Magcargo ex from “Crimson Haze”

raihan will be retired soon, but yeah, we are overthinking about a bad card haha
just play gouging fire ex on your regular arven+zard deck and you got a much better early/midgame attacker
the only way of cargo ex being playable in my opinion, is if we see further simplier stacking options like the good old swsh oranguru
oh yeah fs, this is looking like it'll be a funny meme deck at least. if you don't get the damage boost, hitting for 140 damage still isn't the WORST thing in the world.
It's been a while since we've got a Tera Pokémon of one of their original type,isn't it?
it is kind of odd that we're going back to a mono tera type. i guess the idea is that mono tera type cards hit harder? although that hasn't really been the case at all lol
Slugma - 80hp = Booooo!!! Bad/10
Magcargo ex - high-maintenance 3-energy attack that lacks an engine like Baxcalibur or Gardevoir ex, needs a way to stack the top of the deck (besides Mallow), and STILL needs a draw engine. And hilariously STILL can't OHKO a Hero Caped Charizard ex. Also Bad/10

Without divine intervention, neither of these cards will see an ounce of play.
I wonder if PoGo Charizard, Magma Basin and Mela could be solution to the energy acceleration issue for this card. Along with a few basic attackers like Entei from OBF (or the shiny from PAF).

Just keep single prizer until you can hit the big numbers.
In spite of myself, I'm kind of glad there's another Tera of one of the original types since it's more game-accurate to have a mix of different types and original types. But I hope most Teras are different types since the Tera mechanic in the TCG isn't too interesting otherwise.

And yeah, this card doesn't seem good competitively.
It's not... horrible, honestly. With Codebreaker you hit 280 which OHKOs VSTARs, and with Max Belt you can straight up OHKO Zard too. It's not viable but I can at least see some merits to Magcargo compared to many other bad ex cards we've gotten
So you can basicaly hit guaranteed 280 at least 4 times? Seems great. What am i missing?
You're use your supporter for turn for only 280 damage. No card cycling, no improving your board state. Yea you don't want to use cryptomaniac just to hit 280 on this card.
Now thats a pokemon i didnt think would get an ex. Fun attack, not sure if there's any topdeck manipulation other than Cylene right now though.
The new cryptomaniac card coming out can stack
poor acceleration? we got magma basin, charizard ex and mela, thats a lot of options. the problem to me is how to guarantee a energy on the topdeck
Cryptomaniac and primordial alter of it doesn’t rotate, can’t remember its reg letter
So far I could see this as a card that could maybe actually affect the meta. With some smart plays you can almost guarantee 280 damage so in a way this is pretty good. So far crimson haze has disappointed me but this gives me hope that the set will be decent. This is mine but what is all of your fav crimson haze card so far?
Idk if this has been said, but you can also pair this with Team Star Grunt to force your opponents energy to the top of their deck
No one's gonna say it? Alright, guess I have to do the dishonors.

,*uses Throat Spray* ahem.