it's useless.

Lucario ex is broken. If you have any Metal Energy attached to it, it can't die. -80 to all my attacks? No thanks.

Cryptoscate ex has too many HP. 130 HP on a Basic is a lot, especially since you're gonna be dealing a consistent 100 by turn 4.

I love the art on a lot of your cards. I like Articuno the best. :>

Job well done, keep up the good work.


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The question is not about if Nintendo will make Mewthree, but if they will make MewFOUR?!?!?!

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I'm sorry to say this but ur Wigglytuff ex is the same picture as "Dark Wiggletuff"


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There is only 2 rigged cards in this set of yours......
Poliwhorl because its first attack you can keep attacking and they can't hit u back and Smergale8 because of its poke-body :(
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