Finished Mafia XXXVIII: Battle for the Republic (Congratulations Darth Sidious!)

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Welcome to Mafia XXXVIII: Battle for the Republic


"Order! We will have order!" the booming voice of Mas Amedda thundered throughout the Senate Hall.

The roaring conversation of the Republic's Senators came down to zero as the newly elected Supreme Chancellor began to speak.

"Sorry Senator Dod, please continue," the calm voice of the elderly Sheev Palpatine echoed.

"Thank you Chancellor! I will not stand for anymore of this nonsense that the Trade Federation is in league with the Separatists! We are an honest federation, who would never do anything to betray the lovely Senators of the Republic!" Lott Dod, Senator for the Trade Federation argued.

"Oh Senator, I don't doubt you for a second," Palpatine replied. "But you see your Battle Droids were witnessed attacking that Rylothian Village, which begs the question as to your allegiance."

"I, and the Trade Federation are solely on the side of the Republic! You know my Battle Droids are at the service of the Republic whenever they are needed!"

"I know and I acknowledge the things that you d--" Palpatine stopped as the Senate chamber shuddered, the sound of an explosion echoing from a distance.

Once again the Republic Senators burst into uproar as a much closer explosion rocked the chamber, sending a number of Senator Capsules flying from high up in the room down towards the Chancellor's podium.

"Look out!" Came the shouts in every language of the Republic.

The Chancellor had no time to react, but suddenly the capsules froze in mid-air, a small group of Jedi, with Grand Master Yoda at the helm, arms outstretched, had appeared and caught the capsules with the Force. Slowly the capsules were lowered to the floor and the crisis had been averted.

Before anyone could speak and thank the Jedi, a large hologram burst outwards from the Chancellor's podium, filling the room with the metallic figure of General Grievous.

"Senators, Jedi, and Supreme Chancellor of the Republic," the hologram began. "Welcome to the rise of the Separatists! During that lovely distraction a number of our key figures of the Separatist Council infiltrated your Senate. We aren't going to act just yet, but you wait until Night time. Someone will die and you won't know who. All the while you Senate people can continue your ridiculous banter about who is and who hasn't been bought off by us. We have the wealth of the Banking Clans behind us after all.

Anyway, I bid you good luck. It's going to be hard to fight a war against us while you're too busy fighting against yourselves and your allegiances."

The hologram disappeared.

"J-Jedi!" Palpatine stuttered. "You must do something! If we are taken out then the whole Republic will fall into disarray!"

"Don't worry Chancellor," Master Mace Windu replied, "We aren't about to let the Separatists win this war, especially not today."

"Excellent, you are free to use the Chambers to whatever extent you need, no one will be leaving this building until all of the Separatists have been removed." Palpatine explained.

"It's settled," Mace spoke up again. "At the end of the Day we will all vote the person who is the most suspicious, we will get the truth from them and then move onto the next. May the Force be with us all."

Welcome to Mafia XXXVIII: Battle for the Republic!

I am your host, @Squirtle Squad. As you could have guessed from the opening scene, this game will be Star Wars themed, focusing on the politics of the Senate, for a total of 16 players.

This will by first time hosting here on Pokebeach, though not my first time to have hosted.


For those in need of the general rules of Mafia you can find them on Pokebeach’s own Master Document which can be found here:

For rules specific to this game can be found below:
Day Periods will last a total of 120 hours (5 Days), whilst a Night Period will last a total of 48 hours (2 Days)

Voting is to be done in the format of ##vote: PLAYER NAME.
Unvoting is to be done in the format of ##unvote: PLAYER NAME.

A player is lynched and the Day Period will end once a Player has reached majority. If no majority is reached in the allotted 120 hours then a randomizer will decide who dies between those who have the majority.

Standard No-Editing/ No-Deleting post rules apply. No editing or deleting posts, this will result in a warning and then removal from the game for repeated offences.

No Liking of Posts is allowed. You may Like any Game-Mod posts (such as updates).

Outside Communication is banned. If anyone is found to be communicating outside of allowed means then they will be swiftly removed from the game.

Following a Game Freeze there is to be no posting.

Quoting posts is perfectly fine. You may quote [and edit] any posts sent by myself. You may not screenshot anything.

This is a civil game, we are all friends here, there is no need for insulting other people or sending negative comments towards an actual player for whatever reason. Insulting or being rude to another player will result in warnings/ removal from the game.

Please remain active! No one likes a game full of people who aren’t posting. 3 posts per Day Period are required from each player to remain in the game. Otherwise you will be subbed out. If a Day Period ends within 48 hours however, this rule will not apply.

If you are to be away from the game for any large amount of time please let the host know.

Tag @Squirtle Squad for game related questions. For questions about your specific roles etc, please PM me.

Finally, Game-Mod’s decision is final. No arguing with the host!

