Mastering Tord’s Gardevoir ex — The Most Optimized List in Standard


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Hello everyone! Gardevoir ex has been a mainstay powerhouse in the Standard Format since its release in the Scarlet and Violet base set, but the lists for it have evolved considerably. Although Obsidian Flames does nothing for Gardevoir ex, the normal Gardevoir list is significantly different than it was at NAIC and Worlds. Tord Reklev, widely regarded as the best player in the world, has innovated the perfect Gardevoir list. After missing day 2 at NAIC, Tord went on to cook up the sauce and place second at Worlds, Top 32 at Pittsburgh, and Top 8 at Barcelona with the deck I simply call “Tord Garde.” After testing with the deck myself and winning a League Cup with it, I have come to believe that this is the absolute peak of Gardevoir ex. I do not think the deck is game-breaking or anything, but I do think the list has been optimized for the current meta, and I do not think Gardevoir ex will get...

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Nice article, been hitting my Gardy stride since moving over to Tord's list this quarter (two Challenge wins, one Cup win, another Cup top 8). Honestly still haven't totally bought into the Vac (using one more Worker in that slot for now... I like drawing cards!)

Interesting matchup spread. Only quibbles I might have:
- Giratina is just plain unfavorable for me. LZB isn't much better. Those are my worst two by far. Just seems enough damage gets on the board that Cress can't fully rebut, or Star Requiem takes out my EX once I don't dare bench more Ralts because they become instant Lost Mine fodder. Very sticky mid-late game.
- I can't say for sure I've ever lost against Miradon, Path or Beach version :). You just let them take the first KO or two, and just Gardy/Reversal twice then end on a Zacian KO. 2-2-2. You can basically script it. My absolute favorite card to see being flipped over :). Lugia runs about the same as long as they commit to benching a Lugia/Ttar/Lumineon throughout the course of the game.

Any thoughts on tweaks for 151? Mew EX seems like a good idea to shore up LZ-based matchups (which I still apparently struggle with more than others), but the thought of my own Ninja being used against my bench, and having to bench a Manaphy in the mirror (!!) gives me bench-lock night terrors.
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To be fair, you won league cup against Ting Lu. Don't get me wrong, the deck is strong against a good amount of matchups, but a lot of the time it's up to bracket pairs that determine it's success. For example there wasn't a lot of lost box at that cup.