News 'M Camerupt-EX and M Sharpedo-EX Premium Collections' in April!


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I'm really liking M Sharpedo as a softening attacker - the free retreat actually makes it seem somewhat viable to me on paper but I am really wondering what I might pair it with... Maybe Umbreon GX but I might be begging for clunk-city with multiple evolution lines.

And actually, it might even make a better clean-up attacker since people usually like to pull their damaged 'mons from the front lines to deny prizes.
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I really like the sound of M Sharpedo, might try and make it work. Shame it's useless after rotation (as always, save for a Sharpedo EX reprint, which is unlikely), but still. I do like Dark decks :D


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Why is the Mega Sharpedo coin upside down? :p that's pretty weird. Pokémon fricked up again


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Again I have to mention those @WPM you said the Sharpedo and camerupt would be promos with new arts


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M Sharpedo looks really fun. Alolan Dugtrio doesn't work with it however, you have to use Team Magma's Muk.

If we use aqua's secret base, and muk, we can hit turbo dark for 120 plus around 80 on each benched, give or take. I now love this card.


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I think Sharpedo can be good. I think the free retreat is big and spread damage wins the Gyarados matchup 100%. I feel like this is so close to being a good card but I'm not entirely convinced


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Not sure if this is a proper place to put this so please remove this immediately if it's out of line. However, a Target that I stopped at yesterday broke street date and has a ton of these for sale already. I know this particular location has broken the street date before so I'm not sure if it's a company wide issue or not. What you do with this information is up to you, but I'd ask that you show TPCi and your local card shops some respect and just wait the extra week to pick them up instead if they do happen to be available early.

(In case you were wondering, no I didn't buy one myself. I picked up a single pack of SuMo instead to tide me over. Plus my leagues pre-release is at the end of April so I'm holding out for that!)


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Good to see that Pokemon is finally getting around to mega Camerupt and Sharpedo after skipping them in primal clash.

Then again, they did have to make room for mega Gardevoir, so they could anger fans by putting it in 2 more sets after that.


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M Sharpedo-EX will be really fun. 120 and 30 snipe is a solid attack, and it can do more than that to all benched Pokémon.

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I love the art on that M Sharpedo, plus, its attack is fairly solid and has plenty of snipe potential, annnnd I'm a fan of team aqua sooo, I'm probably buying that or at least the new promo.:p