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Note: Please read this news story for the latest details.

We now have an exclusive photo of this year’s McDonald’s Pokemon TCG set, confirming the card list we posted last week! All 15 cards are reprints, but feature new numbering for this set.


Like last year’s 25th anniversary set, the 15 cards will be available in both foil and non-foil versions. This means the set will technically feature 30 prints. You will receive a 4-card booster pack that contains a foil version of one of the 15 cards. The other three cards will be...

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That's a really weird selection of cards. The ones that don't have the special foiling won't differ from regular chaff with anything but the set symbol.
Hopefully that'll make people ease off with these packs, on the 25 anni run I went to a McDonald in a small town and the lady at the counter told me someone bought 200 packs already. Let it be heard that these are just fun crappy cards for kids to grab, not a high-value collectible.


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yaginku is right, but damn i'll be getting fat trying to get that smeargle in McD holofoil pattern


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yaginku is right, but damn i'll be getting fat trying to get that smeargle in McD holofoil pattern
Or you could just spend anywhere from $1-10 on a single. (Probably closer to the lower end.) I mean, that's probably not as fun, just remember it's an option. (I'm trying not to sound condescending, it's really hard to read people's tones online, and I really am just trying to be helpful.)
Also, those 3D renders make me think of the Diamond and Pearl era. Not sure why. The same thing happened to me with the most recent round of tins.
I would have loved getting four cards with a happy meal as a kid. Glad they've kept the McDonald's holofoil even as Cracked Ice holofoil has fallen by the wayside. Even if kids prefer getting Vs (I would have loved getting EXs in them decks), the loss of Cracked Ice holofoils was a crushing loss to many collectors (myself included), so knowing that the McDonald's holofoil is still going strong after all of these years!
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Don't Know why but... TEIR LIST
(these are for use to be given to a player, usable in standard, expanded, GLC or more. However they are judged as how common/uncommon as well)
1 Rowlet
2 Smeargle
3 Drampa
4 Lapras
5 Victini
6 Bewear
7 Cutifly
8 Pikachu
9 Tynamo
10 Chinchou
11 Gossifleur
12 Leyiba
15 Flaaffy


Were Macca's sets always this much of a crapshoot with the monster selection? I don't see any rhyme or reason that groups these Pokémon together.


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Like Yaginku said, these are a crappy fun collectible for kids, as it should be! I think the Pokemon company took notice of the last set with the neckbeard scalpers ruining it for the kids and took action, these are not very desirable.