Finished Mafia LX: Bad Cop, Insane Cop

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Zone Q11, May 7, 2020.

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    Yeah, you're lucky I don't have a life and constantly check the new posts...

    ...that being said, holy smokes that was exhilarating to watch. Will NP make the right call? The weight of the world rests on his shoulders! And he did! I think we can all agree he's an amazing detective/genius. Congrats!
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  2. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Yeah it wasn't much evidence on its own but it was one of the things I took into consideration. It was TLS's vote of you at the end of Day 2 that 100% convinced me to vote you.
    Thanks Vom! You have no idea how scared I was omg (also apparently I saw the thread around 2-6 minutes after you edited that part away so good job haha).
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    What a game! Haha I was in a similar spot but nothing like your spot np. What a game!

    Thank you @Zone Q11 for bringing Mafia alive in a unique way - I thought at first that this game is going to be too complicated but it turned up to be a great setup.

    Great work town and especially our dedicated leader np. Boy you are experienced.

    GG scum team- You managed to confuse us good even in this small setup.
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  4. GG's, that was my first scum game that I have played, so I was genuinely confused for most of it. After I voted drac, I immediately realized that I was stupid an you would figure it out, but well played to town anyway
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  5. Zone Q11 『Plebeian』『He who Hails from NovelUpdates Forum』
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    Kudos to BBmolla and wgeurts from the MafiaScum community for making the setup. All I did was host their setup.
  6. Zone Q11 『Plebeian』『He who Hails from NovelUpdates Forum』
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    *pats Vom*
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  7. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    That was a fun read guys! You all tempt me to join a game when my uni settles down
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  8. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Don't sweat it! You did well in getting townreads D1 and there's a good chance I would have voted Drac anyway just from sheeping the reads of the dead players.

    I think the main mistake you (and the scumteam in general) made was that you were too passive about things. A lot of your play was just laying low and hoping the town would misvote, but in doing so, you gave me the latitude to post myself clear and move control of the game from your hands into mine. Don't clear me and simply hope to get on my good side that way, push me or influence me! When you and Drac just let me get cleared, you made it so there was only one mislynch option left, vastly constraining your options and forcing you two to be okay with voting eachother.
    I think the largest mistake the scum can make in a LYLO situation is going in without a coordinated strategy (this is how I lost the most recent time I lost as scum). Remember, it took just one of us voting incorrectly on either day for you to win the game, so make an active choice of bussing and gaining towncred or pushing through an immediate mislynch. Playing the middle ground and seeing what town will do ends up with town getting control of the game. Additionally, don't just give up when you're caught as scum. Defend yourself and post your way out of it. Just because I was onto you didn't mean scattered couldn't be swayed with enough posting and defense.
    This is just a general thing, but I believe that the large majority of the time, the faction with more thread/narrative control will win the game. Regardless of alignment, if you are not the most recent poster, you should always post something, whether it's a question, comment, read, ISO, analysis, etc. And whenever you are in the thread as scum, looking like a townie is the number one priority, but the number two priority should be steering town towards a mislynch. Don't rely on town messing up, make them mess up.

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