Finished Mafia LVII: Big Brother Betrayal: Game Over! Postgame Part 1 Up!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by NinjaPenguin, Feb 25, 2019.

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  1. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    What makes you think that?

  2. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Yeah, that's more or less what I'm saying, though I haven't been disagreeing with nothing you've posted.

    At this point the game is very Blink vs Marl so if I can't entertain a potential Blink lynch, you're basically next on the list.
    You aren't part of what I consider to be the towncore and really you're probably furthest away from it right now.
    You seem to be quite aggressively pushing for a Blink lynch and now as I'm getting more and more convinced Blink is town, I'm starting to suspect you more and more.
    At this point I'm basically agreeing with what people are saying, people except you. I can see Blink's line of thinking making sense, and I'm starting to see what you're saying as more of just making aggressive pushes and tunneling rather than actually assessing most of the game. The entire past bit of the thread seems like just one big argument between you and Blink.

    It's really a "one or the other" scenario for me still, and I'm starting to disbelieve the potential of Blink flipping scum. If he is, sue me.
    And hey, I'm still kinda curious about Geyde and what he was up to. Wasn't following the game that much back then, so I'd like to see what info I can get out of that.

    Hun believe me we can talk about logic if you want, but if you think you're right, then you think you're right. If I think I am, I think I am. Being entirely honest it's almost 11pm and I've been watching this thread a lot less, so I'm thinking less about facts that have been thrown onto the table, and more just my personal opinions. Not saying I'm right, saying I think I'll entertain the idea and see where it gets us. At the very least due to our success catching scum so far, we've got a little bit of breathing time before we're pulled under.
  3. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    This might be misconstrued. You're at the top of my list. Then probably mirdo, who I've stated I'd basically just nom as a neutral with how I feel about him now, and then Blink. Though knowing how mirdo's played FGs with me in the past, I could see him just being town and just being mirdo.
  4. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Why am I not part of the towncore?
    Does pushing a lynch on someone you consider a town member actually indicate someone is scum? I would argue it's NAI at best and town indicative most of the time.
    And what are you agreeing with? No one is even saying anything. You agree with the lack of content and awkward silence as we near the end of phase?
    Jade's posts are hivemind fluff. Mirdo's are ok. No one else has even posted recently. What is there to agree with?

    and no that isn't how logic works
    just because you think you are right doesn't make you right

    give the reasons and examples to back up your opinion and what posts you agree with and why.
  5. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Why is Mirdo second in that case? Why are you clearing Jade for literally no reason?
  6. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    This post is literally just repeating things already said in thread
    It provides no real content and gives the illusion of trying to solve but actually accomplishes nothing.
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  7. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Don't nominate lord
    Nominate Jade
    There's like 0 chance of you not nominating me so it likely doesn't matter either way but imo lord is more likely town than jade
  8. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Not to mention
    Do you even remember half my posts this thread?

    Are you going to imply i faked thinking one of the already dead mafia was town?
    That play makes no sense from a mafia perspective
    I'd know my teammates
    The play draws a whole lot of pointless attention towards me
  9. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Also i just realized

    Drac flipped town

    Week 4's eviction was Drac Vs Nyora

    That means Nyora's scum partner voted for Nyora
    They had every single intention to bus her
  10. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Everyone voted for Nyora, it was 6-0
    @Blinkehyo look at my above messages and tell me i'm mafia to my face if you believe it
  11. Blinkehyo Aspiring Trainer


    Sorry, i cant look at it right now and i relized that the deadline is coming, but it looked like @Marluxion and @mirdo were the popular noms

    So @NinjaPenguin that's who i chose
  12. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Week 6 Power of Veto: Hide and Go Veto
    @mirdo and @Marluxion have been nominated for eviction and we will be moving into the Power of Veto competition.

    The participants in this competition will be:
    Head of Household: @Blinkehyo
    Nominee: @mirdo
    Nominee: @Marluxion
    "Random" Draw: @Jadethepokemontrainer
    "Random" Draw: @VioletValkyrie

    Because of Lord o da rings's warning, she was unable to be chosen by the random draw for this competition

    At 6:00 PM EST today, I will hide four clues in my posts this game in-thread, which will all have a link to an image of this game's logo and a code word in purple. If you find a clue, you may post the code word bolded and purple in-thread and tag me and say a player you wish to eliminate from the competition. That player will then be immediately eliminated and unable to find or use any clues themselves. Each clue found may only be used to eliminate a player once. At the end of the competition, the final player that has not been eliminated will win the Power of Veto. If there is not one winner by 36 hours after the clues are hidden, the winner will be the player remaining who has found the most clues (or if still tied, the player who got to that number of found clues first).
    Do not make up any fake clues and/or pretend to eliminate another player without having an actual code word. Doing so will instantly eliminate you from this competition.

    You may now speak in-thread, and for this competition, you are allowed to discuss it in any way you wish, even if you aren't competing or have been eliminated from the competition. (This still does not mean evicted or sabotaged players can speak during this competition.)
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  13. Blinkehyo Aspiring Trainer


    Yes, jade is a bit of a hive mind with his posts, but i guess i didnt quite think of it as a scum radar ping at the time. In fact i keep forgetting he's in the game. But i probably would still go with the concensus regardless of what i thought about him (much like my sneaking faint suspicion of lorde)

    About your problem with you thinking a dead mafia was town is a hypocrital thought considering ive slipped my feinting knowlege of the gamestate multiple times and im sure you could catch me saying something stupid at least twice (i believe i thought one of the scum were still in the game at one time and even attempted to defend them)
    So no to that idea.
    Im also not sure what youre getting at when you say that everyone of voted nyora because that would include you and potentially scum if it isnt already you

    You seem to be flailing a little here, why are you so upset?
    Would you not agree that me and you shouldnt make it to lylo? If youre not scum, itll just make it easier to mislynch
  14. Blinkehyo Aspiring Trainer


  15. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    I'm dying here and your refusal to even read the thread before the nomination has doomed both of us
    If you're mafia good job you're dead next phase unless you win HoH
    If you're town, congratulations we've lost the game
  16. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    I'm upset because you've just chosen to lose the game if you are town

    There's no way they dont evict you next phase if they have a say about it
  17. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    Why would I agree to this? I'm more confident in my own abilities than I am of anyone else's. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we're being strung against each other by a deep wolf.

    I think it's violet.

    The vote count on the day 4 eviction shows that the last scum has been planning to bus this whole game.

    If i die there's zero chance the remaining players see this
    Absolutely none
  18. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    It's Jade or Violet for certain.
    If i had a choice I would lynch Jade today and Violet tomorrow.

    Which means the both of us have been baited into a TvT fight while the last remaining scum sips an iced tea and watches the remaining town burn
  19. Marluxion Aspiring Trainer


    I'm not going to be around for the event so i don't even have a chance at PoV
  20. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Because you did not directly lead to Nyora's eviction, as well as raising ideas or making posts that make me sure of you being town. That's basically it. Your arguments and the way you seem to be treating this game reminds me of how we lynched Nick, and quite honestly I don't regret his mislynch but that's for obvious reason (his suspicious nature, AtE and how he would never explain anything.

    Yeah, that's... exactly what I was saying? I don't think I'm entirely right, just following the best lead I have and I don't think I can doubt it currently with how HoH seems to agree these are common nominations.

    Haha, really? Isn't the point of being scum to blend in? If you split the vote 5-1 then you'd have an obvious footprint that people could follow, it'd be a dumb move.
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