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    Yooo I'm finally back after the past few days being super hectic and... holy heck a lot has happened. Sorry I've been so busy. Ima attempt to read back through all of this, oof. Let's see what ya'll have been doing~

    I'm seeing a lot of Marl flip-flopping and tunneling between people. Blink, then me, Violet, then back to me/Lord? Idk. Also AtE, my favorite.
    I'd entertain the idea of Violet tomorrow. It definitely isn't completely out of the picture. Though, as basically the one leading this game right now and possibly the best or at least most active scumhunter atm if she is town and doesn't get sabotaged tonight I'd be surprised.

    @mirdo never got an answer from this would love to now.

    Kinda this. Like, basically what I've said before, it's process of elimination in my mind. Marl just happens to be the most sus out of everyone left, IMO. Besides maybe Blink, but I'm starting to lean away from that.

    I've kinda had Vi cleared in my head for a while now but at this point it's really hard for me to tell anything. Idk what to think anymore lol
    If I had to list everyone from least scummiest to scummiest in my mind though Ig It'd look something like this:

    Again, a lot of process of elimination.

    In what way? Why is Lord more likely town than me?

    I mean, maybe. Just different from what I'm used to? Idk

    Aaaaaa, I'm sorry. rl caught up on me.

    not Violet.
    Leaves me or Lorde.
    Whatever, I'm fine with going up. Seems like that's what ya'll are thinking atm anyways.
    Still think Marl's the best option for lynch today.
    If he flips town, we'll see who is sabotaged, we can work from there.

    Lmk if I missed anything important or any questions asked of me, etc. I sorta skimmed the thread as I still don't have a ton of time rn. Also I'm like extremely brain dead and running on 4 hours of sleep. Ugh, life.

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    Also, forgive me I just realized how jumbled and probably hectic that will be for others to read oof. Literally just jotted down all my thoughts randomly and posted xD
    This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep.
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    This seems like a really strange contradiction? Why are you entertaining the idea of targeting me when I'm the furthest away from your suspicion?
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    I'm not leaving anyone out of the picture right now. Everyone is sus right now. You may be the farthest away atm, but that doesn't mean I'm completely clearing you. I'm entertaining the idea of everyone, I was just reiterating you bc you seem the most safe/cleared out of everyone rn. Sorry, I made that confusing
  5. VioletValkyrie Too Cute to be Straight ♡

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    Fair, I won't argue against that.
  6. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Did you get this take out of your freezer? Because it's cold af
    also i have yet to see you give any of your own analysis
    everything you've said has already been said by someone else.

    Why do you scumread me? How is flip flopping and tunneling scummy? Where's the mafia motivation there?
    Also which of my posts are ATE?
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    Oof, sorry, get that way sometimes when I'm tired hah.
    I'm literally giving my opinion on everything? Even if it is the same as other people are saying, it's literally everything I'm feeling right now. Can't give anything different if I don't have it, lol.
    Also, unless I'm remembering things incorrectly, which tbh is entirely possible and probably the case as I once again did not get enough sleep last night, and I'm too lazy to read back at this exact moment, I started some of the talk on you, so it isn't repeating what other people are saying if I said it first?
    Again, forgive me if I am thinking of something else, haha.

    Read. My. Posts.
    I'm not going to repeat myself again after this, lol. Process of elimination. Reading other people as townier puts you at the bottom of my list. Maybe it isn't the best way to go about things but it is the best I've got right now.
    I'm not saying flip-flopping is necessarily scummy, I'm just saying it is something to take notice of Ig. Not something I'm used to as much maybe? I don't even know anymore.
    Not going to quote specific posts on AtE, at least at the moment. I know that sounds like a stupid excuse but I am literally too brain dead right now and have to go to school soon. They were there though.

    okay, who do you think is the scummiest right now?
  8. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    You and Lorde
  9. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    so if your reads aren't fabricated and you have a reason for them tell me why you're reading people townier than you're reading me
    because it super feels like you're just trying to avoid making enemies and not trying to solve
  10. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    Oof. Doing my best here yo lol.

    Flip Lorde and Blink here actually, but yeah.
    -I've seen basically nothing from Violet to make me really suspect her right now. She;s been actively leading and contributing to the town and I just don't see her as being scum. Doesn't mean I'm clearing her mind you, but at the moment she is the least sus.
    -mirdo is just reminding me of typical mirdo, not much else to say there. Would like to hear from him about my question which he seemed to have ignored before though.
    -I had some suspicions on Blink for a while, but they were mainly based on interactions between him and Vom at the very beginning of the game, and like I said before I'm not sure how relevant that is to look into. Besides that, not too much of notice from him.
    - Lorde hasn't been super active, which seems kind of strange from her, and her last post was basically her repeating what has been going on in the game. So, Idk, might really be worth looking in more there.
    -I've just had weird vibes from you for a while. You and Geyde. The main problem I have had with that is that I can't completely place my finger on exactly what it is. Attitude, maybe? Both your play-styles something I'm not used to. It could honestly just be that, but something about both of y'all has just been sus to me. So, Basically that just puts you at the bottom of my list.
    Though, now that I'm thinking about Lorde and especially how she's been recently, may def be worth looking into. I wouldn't mind seeing her put up @Blinkehyo

    There, better?
    Was that what you were looking for?
  11. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    Hey @Marluxion please answer this question too thanks
  12. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    Also I slightly recall mirdo being the first one to actually cast suspicion on me and Lorde and then Marl kind of echoing what he said. I could be completely wrong about this and would have to read back to be completely sure, which like I said I'm not going to do right now bc life. But, if anyone else is able to before I am (which will probably be this evening) that would be wonderful.
    Just something that popped into my head.
  13. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    this is literally the same reason you gave as scumreading me
    you hadn't seen anything scummy from me everyone else was just townier

    i'm seeing a pattern here

    hmm not a whole lot to notice huh
    where have i heard this one

    a lack of posts i see i see glad to know that me, the games most active poster, is being scumread higher than someone who only has town points for... wait, this doesn't sound like a reason to townread someone at all. BECAUSE IT ISNT, it's you just giving things people have ALREADY SAID.
  14. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    The answer to this question should be obvious but i'll give it to you anway

    Lord has been directly involved mechanically in the death of a mafia and you have not.
  15. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    being overly paranoid and aware of how people are reading you is a telltale sign of a mafioso, sir jade
    i dont even remember those posts from mirdo and lorde and yet you have them fresh in your memory?
  16. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    So i'm at the bottom of your list for a reason you don't even know

    very real and not fake read btw
  17. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    oops i forgot my /s
  18. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    I mean, that's not really what I said?
    Violet has been more involved in both mafia deaths, and IMO has been more contributing than you have.


    Like I've literally said, no one is cleared right now. I'm suspicious of literally every single person here. I'm currently following my gut feeling, which is you. If you flip town today, I am most definitely looking into Lorde tomorrow, but I still think you are the best option today.

    lol, just because are the most active poster doesn't mean you aren't scum.
    And me just giving things that I genuinely feel?

    You're referring to Nyora's death? Did you read the Discord during that time lol.

    Fresh in my memory? no. Something I may have recalled, that again I can't even fully prove until later? yes
    I'm trying to put out everything that pops into my head. Bear with me and don't shut it all down lol.
    I'm not being overly paranoid, I;m trying to look into everything I can. And, what makes this a sign of scum?

    Also, when did I ever mention Lorde saying anything before you? Gonna have to look into that
    Nothing about Lorde there. I mentioned mirdo
  19. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    you literally mention lorde in the second sentence
  20. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer



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