Finished May's Monthly TCG Cup!


Sorry for being so inactive at the end, had an insane last three weeks. Roguechomp and I both played "P S Y B O Y Z" (I promise I didn't name it that it was him >:[), Mewtwo/Chandelure/Seismitoad/Wobbuffett/Crobat.


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I played Manectric/Trevenant. I started off 3-0, but then I was doing some traveling. I strongly recommend anyone in a different time zone to follow the suggestion of not playing in something like this if you aren't in an American time zone. I was thinking along the lines of, "oh, I'll just have to deal with it and be flexible," but it really doesn't work like that. The late afternoon/evening time that most everyone is free for unfortunately lines up perfectly with when Europe is sleeping.

Thanks to everyone who played and Camoclone for putting up with us! I am very excited for the "June Monthly," if something like that happens!

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Will there be a July monthly?

Most activities are on hold as of now due to some logistical issues, and unfortunately that will affect the next Monthly cup as well. With some luck we'll have things going again in August. We apologize for the inconvenience.