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    Thanks to @BigfootAUS for the awesome banner images!

    Welcome to the Mafia Master Document, your home for all information for playing mafia in the PokéBeach Forum Games forum. The contents of this thread includes: Information on hosting games, how to play, terminology, and an archive of all previous Mafia games hosted on PokéBeach. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Forum Games moderator, @Vom!

    Application Information

    If applications are open and you are interested in hosting a Mafia game, please PM your application to @Vom with the following information:

    • Your prior Mafia experience, both here and elsewhere, both as a host and as a player
    • Your general availability. Do you foresee any conflicts in the future that would prevent you from hosting? Allow approximately one month for a game of Mafia to finish.
    • A draft of your thread, including the flavor of your game, a link to the Rules section of this thread (meaning your thread does not need to include the rules of how to play Mafia), and the maximum number of players your game can have (games should have around 12-16 players in them, but may have more or less if you feel the game calls for it).
    • The co-host of your game (if you have one). First-time hosts are recommended to have a co-host, but it is not entirely necessary.

    You also must meet all of the following requirements to host a Mafia game on PokéBeach:
    • You must have played in at least 2 Mafia games (or are playing in your second game currently) on PokéBeach prior to hosting a game.
    • You cannot already have a game in the Mafia hosting queue or be hosting one already.
    • If you have negative history on the forums, you may be required to complete the 2 game requirement again, or other requirements along with that, depending on the severity of your offense. (If you are not sure if you have more requirements to become a Mafia host, ask a Forum Games Moderator.)

    Your Mafia game's sign-up phase should begin no sooner than roughly halfway through the currently active Mafia game (when over half the players are dead). As an upcoming Mafia host, you should keep an eye on current Mafia games to spot when they reach that halfway point. If you're unsure when to start your game, feel free to contact a Forum Games staff member and we will let you know. Sign ups should not begin any later than 5 days after the previous game's endgame has been posted.

    There may be no more than 2 active Mafia games at any given time. Spots for hosting future games will generally open once the currently-active game finishes. This thread will be bumped when new spots are available.
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    This is the Rules section of the Mafia Master Document. These rules apply to all Mafia games on this site (unless stated otherwise). If you don’t know how to play PokeBeach’s most popular Forum Game, be sure to read on!

    How to Play
    There are bad people on the loose in the town! By day, they’re townsfolk hiding amongst us. But at night, the Mafia get together and plot the murder of an innocent! The rest of the village must find out which of them are secretly in the Mafia and kill them, before the whole town is destroyed! In this game, you will be on one of these 2 side: Town or Mafia/Scum. The host of the game will send you a PM saying which team you are on, as well as what special abilities you have. The Townspeople won’t know for sure which side anyone is on, as everyone can only see their own role PM. The Mafia, however, know who each other are, and may communicate to each other privately. They also get to kill 1 person each night.

    As said earlier, each role has their own special abilities. Some of them are always in effect, while some you have to activate. The Town can use their abilities to get closer to finding the Mafia team, while the Mafia can cause more confusion amongst the town. The Town’s goal is to use deduction, process of elimination, and sometimes their roles to figure out who the Mafians are, and eliminate them. The Mafia is much weaker in terms of numbers, so they must try to blend into the crowd, and not act suspicious enough to be the target of the day’s elimination.

    During the game, several night and day phases will pass until one side has won:

    Night Phase
    During the night phase, the Town takes refuge in their homes, and are unable to speak to each other, while the Mafia meets up to murder a member of the Town. Some roles on both sides are able to use one or more night actions. These night actions can do any number of things, such as seeing another player’s role, protecting another player from the Mafia’s kill, or block another player from using their night actions. (See your role PM if you have a night action.) To use a night action, PM the game host that you wish to use the night action, which player(s) you are using it on, and anything else that night action requires you to do.

