Finished Mafia LIV: My Bastard Village-Game Over!

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  1. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.



    You’re scrolling across the App Store when you set eyes on your soon-to-be obsession:
    Welcome to the world of My Bastard Village, the all-popular mobile game! Build up a lasting civilization, develop a legacy of great citizens, place curses on your friends, and more. The choice is yours in this hyper-unrealistic village simulation game! Joins the millions playing this immersive single and multiplayer advantage and download for free today (in-app purchases included)!

    Ratings: 4.8/5 Stars
    -Pretty Cool Game 4/5 Stars
    August 9, 2018 Waluigi4SmashPls
    Fortnite is better tho

    -Literal Life Saver 5/5 Stars
    April 23, 2015 MyBastardBoi857
    Before buying My Bastard Village, I was lonely. My friends hated me, I could find any dates, and was two months behind on my rent. Now, I’m married with 3 children and living in a deluxe mansion in Beverly Hills! This game allows me to relax and having a feeling of control over the world, getting my life in shape.

    -TOO ADDICTING 1/5 Stars
    September 18 April 23, 2016 PikachuGurl!!

    What’s New:
    -Fixed a bug allowing players born in the 18th century to build free Level 4 windmills.
    -Added new witch spell: Trouble-free Toil.
    -Adjusted in-app purchase prices for inflation.
    -Tavern featuring all new soundtrack by Hey Violet and The Who.
    -And much more!
    You decide it can’t hurt to give it a try and press the download button, launching yourself into a new world. Yet as you’re waiting for it to install, you check the website and notice a developer note:
    Attention Loyal Players: We have recently become aware of a group of hackers infiltrating our game, to downgrade the villages of others, gain free buildings for their own villages, and worst of all, hack in free gems and subvert our system of in-app purchases. Unfortunately, our security systems are not sophisticated enough to determine hackers yet, so we need to enlist your assistance to report these players using the button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    After thinking on it for a bit, you decide the best course of action is to assist these clearly struggling developers. After all, you’ve played plenty of mafia in the past, so it shouldn’t be too hard to root out these interlopers, even if it’s through some strange mobile game.

    Welcome to Mafia 54! I’m NP, the developer of this new game, and I’ll be your host!

    1. Don’t edit or delete your posts, post during the designated update times, screenshot anything, or post/like posts when dead.
    2. Don’t like posts.
    3. Outside Communication is prohibited, unless your role explicitly permits it.
    4. There is no specific threshold for activity. If I feel like you’re not posting enough, I will warn you in thread. If you still are not posting enough, I will sub you out at my discretion. There may be other mechanics to punish players for not posting enough.
    5. Everything is host approved. Don’t lynch someone for having a badly formatted claim; nothing in there is going to be alignment indicative.
    6. You can paste your role PM, but don’t post your host conversations.
    7. Don’t speculate on alignment based on whether a player is online or not.
    8. If multiple players are tied for the highest amount of votes at the end of the day, the lynch will be determined by who reached that number of votes first. If no player is at half of the majority vote at the end of the day, there will be consequences.
    9. To vote, use ##VERB: Player. To unvote, use ##UNVERB: Player.
    10. My word is law.
    11. If you have us any questions about your role or general gameplay questions, feel free to PM me.
    12. Follow all of the standard Pokébeach rules, including those for the Forum Games.

    Changes (be especially sure to read this):
    First thing first, this is a bastard game, but bastard will take a different definition than you’re used to seeing. There will be no alignment changes, your role will always be some variant on the role it appears to be (i.e. your “doctor” will not actually be a vig, but it might only be able to heal players on even numbered nights despite not telling you that), and more often than not, your role will be exactly what it appears to be. So what does it mean? The typical lynch-kill system you’re used to in mafia will be incredibly disrupted in this game, mechanics will constantly be in flux, and roles will be strange, generally unique concepts. Host lies will occasionally be present, but everything is this post is completely the truth.
    Instead of typical day/night cycles, this mobile game has very limited time to shut down for updates. As such, this game will be nightless: you will still have plenty of actions to submit, but you will do that during the day phase (which will last 120 hours) and they’ll be quickly processed in an update, so you’ll almost always get to play! This will also lead the game to run more quickly than a typical mafia game. That being said, for the purpose of letting people submit actions and having events, you will not be allowed to hammer and end the day; lynches will be determined by whoever the most votes at deadline.

