Finished Mafia LVIII: Project Fusion- GAME OVER: Mafia Wins!

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  1. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Mafia LVIII:
    Mafia: Project Fusion


    I kept running without looking behind. Explosions everywhere. The city is falling apart and all I can think of is the keystone. I must get to it before it is too late.

    It all started several weeks ago in a deep forest far from civilization. A secret facility was slowly built and inside were people sitting in front of large screens. Only one man stood with his hands resting behind his back. The mad scientist they called him. His name unknown, and everyone just referred to him as “Sir”.
    “The fusion is almost successful sir” said one of the assistants. The scientist raised his head and observed a large tank. Inside was the first abomination to be created by Project Fusion. The creature had the same body and shape of a Charizard. However, his tail, ears and color belonged to a Vaporeon. “I shall call you.. Vaporizard”. A man started to giggle. The scientist looked at him in anger. “Is something funny?”
    The man tried to control himself “No Sir. of course not.” The scientist insisted “Well then what is your idea? Charipor? Vapichar? Anyone?” He looked at the scared crowd with his threatening face. “How about Vaporized Charizard?” One suggested. “You know what? Just start the operation”.

    And so.. In just a few days, the city was infested with fused Pokemon. That is when I came up with the idea to form a team of Pokemon trainers to put an end to all of this. However.. Our Pokemon were no match against them. The only way we could beat them is by locating the secret keystone so our Pokemon could Mega evolve and defeat the monsters. Do you understand now Gary?

    Gary did not reply.

    I shook him. “Gary??” I started to panic. “He’s dead” said a voice from behind me. It was Lucas. One of my teammates. “How?” I asked. “Yeah apparently Sam killed him with his Psyduck. “What?! But why??” I started to feel the tears falling down. “Yeah it seems Sam was a Project Fusion member and he betrayed us.” Lucas said. It was horrible but..” It’s impossible! PF members don’t have regular Pokemon!”. Lucas nodded. “Welp it seems that it wasn’t a Psyduck it was a Psybra. Its like a Psyduck fused with an Abra”.
    I could not believe my ears. “But it looked like a regular Psyduck..” Lucas sighed “Yeah.. it seems its body was of a regular Psyduck but its eyes were Abra eyes. We just assumed that Psyduck was really jolly.”
    I stood up and clenched my fist. “THEY WILL PAY! WE SHALL FIND THE INTRUDERS IN THIS TEAM!”
    Lucas looked at me confused “You think there are more?”. I didn’t know, but I could not take the risk. It is our job now to make sure our team is clear of treators.

    This is a standard game of Mafia! Please make sure that you read all the rules before you post.

    If you've never played mafia, be sure to read up on the basics here.


    Be nice to other players.
    Try to contribute. If you find yourself inactive for a limited time during the game, let the host know about it.
    No one is allowed to post during each night phase.
    Don't edit/delete your posts
    No screenshots or images posting is allowed.
    No outside communication
    Liking is allowed for living players only
    Quoting posts is allowed. You may quote and edit any posts sent by the hosts.
    The hosts' word is law
    You'll get a warning if you break any of these, two warnings and you risk being modkilled.


    There's no special mechanics in this game.

    In order cast a vote, players should follow this format: ##VOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.
    Likewise, in order to unvote, players should follow this format: ##UNVOTE: PLAYER'S NAME.

    Day Periods will last 120 hours (5 in real life Days) unless a player gains majority of votes (getting lynched).
    Night Periods will last 48 hours (2 in real life Days).

    If no majority is reached by the deadline, the player with most votes will be lynched. In case of a tie, there will be no lynch.


    There are two main factions in this game:
    The Pokemon trainers (aka town) and PF members (aka Mafia)

    There may or may not be a third faction in this game.
    Those who are not aligned with the Pokemon trainers will have safe claims.

    Example Role:

    You are Lucas and you are aligned with The Pokemon Trainers. After a long time you were trying to find a good company you finally joined a strange team of Pokemon trainers looking for some stone. You don't really care about all the fused Pokemon thing, but you can't really admit that the reason you are coming along is because you have no friends or better things to do. Oh well, at least you got yourself a useful Pokemon.

    Pokemon: Slowbro

    Active Ability: Stare
    Each day you may target one player. The following night, that player will be so freaked out by your Slowbro's stare that he would not be able to sleep and thus will not be able to be targeted.

    Passive Ability: Slow Reaction
    It takes one more vote than usual to lynch you.

    Active Ability: ?
    Once per night you may target one player. You may ask them any yes or no question and they will have to reply Yes/No. They can lie though, but.. you didn't really think that through when you brought the question.

    Win Condition: Eliminate all Project Fusion members.

    Sign ups!

    In order to join this game just post :"I'm in"/ In/ /in / ///in//// or : "Pizza is overrated"

    Lets get at least 9 players ! Of course the more the better.

    1. @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK- TOWN lynched D3
    2. @Ephemera -TOWN killed N2
    3. @NaganadelIsBeast WINNER
    4. Professor_jplap @TheAquaPiplup -TOWN lynched D1
    5. @GM DracLord- TOWN killed N1
    6. Jadethepokemontrainer @Zone Q11 - WINNER
    7. @Celever - TOWN
    8. @NinjaPenguin TOWN

    9. mordacazir- TOWN. Modkilled D2

    Sub list:

    1. Is is you?

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019

  2. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    Put me as a low priority or a sub. I have very little time right now because of school, but will fill a slot if need be.
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  4. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    I'm not playing due to my lack of time, but very likely I'll be spectating this game. Am I allowed to like posts as a spectator? Sorry if it's a stupid question...
  5. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Liking is allowed for living players only. Thanks for pointing that out :)
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  6. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    When will this game start?
    I'd like to join, but I will have limited access until the end of May or so.
  7. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Next week probably
  8. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Then, I'd also like to be a low priority. If I were to play, I'd likely join at the end of D1, so I'd be a bit late.
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  9. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    How long will this go for? (Approximately)
  10. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Pizza is overrated.
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  11. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    A month+ -
  12. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    If it’s none past June 25th, Pizza is Underrated! If it’s more, than put me as a sub or low priority.
  13. Celever Wheeeee~


    Surely you should be signed up from the start and then if it overruns past June 25th you can get subbed out then? :p
  14. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Wait, you can do that? Oh, I guess that’s what I’ll do.
  15. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Nah it's going to be a nice and short game compared to older Mafia games assuming there will be around 9 players and not 20, so probably not a very long game definitely not going to be after the end of June.
  16. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Also, attention- In order to make this game more approachable for players who don't have time:

    Introducing Posting buffer

    Whenever I post this:

    "Posting buffer is on" and until I post "Posting buffer is off" - players must wait an hour between their posts. This is a new tool to allow players to catch up and to avoid situations where 2 players are filling 3 pages and you are left to wonder if it is worth to reread the pages. This tool will be used when necessary (e.g 2 players have filled an entire page and are about to start a new page).

    In order for this tool to be used in this game I am going to request that eveyone in favor of this tool will like this post, and if the majority of players approve it, it will be used. If not, then.. not.
  17. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Ok. I see I’m on the list!
  18. Dusk Form Lycanroc Champion of Alola
    Dusk Form Lycanroc


  19. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

  20. Professor_jplap dead rn



    I'm in.
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