    Day Phase
    During the day phase, everyone may discuss in the game thread. This is the Town’s opportunity to deduce which players are in the Mafia. During the day, if you think someone else is Scum, you may vote to eliminate them. To cast your vote, post in the game thread which player you’re voting for, usually with some sort of formatting. Example: ##VOTE: Athena. Read your game’s original post to see exactly what that format is. If at any time you want to take back your vote, or vote for someone else, you may unvote. Unvoting usually has a similar format to voting, just with an “un” before it. Example: ##UNVOTE: Athena. You may vote for someone again after unvoting, but it is not necessary. If more than half the remaining players are voting for the same player, that player will be eliminated, their role will be revealed, and the day phase will end. If by the end of the day, a majority vote hasn’t been reached, usually the player with the most votes will be eliminated. Be careful who you vote for! This is one of the Town’s only chances to kill the mafia, so don’t waste it!

    Just like any game, Mafia has rules you must follow. If you break any of these, you may be subject to a modkill (immediate death) or replacement. Be sure to follow these so the game is more fun for everyone!
    • You cannot edit posts.
    • You cannot communicate with other players outside of the game thread (unless a role states otherwise).
    • You cannot screenshot anything the game host has PMed you, nor can you screenshot anything you send to them.
    • Play to win. Don't be that guy who claims to be in the Mafia.

    Alternate Rules

    The wonderful thing about Mafia is how much freedom the game host has to make their game their own. Every game is different! Here are just a few examples of common rules hosts implement into their games.

    Independent Roles
    Most games will have Independent roles. These roles are not sided with the Town or the Mafia, hence the name. The way they win the game can be literally anything. These roles can be harmful to one/both factions, helpful to one/both factions, or entirely neutral. Due to being the strangest faction, these roles are often very unique.

    Some Mafia games even have items. Items work very similarly to standard abilities. They can either have passive effects, or abilities you have to activate. Some items can even have harmful affects on you, so watch out! During the night phase, you can pass items to another player. However, each player can only hold one item at a time. If that player is already holding an item when you try to pass one to them, the pass will not go through and you will keep the item. Some roles will need to obtain a certain item to unlock one of the features of their role.

    Outside Communication

    Some hosts will allow all players to communicate with any other players outside of the game thread. If you have information you don’t want the whole town to know, take advantage of this rule and only give that info to the people you trust!

    No Role Reveal

    Some hosts will prevent players from revealing anything about their role. This makes it so the only thing that will influence a player’s vote is what the player’s say in the game thread, or what they find with their own role.


    This is a Mafia variant where there are several Town Teams, all with similar, but still different win conditions. There is often a Mafia faction, but not always. Sometimes the separate Town factions can even communicate between themselves. This often pits the town against one another, but they’ll need to know when to come together to stop the bigger threat...

    Of course, these are just a few alternate rules you can expect when playing Mafia. Every game you play is sure to be very different from the last, with several new rules, abilities, and game mechanics used in different combinations to create a truly unique experience!
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    The following is a list of terms commonly used in Mafia. It was originally compiled by @PMJ, and has been copied here to the Mafia Master Document thread for easy access. This list is not all-inclusive; if you have a term that you feel should be added, post it in this thread.

    Active Lurking - Verb. Posting makes you seem town, as you look as though you are contributing. However, if your posts contain little relevance to the game, it is called active lurking and is seen as a scumtell.

    Alignment - See Faction.

    Appeal to Emotion - When one player tries to influence another player's decision-making with their own emotions, i.e. "If you eliminate me, it will be a huge loss to the town" or "Go ahead and eliminate me and see what happens :)"

    AtE - See Appeal to Emotion.

    Backpedaling - Verb. When a player goes back on something said previously; also refers to when a player suddenly stops scumhunting.

    Bandwagon - Verb. What happens when one player posts an elimination vote and the town follows suit, with no one else posting any supporting evidence.

    Blitz - Noun. A rapid vote, usually a hammer, typically employed by scum in MELO or ELO situations to quickly eliminate someone if a townie has a bad vote already placed. A blitz can be done in ELO with 1 wrong town vote, and at MELO with 2 wrong town votes.

