Finished Mafia XLIX: Fight for the Falls!

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*Cue Gravity Falls theme music...*

Welcome to Mafia XLIX: Fight for the Falls!
A Mafia game based off of the Disney television show, Gravity Falls! I, @Jadethepokemontrainer, along with @TheSceptileMaster, will be your hosts.

Dipper slowly blinked open his eyes and sat up. He looked around at his surrounding. Where was he? Around him, he noticed townspeople from Gravity Falls. Soos..Wendy..Stan. How did they get here? How did he get there? Everyone looked just as confused as he felt. Stanford shakily stood up and gestured at their surroundings grimly.

Stanford: “It’s the Nightmare Dimension”

Dipper’s heart sank. As he looked up from the people around him and at the surroundings, he realized they were on a small piece of land, surrounded by..nothing. Blackness, random glowing lights popping up and going away just as quickly, and random oddities appearing.

Dipper: “But...but how did we get here, Ford. And why?”

A high pitched laughter pierced through the air, and part of the sky...blinks?

Bill Cypher: “ha ha ha! Good questions Pine Tree, I’m sure you’re also wondering how I’m here. As for your questions, I’m sure you know the answer to the first one. For the second, well, I have a little proposition for you”

The townspeople shiver and Bill laughs.

Mcgucket: “We’ve defeated you before, Bill, why do you think we couldn’t do it again?”

Bill: “Because you’re in my domain now.”

Stanford: “But how did you get here?! We destroyed you when taking Stanley’s memory!”

Bill: “Yes, you did destroy me. But what do you think happened to me when Stan got his memory back? I came back too, Sixer. I came back here to gain power. Now, you ready to hear out my proposition?”

Wendy: “Do we really have any other choice?”

Bill: “Great! So, basically, we play a little game. If I win, you help me get out of Gravity Falls so I can take your dimension. If you win, I will let you all free and I will go take another dimension.”

Stanley: “and if we don’t agree…?”

Bill: “Then I’ll kill you all and find my own way to take your world.”
Stanford: sigh “We really have no choice then. How do we play your game?”

Bill: “Let me explain…”

You may not post in thread during the night phase.
Be nice to other players.
You may not edit or delete any of your posts.
Do not post screenshots or images.
You may not like people's posts.
No outside communication (besides in QT’s).
Please try to contribute. If you don’t feel like you can be active in this game, don’t join. If you find yourself unable to be active at some point during the game, please let the hosts know. Not contributing takes up a spot that an someone more active and committed to the game could use.
The hosts word is law. Once a decision is made, it’s final.
If you're new to mafia or need a refresher on how to play, go ahead and check out this.

-To cast a vote, players should follow this format: ##VERB: PLAYER

-To unvote, use: ##UNVERB: PLAYER

-Days will last 120 hours (5 irl days) or until a player gains majority of votes to lynch.

-Night will last 48 hours (2 days)

- A player must receive a majority of votes to get lynched, not a plurality. If a player doesn’t have the majority of votes by the end of the day, there will be no lynch.

There are two main factions in this game, Gravity Falls and Bills Minions.
The goal of Gravity Falls is to eliminate all members of Bill’s Minions.
The goal of Bill’s Minions is to have numbers equal to the number of remaining members of Gravity Falls. There may or may not be a third, independent faction.

You are Tad Strange, and you are aligned with Gravity Falls.

Passive Ability - I like bread: You really like bread. If you are targeted during the night, you will give that player a slice of bread, and the ability will be blocked.

Passive Ability - Oh Snap!: You are so normal, that Bill can’t do anything to you. If you survive to the end to the game and Bill’s Minions would win, Gravity Falls would win instead.

Win Condition: Eliminate all threats to Gravity Falls.

1. simsands Blendin Blandin Killed night 1
2. Robin Aisaga Robbie Valentino Killed Night 6
3. bbninjas Fiddleford McGucket Lynched day 1 Killed night 5
4. quakingpunch73 The Last Shaymin Pacifica Northwest MODKILLED
5. Mariano11887 Quentin Trembley Lynched day 4
6. Alex Sableye rainyman123 Soos Ramirez Lynched day 5
7. NinjaPenguin Gideon Gleeful
8. Jabberwock GIFfany Killed night 3
9. professor_jplap GM Draclord Shapeshifter Lynched day 2
10. PMJ Stanford Pines Killed night 2
11. Lord o da rings Scattered mind Bill Cypher Lynched day 3
12. MegaPod_781 Stanley Pines Lynched day 5
13. Camoclone Mabel Pines Killed night 3
14. GekkisaiDaini NightOfYuyuko Dipper Pines

1. rainyman123
2. The Last Shaymin
3. GM DracLord
4. mordacazir
5. scattered mind
6. KittyDragon129


Night 0
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6

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I love Gravity Falls! Nice flavour. /In

Because you picked one of my favourite shows I made a banner, use it if you want to, or not. Didn't take me long to make it :cool:

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I didn't plan to, but in. Not gonna be as active as in the past but I'll try.

You happy NP?


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Is no lynch a valid vote?


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That isn't what I asked.
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