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Standard Lycanroc VMAX / Umbreon VMAX

Squirtle Squad

Aspiring Trainer
Hey everyone,
I used to play the game competitively during the BW-era with RayEels and am looking to build a deck for the standard format for casual play.

I’m specifically looking to build around Lycanroc and Umbreon as two of my favourite Pokémon and because there seems to be inherent synergy between the two VMAX’s forms. Lycanroc spreads damage around, Umbreon forces switches allowing for easy knockouts, plus you can use Lycanroc VMAX’s first attack for instant knockouts once you’ve spread enough damage.

Though, because I’ve been out of the game since BW I’m very out of the loop about specific supporters, trainers and special Energies that currently exist. I’ve been looking at Single Strike Urshifu lists because the concept is similar, though I’m unable to play the single strike specific support.

What Trainers exist in the current format that would work in this style of deck?

Also I think an Inteleon line would also work pretty well here as it spreads damage fairly consistently also.

Is there anyone who could help a returning player build something decent?

Also, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologise in advance.


taking 2-3 prizes over 2 turns is kind of bad in this standard format in my opinion.
look into new earthen tablet from silver tempest with lycanroc v max could work try to make lycanroc really big and keep healing it.
galarian zapdos V can combo well with this as well as echoing horn.
as for standard stuff justinbasil.com has some easy references of what to play etc.