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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by TuxedoBlack, Sep 27, 2019.

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    For all of us ReshiZard (or any Fire deck) players, we have a certain card at our disposal that is a HARD counter (or will definitely cripple opponents) to lots of meta decks: Lysandre PS!! I'd strongly suggest if you're not playing it in your Fire decks, check it out. I've found it to be a great tech against so many decks, like Mewtwo-Mew GX, Malamar, ReshiZard, etc. - any deck that relies upon it discard pile for vital resources.

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    I mean outside of MewMew I don't see how this actually hard counters many decks. Malamar and Blowns draw energy from the discard but they should be putting them from discard to the table immediately so there shouldn't be many if any targetable energy. Fire Crystal decks have a surplus of fire and shouldn't feel the effect of losing 2-3 permanently. Everything else just doesn't have discard recursion anymore.
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    Malamar variants can have energy and Giratina in the discard pile and removing them to the Lost Zone slow the deck down. The deck may not always be able to place all of the resources in the discard pile onto the battlefield. Lysandre Prism Star can take advantage of these turns where they cannot fully abuse their discard pile. With the release of Lana's Fishing Rod moving Spell tag to the Lost Zone is a decent move too. Lysandre Prism Star can move several attackers in Perfection decks to the Lost Zone which denies Mewtwo and Mew access to them. Fire decks can get their Welder and Fire energies moved to the Lost Zone which will become an issue with the release of Cythia and Caitlin who can retrieve Welder from the discard. It is not a card that breaks any of these decks but it is a nice 1-off tech in Fire decks that can improve said matches.

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