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Welcome all, to the elections for this year’s Consuls. After a successful year, our terms have ended, and Octavius Vrackenian and I, Ninjus Penguinius, are ready to step down. Unfortunately, as you all know, there has been much electoral corruption as of late, even more than usual. Ever since Sulla and the rise of attempts at domination by both the optimates and the populares, we have never truly been the same. But there is still a chance. We possess the senatus consultum ultimum, giving us the power to kill Roman citizens at will in this time of crisis. Unfortunately, even we are not sure who is the true threat to the order being overthrown. We suppose that job must be up to you, dutiful defenders of the res publica.
There is much to discuss, and so little time before the reigns of the Senate must be given over once more.

Welcome to Mafia 51! We’re NP and Vracken, and we’ll be your hosts. This game is set in the Roman Republic, and it’ll be an exciting (chariot) ride!

  1. Don’t edit or delete your posts, post during the night, or screenshot anything.
  2. No using secret codes (such as binary, ciphers, or hexadecimal code) of any kind. Breadcrumbing is perfectly allowable as long as it is not in this format.
  3. Don’t like posts unless instructed to.
  4. Outside Communication is prohibited, unless your role explicitly permits it.
  5. There is no specific threshold for activity. If we feel like you’re not posting enough, we will warn you in thread. If you still are not posting enough, we will sub you out at our discretion.
  6. Everything is host approved. Don’t lynch someone for having a badly formatted claim.
  7. If multiple players are tied for the highest amount of votes at the end of the day, the lynch will be determined by who reached that number of votes first. If no player is at half of the majority vote at the end of the day, there will be consequences.
  8. To vote, use ##VERB: Player. To unvote, use ##UNVERB: Player.
  9. Our word is law.
  10. If you have us any questions about your role, feel free to PM us. If you have any general gameplay questions, tag us in the thread (if you think of it during the night, PM us).
  11. Follow all of the standard Pokébeach rules, including those for the Forum Games.
We feel like claims exist for a single reason: for players to give information to the town before their death. They are not there as a way to attempt to hunt and completely forget your reads from before. As such, we have implemented anti-claim mechanics in the game. They are such that claiming is only advised if you are at risk of death or feel a good need to share your investigation results if they incriminate somebody. There is no risk of death from claiming, but there are certainly other risks. There’s no way to get around it. The more you claim, the more risk you incur. We’ve also designed quite strong safeclaims, so watch out for that too.

We’re also locking votes if the game ever gets to LYLO. This may seem bad for the town at first, but as this article explains, if used correctly, this can be a massive asset for the town and prevent the sudden switching of votes that cause endgame in a large portion of our games.


In this game, there are two main factions. The Loyalists (or town), and Triumvirate (or scum). However, there is at least one person who wants their own aims to be achieved… They are known as the independents.
The Loyalists’ goal is to eliminate the Triumvirate and threatening independents (if they exist) to purge corruption in the republic once and for all. The Loyalists are the uninformed majority.
The goal of Triumvirate is to eliminate anyone who opposes their plan to overthrow the republic. That includes the Loyalists and independents. Triumvirate are the informed minority, and have the power to assassinate a player every night.
The independent faction(s) have an unknown goal. This could be anything.

Special Mechanics:
Certamina: At random times during the day, the hosts will announce signups for a certamen. The first people (number dependent on the specific event) to sign up will get to compete and the winner will receive a special reward that will affect the game. Stay tuned and active in the thread, since you never know when a certamen will start.

You are Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, and you are aligned with yourself. An avid member of the Optimates and master general, you revived the concept of a dictator and marched on Rome yourself, defeating your enemy Marius in battle and finally removing the power of those plebeians. Now, despite the fact many people would consider you a despicable hard-liner, your power must be used to preserve this world you’ve worked so hard for.

Passive Ability: Rivalry
Your main enemy in the world is and always will be Marius. “The Third Founder of Rome”? Anything but. His laws only paved his way for your rise of power and constant victories over him. As long as Marius is alive, however, he’ll have the influence to keep you in check, and his vote will have double weight if he votes you (Marius will not be informed of this).

Active Ability: Declare Dictatorship
[LOCKED-Unlocks when Marius dies]
Once Marius is defeated, you have no opposition to fight your claim to power. Your word is law, allowing you to execute anyone at any time. To do so, post in thread, ##EXECUTE: Player. Once you have ordered an execution, it is swift, and so you will not be able to cancel said order. Once you have weeded out corruption you will step down, or so you say, which means you may only use this ability once.

Active Ability: Proscription List
To help weed out the evil in society, you created the proscription list. All enemies of the state were put on the list, allowing them to be killed and allowing their killer to take all of their property. This was especially important for ridding followers of Marius after his psychotic attempt to regain power. Once per night, you may PM the hosts ##PROSCRIPTION: Player. That player will publicly be announced to be on the proscription list, and it will be announced that if they are lynched, all players that voted them will have their role buffed the next night. Players who are added to the list can never be removed, and if not lynched or killed, will remain on the list in future days.

Win Condition: Weed out the corruption and kill all supporters of diminishing the Senate’s importance.

Every role has at least one Active or Passive ability. Active Abilities are typically activated by PMing us (though can occasionally be activated with other means such as posting in-thread), while Passive Abilities work automatically. Besides that, they can work and are activated in a large number of ways and circumstances.
Locked abilities say that they are locked, along with saying what the condition to unlock them is and what they will become once they are unlocked.

This game has no specific limit of signups. Instead, we’ll take all of the players we can get, with a couple of players left to be subs that sign up at the end. The deadline for signups is May 19th, or six days from this post. To sign up, comment that you want to play and say who your favorite Roman is (it’s totally cool if you look this up; we just want to confirm you read the rules because there are important changes you might miss if you don’t read closely).


  1. quakingpunch73 mordacazir~Lynched Day 6
  2. Professor_jplap~Lynched Day 5
  3. scattered mind~Killed Night 6
  4. GekkisaiDaiNi~Modkilled Night 4
  5. TOTAL_EPICNESS~Lynched Day 1
  6. Jadethepokemontrainer~Modkilled Night 4
  7. GM Draclord
  8. Jabberwock~Lynched Day 7
  9. Luispipe8~Killed Night 3
  10. Tapu Lele~Lynched Day 2
  11. Celever~Lynched Day 4
  12. Acetrainer_Samwise~Modkilled Night 6
  13. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK
  14. PMJ
  15. bbninjas~Lynched Day 3
  16. mirdo Mariano11887~Killed Night 6
  17. Dusk Form Lycanroc Yog
  18. Luxinity~Killed Night 2
  19. double o squirtle~Killed Night 2
  20. OshaCraft360 Robin Aisaga

  1. Mariano11887-Subbed in for Mirdo Night 3
  2. Mordacazir-Subbed in for Quakingpunch73 Day 1
  3. Yog-Subbed in for Dusk Form Lycanroc Day 2
  4. Robin Aisaga-Subbed in for OshaCraft360 Night 3

Have fun and bona fortuna to all!
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I'm in ^w^

When you sign up first and then read the rules.

Also, I don't really have a favorite Roman. I can look one up if you really need one.
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Romin Aisagius will not participate this time but will be spectating and wishes everyone a fair game.


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Can Hypatia technically be a Roman even though her father was Greek? :x


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oh, I LOVE Roman history, My favorite is Nero jk jk jk,,

My actual favorite Roman's are the Gracchus Brothers.
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