    Bulletproof - Adjective. Describes any player who is immune to being killed at night. Refers to a bulletproof vest, as in standard mafia flavor, the player chosen to die is shot with a gun.

    Bus - Verb. Taken from the phrase, thrown under the bus, this is when any scum team member tries to gain the trust of the town by stabbing his teammate in the back. Usually they will support their scumpartner's elimination, but it isn't unheard of for one scum to lead the elimination against another. This is why you cannot assume someone who leads the elimination against someone who flips scum is town.

    CC - See Counterclaim.

    Claim - Verb. To publicly assume a given role as your own. Lying about your claim is known as a fakeclaim. The word is also used as a noun to refer to whatever role you claimed.

    Clear - Adjective. Refers to any player who is proven, through logical deduction, to be town. Typically, if you claim a role and are not counterclaimed, you are seen as clear, although clearing players via this method is not foolproof.

    Cop - A player who can investigate another player's alignment.

    Counterclaim - Verb. The act of claiming a role someone has already claimed.

    Day - Noun. The game state in which the game thread is open for discussion and players vote for a player to be eliminated. Each Day ends at a specific date and time which is determined by the game host. Day is also used as an adjective to describe any role which can be used during the Day (as opposed to Night, which is when most roles take effect).

    Death Scene - Noun. A post made by the game host describing the way in which a player died.

    Deathproof - Adjective. Describes any player who, for whatever reason, cannot be eliminated nor die at night. If a player is only immune to eliminations, they are limproof. If they can be eliminated but cannot die at night, they are bulletproof.

    E-X - Short for Elimination minus X, where X is the number of votes a given player needs to be eliminated, i.e. if you saw "Machamp The Champion is at E-2" it would mean that Machamp The Champion is 2 votes away from being eliminated.

    Eliminate All Liars - The belief that anyone caught in a lie should be eliminated since anyone aligned with the town has no reason to lie about their role.

    Eliminate or Lose - A game state in which the town must elminate scum in order to avoid losing.

    ELO - See Eliminate or Lose.

    Endgame - Verb. Used to describe the literal end of the game when the town loses. Because the scum control the elimination when they comprise half the remaining players, they are guaranteed to eliminate the town and so the game ends. A townie who is alive at this time is said to have been endgamed by the scum.

    Faction - Noun. Refers to the team you are playing on; usually town, scum, or yourself.

    Fakeclaim - Verb. Knowingly claiming a role that isn't your own.

    Finger of Suspicion - Noun. Used when one villager notices suspicious behavior coming from another. The acronym FoS is sometimes used as a verb.

    Flavor - Noun. Refers to any theme or enhancement of anything in the game. This can be as simple as giving each character a name and short backstory, or go as far as being integral to the game's overall plot. Flavor is most commonly used during death scenes to give players clues as to the way someone died.

    Flip - Noun. When a player is eliminated, their role card is revealed to the town. This is called a flip, referring to real-life mafia games which are played with actual role cards that are flipped over when the eliminated player dies. The word is also used as a verb to refer to the act of having one's alignment revealed, i.e. When Machamp The Champion was eliminated, everyone thought he was scum, but he flipped town.

    Follow the Cop - A style of play that relies on a cop's (seer's) ability to find scum through night actions, while the town autopilots during the day, following the cop's orders. If you are designing a game, it's a good idea to make sure this strategy is hindered or, better yet, not possible.

    FoS - See Finger of Suspicion.

    FtC - See Follow the Cop.

    Guilty - Adjective. Refers to any report that would indicate the chosen player is scum.

    Hammer - Verb. Taken from the phrase hammering the nail in the coffin, this refers to the act of placing the last vote needed in order to eliminate a given player. It is also used as an adjective to describe the aforementioned vote.

    Innocent - Adjective. Refers to any report that would indicate the chosen player is not scum.

    Joint Win - To win alongside another faction.

