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    I've played the game as well and there are no spoilers in her role that you don't learn in the first couple of chapters in the game (which Remire Village is past).

    Edit for below: I'm playing the Golden Deers route and still knew the information in the role by now.
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  2. Vom Fire Emblem? Fire Emblem.

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    There are two very minor spoilers that you find out pretty early on (if you're at Remire Village, I'm pretty sure you already know). The first relates to a nickname given to Dimitri by a classmate for reasons, and the second to Dimitri's family backstory. Again, if you're playing the Blue Lions route you likely know already, but I wanted to specify what spoilers there were.

    No spoilers for the story itself though.
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    I am playing the Black Eagles route because Edelgard a cute and a best (and all the game had to say is "this the mage house" and I was sold on the red team). So I'll take y'all's word for it.
  4. Zone Q11 『Plebeian』『He who Hails from NovelUpdates Forum』
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    Is it also sad if I plan to host a game immediately after this FM ends?
    Also, should I advertise people from NUF to come?
    Also also, where are @firekitten and @roz_the_eevee?
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    Well then. Supposedly the sign up ended 2 hours ago. ...welp. Time to work on hosting my own game at NUF then.
  6. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    last minute /in! Don't expect too much activity from my part, I reckon my style will be more similar to folk like Reinforce or simsands (if old people rememeber these guys!).


    You are not a sheep and are aligned with *insert faction here*

    As a young trot, you always felt a bit 'different' from the other kids. You ate from the same field of grass, played in puddles of mud and made bleatings sounds just like them, but something still seemed off. It wasn't because you made friends with that herder dog, Jack, even though all the other sheep found that a bit odd. There was something else. So one day, you hobbled over to the alpha ram and told him how you felt. But all he said was: "Clearly you're a sheep! What else would you think?" As you were telling Jack later that day about what had happened, it clicked. You're not like sheep -- you're more like him, a herder dog! Duh. It's as if you're in this closed pen and every animal outside was just waiting for you to figure it out! No matter. At least now you're ready to get out and find your true self.

    Passive Ability: Spilling the water
    As it turns out, you've got a few juicy things you'd like to share. Up to 3 times during a single day-night cycle, during day phase or night phase, you may PM the host BLEAT and a brief message. This message will be anonymously posted in the thread when the host is next online.

    Active Ability: Curiousity (won't) kill the cat
    You want to try a bunch of different roles to see which one. During the night you must choose a player and swap all your Abilities for all of their Abilities (including effects on those Abilities*). This Ability cannot be blocked. WARNING: This is a one-way street -- Abilitiy swaps are permanent.

    Win Condition: insert here

    *i.e. if you swap with Zone'se role, you will obtain all Tunneling Points that the previous player had.
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  7. Celever Wheeeee~


    Alright, with that signups are closed. Expect roles to be distributed within a couple of days.

    See, tardiness is a good thing, it meant we got an extra signup!

    If you missed the deadline and still want to sign up, I'll probably still let you in the game honestly. I actually have a lot to do today and tomorrow, and game design will probably start tomorrow night.
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