    In this game, there are two main factions. The Players (or town), and Hackers (or scum). However, there may be at least one person who wants their own aims to be achieved… They are known as the independents.
    The Players’ goal is to eliminate the Hackers and threatening independents (if they exist) to secure a fair and honest experience for all. The Players are the uninformed majority.
    The goal of Hackers is to eliminate anyone who is trying to stop them from hacking the game. That includes the Players and independents. Hackers are the informed minority. There will also be no guaranteed kill every phase, but there will be significant killpower on the Hackers’ side.
    The independent faction(s) would have an unknown goal. This could be anything.

    Special Mechanics:
    Game Updates: What’s a mobile game without a constantly increasing platform of content? At random times throughout the days, the developers will announce new content affecting the game. This could be anything, so stay on guard and check frequently for thrilling updates that shake up the game!

    You are Alexis (Username: VillageGoddessFTW), and you are aligned with the Players. When not checking your Instagram followers or convincing your parents not to ground you for failing three classes (but seriously who even like uses Geometry in real life besides like Geometrists or whatever), you are addicted to helping grow your village to be more successful than any of your ex-boyfriends or fake friends. The whole idea of people who hack the game is just stupid; don’t their parents have enough money to afford some cheap gems?

    Passive Ability: Hot Gossip
    You really like to know what’s about to happen, and are basically a verifiable encyclopedia for news and events that are going to occur within the next two days. In fact, since your mother knows a couple people on the My Bastard Village development team, you can get some exciting behind the scenes knowledge on the updates! Every 24 hours, you will be given some secrets on the next two upcoming game updates.

    Active Ability: Not Blackmail, Just… Repayment
    You really don’t want to admit it, but you’re just not as popular as you used to be after you started struggling a bit in school. All those faking wannabes invented that as an excuse to push you to the outside, but you still have the connection and gossip to make any of those populars pay. Once a day, when there are 24 hours or more remaining, you may PM me ##BLACKMAIL: Player 1 to Player 2, where Player 1 has more likes on-site than you (with like totals taken from the beginning of the game). You’ll threaten Player 1, giving them a choice between having a totally embarrassing secret about their role being revealed in the next update or targeting Player 2.

    Win Condition: Eliminate all threats to the Players.

    Every role has at least one Active or Passive ability. Active Abilities are typically activated by PMing us (though can occasionally be activated with other means such as posting in-thread), while Passive Abilities work automatically. Besides that, they can work and are activated in a large number of ways and circumstances.
    For this example role, there is also an example bastard element. If any secrets learned from Hot Gossip are leaked in the thread before the updates they correspond to release, the developers, wanting their updates to be more secretive, will start lying about update secrets, starting with a 25% chance of lying at the first leak and increasing by 10% every time an update is leaked.

    This game has no specific limit of signups. Instead, I’ll take all of the players I can get, with a couple of players left to be subs that sign up at the end. The deadline for signups is October 8th, or a week from this post. To sign up, comment that you want to play and tell me your favorite mobile game (I want to confirm you read the rules because there are many extremely important changes to how this game works compared to typical mafia that you will miss if you don’t read everything).