    L-X - Outdated, originally Lynch minus X. See E-X.

    Limproof - Describes any player who cannot die via being eliminated. Don't give this modifier to scum unless you know what you're doing.

    Lurk - Verb. To actively view the thread, but rarely post.

    LYLO - Outdated, originally referring to Lynch or Lose. See Eliminate or Lose.

    Lynch All Liars - Outdated, see Eliminate All Liars.

    Lynch or Lose - Outdated, see Eliminate or Lose.

    Lynchproof - Adjective. Outdated, see Limproof.

    MILO - Mistakenly eliminate and lose. See Mislim and Lose.

    Massclaim - Noun. When all living players make a claim. These claims do not have to be legitimate.

    Metagaming - Determining how a player might act in a game based on that player's performances in previous games: "Usually when PMJ is scum he is a lot more vocal, so he is probably town."

    Mislim - Mistakenly eliminate, what happens when town eliminates someone aligned with the town.

    Mislim and Lose - A game state in which if the town mislims, they will most likely lose. Commonly abbreviated as MILO.

    Mislynch - Noun. Outdated, see Mislim.

    MILO - See Mislim and Lose.

    Mislynch and Lose -Outdated, see Mislim and Lose.

    Modkill - Verb. When a player is forcibly killed (removed from the game) by the moderator (game host) as opposed to by a player in the game. This can occur due to a player's inactivity or a breaking of the rules. This word is also used as a noun to refer to the penalty of being modkilled, i.e. "Machamp The Champion edited three posts and deleted five others; pretty sure that's a modkill."

    MYLO - Outdated, originally referring to Mislynch and Lose. See Mislim and Lose.

    NL - Outdated, originally referring to No Lynch. See No Elimination.

    Night - Noun. The game state in which no one is allowed to post in the game thread and the power roles and scum privately submit their actions to the game host. Each Night ends at a specific date and time which is determined by the game host.

    Night 0 - Noun. The Night before Day 1. Games that start at Night will start at Night 0. It is used to give a little information to the town since games that start with Day 1 are typically seen as witch hunts. To balance this, killing roles are usually not allowed to be used during Night 0.

    No Elimination - A term used to describe when players actively choose not to eliminate anyone on a given day, usually day one.

    NOC - No Outside Communication. Adjective. Describes a game where all information is posted in the game thread, and there is no talking about the game whatsoever between live players anywhere else.

    OC - Outside Communication. Adjective. Describes a game where players are allowed to communicate with each other outside of the game thread, and with any number of the living players.

    OMGUS - Adjective. Short for oh my god, you suck. Describes a vote that has been cast by Player B for Player A only because Player A first voted for Player B.

    Policy Elimination - Noun. Refers to an elimination done on a player not necessarily because they are believed to be scum, but because if left alive, they will hurt the town later with their bad play. Typically, if a player is found to have done something stupid, a policy elimination may be requested on that player.

    Policy Lynch - Noun. Outdated, see Policy Elimination.

    Postgame - Noun. A post made at the end of the game by the host, providing the players with all the game’s hidden information (including everyone’s role), and sometimes a review of how well each player played.

    Power Role - Noun. Any role which can affect the gameplay is a power role. Typically, any role that is not vanilla is, by definition, a power role. On PokéBeach, almost all roles are power roles.

    Role Madness - Adjective. Describes any game in which most, if not all, of the roles are power roles. Most main games on PokéBeach are role madness games.

    RVS - Random Voting Stage. Noun. This usually occurs at the beginning of the game when the players have a limited amount of information available to them, and as such base their elimination votes off of reactions to pressure etc.. This can carry on into Day 2, but usually enough information is provided from an elimination that it is not necessary.

    Scum - Noun. A word used to collectively refer to the mafia faction in any given game, or more generally speaking, any role that is not aligned with the town.

    Scumhunt[ing] - Verb. The act of analyzing the behavior of other players in order to weed out the scum. Scum can do this, too, so be careful.

