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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by GM DracLord, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK The Phazing Spider-Man
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    wow, did not expect the game to end when i had limited access. ill try better to get late game activity in next game while i finish planning my own.

  2. NinjaPenguin Always standing out from the crowd.


    'Twas a shame we didn't get to have you then, Nick! I was looking forward to seeing your reads and having this experience to help you in future endgames as town! We'll have to wait to hopefully see that happen in the next game, I suppose.
    I hope at least the part that you were able to participate in helped you with learning how to read players and that you have some nice lessons to take into the future! Look forward to seeing how you progress and get better in the next game!
    All of this also goes to @GamePhoenix; you did well while you were in this game and I'd love to see you play again!
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  3. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor


    **crawls back from the shadows**

    Weird, I wasn't even getting alerts.
    But nah, don't worry 'bout it. It was a mixture of stress from not getting e-mails and some mental pain after the previous' game mechanics.
    I was actually going to join PMJ's game but again, no alert from his tag :c I'll keep an eye, tho.
  4. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Sign in as a sub :)
  5. Luispipe8 Pokémon Professor


    Already did ;o
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