For the Special Mechanic “Senate Orders”:
Within this game is a special Mechanic known as Senate Orders. These are special events that will be voted on during every Night Period (excluding Night 0). At the start of every Night Period a Senate Order will be announced by name only (no other details about the Senate Order will be present). During these Night Periods, in addition to submitting your Role Usage PM’s, you will be required to include a vote, either ##FOR or ##AGAINST the Senate Order.

Senate Orders are special abilities that will apply to every single person for that next Day Period. An example of a Senate Order (which may or may not be present in the game) could make everybody’s vote equal to 2 for the following Day Period.

At the end of the Night Period, in the update, it will be announced whether or not the Senate Order was passed. If it was passed it will apply to the following Day Period only, if it wasn’t then the Day will carry on as usual.

Senate Order Vote Counts will not be made public so as to not disadvantage either factions by players reading into the Vote Counts.

For Faction and Flavour related content check out the spoiler below:
There are 3 Factions present within this game. There are the Republic (the Town), the Separatists (the Mafia), and an Independent Faction.

The Republic win when all anti-Republic aligned players are removed from the game.
The Separatists win when all Republic (Senators) have been removed from the game.

Each Day Period, everyone will gather together to lynch someone.
Each Night Period, the Separatists will gather together to Night Kill someone.

All players not aligned with the Republic have been given a full safe claim for use within the game.

Finally, characters mentioned within any flavour posts are not necessarily in the game. Characters may feature in flavour but not be present within the game.

The appearance of the Roles can be found below:

Chancellor Palpatine

Alignment: Republic (Senator)

As the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic it is your duty to run and keep order with the Senators representing their planets. Originally from Naboo, you were well received as the replacement Chancellor following the removal of Finis Valorum from office. Some say there is a sinister side to you however, though this is all rumour.

Passive Ability: Over-seer
You know all of the day to day occurrences within the Republic and have people everywhere who report any shady undertakings. Throughout the game you will have access to every QT, plus direct communication with all playing.

Active Ability: Removal
Being the Chancellor comes with control of all authoritative services. During every Period, if a player is playing outside of the rules or their Win Condition, you may PM me their name. They will be locked up forever and removed from the game.

Active Ability: Senate Orders
As the Chancellor you will choose each day the Senate Order to be voted upon during the following night. Every Night, you may PM me the name of a Senate Order, that Senate Order will be announced at the beginning of the following Night Period to then be voted on that Night.

Win Condition: All anti-Republic aligned players are eliminated.

Roles contain a combination of Active and Passive abilities. Active Abilities can be used during the periods specified in the Ability (at night or at day). Passive Abilities will remain in effect as long as the player is alive (unless specified otherwise).

Signing Up
This game has been designed for a total of 16 players. Due to recent activity levels of Mafia games there will only be 16 roles (I won’t be adding more), however subs are always greatly appreciated.

Sign Ups will remain open for one week, meaning they will close on the 28/11/16 at approximately 9pm AEST. If they fill prior to this we will start as soon as humanly possible.

To Sign up simply comment below that you’d like to be in.

1. @bbninjas - Darth Sidious - Victorious!
2. @Vracken - Anakin Skywalker - Lynched Day 10
3. @simsands - Nute Gunray - Lynched Day 6
4. @quakingpunch73 - San Hill - Lynched Day 4
5. @NinjaPenguin - Ornaconda Farr - Endgamed
6. @Lord o da rings - Subbed out for @double o squirtle - Orn Free Taa - Endgamed
7. @Jabberwock - Mas Amedda - Killed Night 5
8. @PikaMasterJesi - Bail Antilles - Lynched Day 5
9. @thegrovylekid -Night Killed Night 4
10. @Robin Aisaga - Subbed out for @Reinforce - General Grievous - Killed Night 6
11. @Professor Palutena - Plo Koon - Killed Night 1
12. @rainyman123 - Kit Fisto - Lynched Day 3
13. @scattered mind - Mon Mothma - Lynched Day 8
14. @TheSceptileMaster - Jar Jar Binks - Lynched Day 1
15. @Blakers - Mace Windu - Lynched Day 2
16. @Scorched Feathers - Subbed out for [S]@GM DracLord[/S] - Lynched Day 9 (removed from game Day 10 due to Day's Grace)

1. @double o squirtle
2. @Reinforce
3. @GM DracLord
4. @Celever
5. This could be YOU!

Hope you enjoy the game!
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Yea, I think I am ready to try another game of Mafia. I will join if you will have me ^w^


Makes fake cards
I don't like Mafia, but I do love me some star wars.

I'll regret this, but for the very last time, I'm in.

Also, Shaak Ti had better be a role in this game!
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A Cat
In! Never played a bigger Mafia game like this one but I'll hope to learn something from this expierence! Me Yoda make you will? :p Always been fascinated by Yoda talk.

Squirtle Squad

Aspiring Trainer
That's 16 y'all,

Any more sign ups will go straight on the subs list :) all subs greatly appreciated!

I'm at work at the moment but when I'm home we can get this party started.
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