    Soft Claim - To imply you are a certain role without saying it outright.

    Sheep - Verb/Noun. The act of blindly following along with other players without adding much, or any, input of your own. While sheep is general used as a verb, someone who sheeps can also be called a sheep. Baaaaaa.

    Tell - Noun. An action that is perceived to be either town motivated (towntell) or scum motivated (scumtell).

    Town - Noun. A word used to collectively refer to the town faction in any given game. It may also refer to the entire village in general, i.e. "Town needs to stop being dumb and think before they eliminate."

    Tunnel - Verb. The act of focusing all of your attention on one player while ignoring the rest, even if logic dictates others would be worth your time.

    Vanilla - Adjective. Describes a player who no longer has night actions and/or can no longer influence the game's outcome aside from his or her vote. In some circles this term is used exclusively to describe scum who fit this description, but around here it is used with players of any alignment.

    V/LA - Short for Vacation/Limited Access. A term not too commonly used on PokéBeach.

    Wagon - Noun. A term referring to the collection of elimination votes on a given player, i.e. "There are currently four players on Machamp The Champion's wagon."

    Werewolf - Another term for the Mafia game. Prior to June 21st, 2016, Mafia was commonly referred to as Werewolf here on PokéBeach, but a decision was made to formally switch to the more commonly-used term Mafia.

    WIFOM - Short for wine in front of me, this phrase refers to an infinite reverse psychology loop in which it is impossible to determine the best outcome in a given situation due to the fact that the scum, knowing the best outcome, can knowingly act against it, thus changing the best outcome. The loop occurs when one realizes that one can act according to this new best outcome but the scum, knowing that this is the best outcome if they choose to act against the original best outcome, can act in favor of the original best outcome.
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    This section includes a list of all completed Mafia games, including a lot of useful information and links related to each thread, such as which team won, any separate chats, and a link to the Postgame. This will be updated whenever a Mafia game is completed. Note that some games may have a 0, II, or III after their title (e.g. Werewolf XX-II - Pokémon Prerelease Werewolf). These games were “side games,” something PokéBeach does not do anymore. All games on PokéBeach are now “main games.”

    Games I-XXXIV were all played using the Werewolf name. Games XXXV+ have switched to being called Mafia.

    Werewolf I: The legend of Pokebeach - by Zero
    Winner: Serebii1997S (indie) - Postgame

    Werewolf II: Azuria - by Jade
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame

    Werewolf III: Clash of Legends - by Vergere
    Winner: None, Game Abandoned

    Werewolf IV: Crash into Weird - by Zero
    Winner: None, Game Abandoned

    Werewolf V: On Broadway - by Zero
    Winner: None, Game Abandoned

    Werewolf VI: Children's Card Game - by PokeChamp
    Winner: Town - Postgame

    Werewolf VII: The Beginning of the End - by Zero
    Winner: pokemon99 (indie) - Postgame

    Werewolf VIII: Judgment Day - by Zero &King Arceus
    Winner: Town - Postgame

    Werewolf IX: Dimension X - by TheGuy
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame

    Werewolf X: The Day the Earth Disappeared - by Lenny
    Winner: Sub Wolf team - Postgame

    Werewolf XI: Revenge of the Nerds - by Riskbreakers
    Winner: Main Wolf Team - Postgame

    Werewolf XII: Seven Days of Terror: Team Rocket's Revenge - by PMJ
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame

    Werewolf XIII: Gunfire at Dusty Gulch - by Chillarmy & DNA
    Winner: Town - Postgame

    Werewolf XIV: The Legend of Canton Falls - by PMJ
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolf Chat

    Werewolf XIV-II: Kingmaker - by corn bread
    Winner: Assassins - Postgame

    Werewolf XIV-III: Anime Mayhem - by Blui
    Winner: Wolves & Geniuses - Postgame

    Werewolf XV: Honey? The frogs rang. They've come to conquer the Earth. - by Dark Void
    Winner: Town, alex - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolf Chat

