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Standard Malamar


Aspiring Trainer
So my attempt at Xatu failed because consistency so let's try Malamar shall we.

3 Inkay
3 Malamar
2 Giratina
1 Ditto Prism Star
1 Blitzle
2 Zebstrika
1 Mew
1 Blacephalon
1 Espurr
1 Mimikyu (CEC 96)
1 Mimikyu (Shadow Box)
1 Espeon and Deoxys TTGX

1 Shrine of Punishment
2 Viridian Forest
4 Mysterious Treasure
3 Custom Catcher
1 Great Catcher
3 Lillie
4 Cynthia
3 Pokegear 3.0
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Reset Stamp
2 Switch
3 Spell Tag
1 Guzma and Hala

8 Psychic Energy
1 Unit Energy LMP


Aspiring Trainer
Definitely going to bump it up to a full line.

Also, the Xatu deck's problems go far beyond getting one set up because that is the easy part. If anything, a 3-3 Mally line in that deck is overkill. Not having FlipTini hurts. As someone at my locals put it, there isn't enough space to do what you need to make the deck work. The deck works fine on paper but in testing, it doesn't work like it needs to.


Aspiring Trainer
Yeah, lol, xatu wasn't consistent because you need to play a supporter and a stadium each time you attack with your 2 energy stage 1 with 1 HP. It was a fun experiment though.