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    Ok everyone, here's a bit of a fun little challenge for you. Make a team of 6 consisting of one Pokemon from each generation! An extra challenge considering that there's 7 Gens now.

    - Only one starter per team
    - No legendaries or mythicals
    - Megas count as Gen 6 and Alola forms count as Gen 7 along with the Pokemon itself representing it's own gen (ex. Mega Houndoom counts as Gen 2 and 6 and Alolan Dugtrio counts as Gen 1 and 7)
    - You can have a Mega evolution or Alolan form along with an actual new Pokemon introduced in that gen(It's fine to have any Mega evolution along with a Kalos Pokemon for instance.)
    - Only one Mega evolution and Z-move user per team obviously.

    Here's my team for an example:

    Gen 1 and 7: Alolan Raichu (with Aloraichium Z)
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Psychic and Nasty Plot

    Gen 2: Houndoom
    Moves: Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb and Nasty Plot

    Gen 3 and 6: Mega Swampert
    Moves: Waterfall, Surf, Ice Punch and Earthquake

    Gen 4: Staraptor
    Moves: Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Fly and Endeavor

    Gen 5: Haxorus
    Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, False Swipe and Swords Dance

    Gen 6: Sylveon
    Moves: Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Swift and Shadow Ball

    It doesn't have to be a full fledged competitive level team, just pick your favorites from each gen and have fun with it!

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    Have a team comprised of my favoirte Pokemon from each gen!

    Gen 1: Gengar
    Moves: Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb.

    Gen 2: Umbreon
    Moves: Assurance, Dark Pulse, pursuit, Last Resort.

    Gen 3 and 6: Mega Blaziken
    Moves: Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Fire Pledge, Sky Uppercut.

    Gen 4: Porygon-Z
    Moves: Zap Cannon, Tri-Attack, Signal Beam, Aerial Ace.

    Gen 5: Ferrothorn
    Move: Metal Claw, Pin Missile, Flash Cannon, Explosion.

    Gen 7: Mimikyu (with Psychium Z)
    Moves: Mimic, Shadow Claw, Destiny Bond, Pain Split.
  3. professorlight Ice Queen


    I was pleasantly surprised to see that my default team fulfills that criteria quite well. At least it's balanced in some way, I guess.

    Ninetales-A (gen 1)
    Dazzling Gleam / Aurora Veil / Blizzard / Hail
    M-Gardevoir (gen 3)
    Psychic / Shadow ball / Moonblast / Teleport
    Aurorus (gen 6)
    Flash Cannon / Ice Beam / Freeze Dry / Thunder wave
    Glaceon (gen 4)
    Ice shard / Blizzard / Water pulse / Hail
    Primarina (gen 7)
    Sparkling aria / Oceanic Operetta / Aqua jet / Moonblast / Acrobatics
    Cinccino (Gen 5)
    Tail slap / Bullet seed / U-turn / Hyper voice
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