    Werewolf XV-II: The Final Frontier - by Kecleon-X
    Winner: Raichu Girl, Astra - Postgame

    Werewolf XVI: A New Melee - by PMJ & Blah
    Winner: Wolves, Sir Taco - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolf Chat

    Werewolf XVII: Universe - by Porygon-X
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolf Chats

    Werewolf XVII-II: The Greatest Idea - by SheNinja
    Winner: Mafia team, Sir Taco - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolf Chat, Mafia chat, Mason chat, Dead chat

    Werewolf XVII-III: Team Rocket's Takeover - by Camoclone
    Winner: Town - Postgame

    Werewolf XVIII: The Blank Game - by Professor Palutena
    Winner: PMJ, RogueChomp - Postgame

    Werewolf XIX-0: Arceus Team Mafia - by PMJ
    Winner: Town - Postgame

    Werewolf XIX: Siege of D.C. - by corn bread & Camoclone
    Winner: Scum Team - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Scum Chat, Illuminati Chat

    Werewolf XX-0: Troll Mafia - by Eagle4 and PMJ
    Winner: No one - Postgame

    Werewolf XX: Seleno City - by TwistedTurtwig
    Winner: None, Game Abandoned

    Werewolf XXI-0 - Left4TheWolves - by WanderingWolf
    Winner: None, Game Abandoned

    Werewolf XXI: The Members' Revolt - by PMJ
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Scum Chat, Dead Chat

    Werewolf XXII: The Reign of Terror - by TheGuy
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Scum Chat, Invader Chat, Journalist Chat, Committee of Public Safety Chat, Lovers Chat

    Werewolf XXII-II - Pokémon Prerelease Werewolf - by Camoclone
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame

    Werewolf XXIII: A Sacrifice for Anti-Arceus - by Teal
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Wolfchat, Swordsmen Council, Deadchat, Keldeo's Chat

    Werewolf XXIII-II - Trust Issues - by Haunted Water
    Winner: Cannibals & Hunters (Tie) - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Graveyard, Hunters #1, Hunters #2, Cannibals, Camo's Fun House, Camo's Real Fun House, Masons

    Werewolf XXIV - The Wizarding War - by Luispipe8 & Scorched Feathers
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Death Eaters' Lounge, Independent Revolution Headquarters, Wizengamot's Court (Ministry Chat), Twin Thoughts, Malfoy Manor, Old Friend, The Black Lake (Dead Chat)

    Werewolf XXV - Party In Kanto - by Athena
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Team Rocket, Steven/Cynthia Chat, Dead Chat

    Werewolf XXVI - Harmonic Divergence - by Ice Espeon
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Avatars, Red Lotus, Bloodbender, Equalists, Dead Chat

    Werewolf XXVII: Revelation - by PMJ & Professor Palutena
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Mafia Chat, Barrett Chat, Companion Chat, Graveyard

    Werewolf XXIII: Omega Alpha - by bbninjas & Camoclone
    Winner: Team Aqua (Wolves) - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Aqua's Council, Magma's Council, Thoughts Channel, Eliminated Chat

    Werewolf XXIX: Melee - by thegrovylekid & Celever
    Winner: Town - Endgame
    Alternate chats: Minions Chat, Song of Time Chat, Death Chat

    Werewolf XXX: Future in Stasis - by Reinforce
    Winner: Town - Endgame
    Alternate chats: Villain's Lair, Spacial Rift (Dead Chat)

    Werewolf XXI: Grima's Rebirth - by Vom & Keeper of Night
    Winner: Town - Endgame
    Alternate chats: Plegian Kingdom, Valmese Empire, Naga's Realm (Dead Chat), Seed of Trust Chats [1, 2, 3]

    Werewolf XXXII: Dimensional Shift - by bbninjas & Jabberwock
    Winner: Wolves - Postgame 1, Postgame 2
    Alternate chats: ProBoards (Discussion Threads), Dimension Spirits Chat, Committe Chat, Dead Chat of Night