    1. quakingpunch73 Professor_jplap~Lynched D1~Revived D2~Account Deleted D3
    2. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK
    3. bbninjas
    4. mordacazir~Account Deleted D1
    5. scattered mind~Account Deleted D2
    6. Luispipe8~Account Deleted D4
    7. xDoggerx Kiiruma~Lynched D3
    8. Zone Q11~Account Deleted D5
    9. GM DracLord~Lynched D5
    10. TheR3DX~Account Hacked D1
    11. MegaPod_781 MathBlade~Lynched D4
    12. TheLastShaymin VioletValkyrie~Account Deleted D5
    13. roz_the_eevee
    14. firekitten

    1. Professor_jplap-Subbed in for quakingpunch73 Day 1
    2. VioletValkyrie-Subbed in for The Last Shaymin Day 1
    3. Jadethepokemontrainer
    4. Dusk Form Lycanroc
    5. MathBlade~Subbed in for MegaPod_781 Day 2
    6. Kiiruma~Subbed in for xDoggerx Day 3

    Good luck and have fun to all!
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  2. quakingpunch73 King K. Rool ain't no fool!


    /in <3

    Fire Emblem Heroes is my favorite mobile game.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
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  3. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Count me in, the game I was planning fell apart and my internet problems as I stated with the CaC changes thread are over
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  4. Professor_jplap Nap Time


    In as sub. My favorite mobile game is hmm... Asphault 8!
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  5. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    /in. I don't particularly want to enjoy mobile games because they eat up all my time, but if I need to choose, Fire Emblem Heroes.
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  6. mordacazir Lord of Souls


    /In favorite mobile game is Kingdom Rush!
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  7. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member


    I still kill time with Pokémon Shuffle
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  8. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    And finishing that out, favorite mobile game is Minecraft.
  9. Mariano11887 Goalkeeper


    Woo! This looks super interesting!
    Unfortunately I won't be able to play this time around because of my lack of time, but I wish you all a good game!
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  10. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor


    I have a feeling that your sole purpose in life is that I, someday, make a huge rage at a host :'v

    Anyways, I'm in. Favorite mobile game is Fate/Grand Order.
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  11. xDoggerx Love your enemies... Make them mad :P


    So... Basically don't trust anything or anybody?

    Sounds like real life to me, count me in! Favourite mobile game: Tinder


    I have multiple ones, but I would say either: Plants vs Zombies, Rust Bucket, or Reaper. I would also consider Summoners' War, but that's more like a Farming simulator
  12. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


  13. Zone Q11 『Plebeian』『He who Hails from NovelUpdates Forum』
    Zone Q11


    "Married with" or "Married, and living with"...?
    I wonder why there was no alert for me... I only got to see this because of my mail, but that redirected me to Mafia 53...

    My favorite gaming app is... none? I mainly read manga at MangaRock, but as for games, I don't really stick to them forever. --oh. Mobile app. Yeah, in that case it is MangaRock.
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  14. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
    GM DracLord


    Sign me up. Hopefully actual work wouldnt bother me much this time around
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  15. VioletValkyrie Tattered Queen~ ☆

    Chat Room Staff Member

    After a bit of consideration, put me in as a sub. I'm considering swapping into being a main before sign-ups close.
    Don't expect a lot from me as Mafia isn't really my thing, but I guess we'll see where this goes.
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  16. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    I'll jump in as a sub.
  17. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    Hey everybody! Today is the last day of signups, and we're only at nine people. To run this game as it currently stands, I really need at least 11 people and would prefer 13. I can make large modifications to the setup and get it down to 9 people, but that would be very much not ideal, so please sign up so I don't have to do that! <3
  18. MegaPod_781 Bug Thug


    I’ll give this a shot! Only mobile game I’ve played in a while is Pokémon Go, but there was this other one that I liked... “That Level Again,” I think?
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  19. Aight fine ill play NP...

    ... oh and my favorite mobile game is... ??? does a nintendo switch count as a "mobile device"? i suppose it does...

    Splatoon 2!
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  20. firekitten Aspiring Trainer



    I was kidnapped and brought here, help. Also I don't really play mobile games anymore, they waste a lot of battery.
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