    Werewolf XXIII: Order in the Court! - by quakingpunch73 & double o squirtle
    Winner: Town - Endgame, Postgame
    Alternate chats: Scum Chat, Kurain Chat, High Prosecutor Chat, Dead Chat

    Werewolf XXXIV: The Great Turf War - by Professor Palutena & Celever
    Winner: Team DJ Octavio - Postgame [1] [2] [3]
    Alternate chats: ProBoards (Team Threads, Splat Threads, Graveyard), Girl Power, Team DJ Octavio

    Mafia XXXV: Pokemon Card GB3: Team GR's Last Stand - by PMJ
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Team GR, Graveyard, Friend QTs [1, 2, 3]

    Mafia XXXVI: Werewolves of the Interspectaculars - by PikaMasterJesi & thegrovylekid
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Darks, True Love, Graveyard, Tag-Along! QTs [1, 2, 3]

    Mafia XXXVII: Celever's School Grades - by Celever
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: B's Form Room, GSA Chat, Attraction Chat, Dropchat (Graveyard)

    Mafia XXXVIII: Battle for the Republic - by Squirtle Squad
    Winner: bbninjas (Indie) - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Separatist QT, Husband & Wife, Dead Chat

    Mafia XXXIX: Superheroes vs Supervillains - by scattered mind & double o squirtle
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Villains Chat, Batcave, Dead Chat

    Mafia XL: Age of Piracy - by Jabberwock & bbninjas

    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: East India Company, Brethren Court, Davy Jones' Locker (Graveyard)

    Mafia XLI: Fight for the Dazzling Star - by NinjaPenguin & Blakers
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Bowser's Castle, Toad Communication, Star Power (Graveyard), Friendship QTs [1, 2, 3]

    Mafia XLII: War of the Gods - double o squirtle & Vracken
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Hade's Playthings, Angel Chat, The Underworld

    Mafia XLIII: Battle of the Royal Place - Lord o da rings
    Winner: Town, quakingpunch73 (Indie) - Postgame
    Alternate chats: The Hidden Room, Graveyard

    Mafia XLIV: Attack on the 'Beach - bbninjas
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Attackers' Chat, Dead Chat

    Mafia XLV: Heroes of Askr - quakingpunch73
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Embla's Castle, World of the Dead

    Mafia XLVI: Salem Forces - Lord o da rings
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Godfather's House, The Coven, Graveyard,

    Mafia XLVII: The New Era - GM Draclord
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: New Balam Alliance, Lovers, Lacrima Vault (Graveyard)

    Mafia XLVIII: Mafia of the Forgotten Island - PMJ
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Cake Thieves, Graveyard

    Mafia XLIX: Fight for the Falls! - Jadethepokemontrainer & TheSceptileMaster
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Bill's Minions, Twin Chat, Dead Chat

    Mafia L: Fray at the Beach - bbninjas & Jabberwock
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame
    Alternate chats: The Mischief Makers [one, two], Bond of Eons, The Conversationalist, Dead Place

    Mafia LI: Senate Subterfuge - NinjaPenguin & Vracken
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame | Part 2
    Alternate chats: Triumvirate Chat, Consular Conversations, Curia Basement, Dead Chat

    Mafia LII: The Game World - GM Draclord & Mariano11887
    Winner: Town - Postgame
    Alternate chats: ???

    Mafia LIII: Twilight's Kingdom - PMJ
    Winner: Mafia, NinjaPenguin (Indie) - Postgame
    Alternate chats: Deadly Alliance, Friendship Activity QTs [1, 2], Deadchat

    Mafia LIV: My Bastard Village - NinjaPenguin
    Winner: Mafia - Postgame

    Mafia LV: Let's Go Kanto - GM DracLord

    Winner: Mafia - Endgame

    Mafia LVI: Revolt at the Zoo! - bbninjas

    Winner: Town - Endgame

    Mafia LVII: Big Brother Betrayal! - NinjaPenguin

    Winner: Mafia - Postgame

    Mafia LVIII: Project Fusion - scattered mind
    Winner: Mafia - Endgame

    Mafia LIX: Make-a-Mafia - bbninjas
    Winner: Town - Endgame

    Mafia LX: Bad Cop, Insane Cop - Zone Q11
    Winner: Town - Endgame

    Mafia LXI: Forest Fire - NinjaPenguin

  5. PikaMasterJesi Relic from the Past


    Small thing, but under "Upcoming Games", Werewolf 36 is listed as Mafix instead of Mafia.

    Fixed ~ bb
  6. thegrovylekid Makes fake cards


    you might want to update the banner, just saying :p

    Fixed ~ bb
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 21, 2016
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  7. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Yeah, I was too focused on replacing all the WW text with Mafia that I forgot about changing the banner. I even made sure we had one ready and everything! :p
    thegrovylekid, Celever and bbninjas like this.
  8. While we're CTRL+F-ing Werewolf to Mafia, can you update the forum description to say Mafia and not Werewolf?

    My OCD thanks you.
  9. Celever Wheeeee~


    Huh, actually none of us thought of that. Awesome suggestion, thank you! I'm sure it'll be done soon. <3
  10. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Should be fixed now! :D
  11. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    With Mafia XXXVI about to begin its Day 1 Phase, it's time for Mafia host applications to open up gain! Applications should be submitted to the FG staff: Athena, bbninjas, Celever, Luispipe8. Once submitted, we'll respond with acknowledgement of your application within 24 hours. Make sure to read the important details about applying for Mafia hosting can be found here!

    Just a reminder, the Forum Games staff will no longer be accepting Mafia games that use ProBoard (or other) forums. :p

    The deadline for apps will be August 14th at the timestamp of this post. Here's a countdown for convenience. Good luck to all applicants!
    Celever likes this.
  12. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    The next mafia hosts have been decided!


    Mafia XXXVII will be hosted by...
    And Mafia XXXVIII will be hosted by...

    Congratulations to this season's hosts and everyone who applied! All the applications were great - it was a very difficult task to select just two. All applicants will receive a formal PM with some feedback from the staff within the next day or so, so your application can be the absolute best it can be for the next season. =D
  13. quakingpunch73 At The Beach


    Congrats to the new hosts!

    Is it okay to start a discussion in here on something mafia related?
  14. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

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  15. Inferno390 You always knew that Feralligatr was the best.


    Is there a list somewhere of all of the roles used for Mafia on Pokebeach?
  16. Celever Wheeeee~


    There have been plans to include a list of this description for a while, but it's ended up being a low priority and has such hasn't been done. Nevertheless, we always encourage creativity on our forums, so having the resource could be beneficial besides! We don't have restrictions over what roles can be included, but we do appreciate balance. :U
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  17. While Celever is right in that we do have a lot of creativity (roles that you likely won't see elsewhere), we do have a fairly standard list of roles that we draw from.

    I would start with this page to get your bearings because most of these common roles (or a variation of them) show up in every setup.
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  18. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    You can also check out the roles used in past mafia games for an idea of the types of roles you could get around here.
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  19. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Mafia XXXVIII is about to begin Day 1, which means it's that time again! Mafia hosting applications are now open! Applications should be submitted to the FG staff: Athena, bbninjas, Celever, Luispipe8. Once submitted, we'll respond with an acknowledgement of your application within 24 hours. Make sure to read the important details about applying for Mafia hosting can be found here!

    The deadline for apps will be in two weeks, Tuesday 6th at the timestamp of this post. Here's a countdown 'cause it's easier. Good luck to all applicants!
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  20. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Don't forget to to submit your Mafia applications, if you were planning on doing so! You've got a about 30 hours left from the time of this post, since we are extending the deadline for anyone who forgot to submit. ^.^

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