Lycanroc 'Champion's League' Promo

Tapu Lele

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No way! That's just a Midday-Form Lycanroc with orange lighting in the background!


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Feels weird they're not differentiating its card name based on its forme, but at this point in the TCG history, the precedent exists for every possible combination of how to handle this sort of game mechanic. Ah well.


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Why is the attack name for the second attack Accelerock? In the games, that's its signature move, but it's base power is only 40. Then again, Volcanion EX is weak to water, despite having Water Absorb...

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The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
  • DuskLyc - first time that we'll see a downgraded version of a GX atk, same AC as Midnight's GX atk, low base dmg but spammable. 3 Geodudes because the HP is vulnerable to std. OHKO attackers (FYI: Std. Ohko atkrs are those who deal 120 or more for cheaper energy or flat 120.), Stage 1, and lame RC


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We'll never see this in English~

Well there is a Lycanroc in Forbidden Light and it could very well be just an alternate art of this one.

Anyways this Lycanroc totally outclasses Burning Shadows Midday Lycanroc. Ironically the same is true in the games lol.


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This is a neat addition to Buzzwole/Lycanroc decks as a non-EX/GX attacker if you don't want to use Breakpoint Sudowoodo, baby Midnight Lycanroc, or baby Zygarde 50%. I also find it interesting that it combined elements of past Lycanroc cards, like taking the Midnight form's GX attack and Accelerock from both Midday Lycanroc cards.


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Lycanroc-Dusk Forme

  • First attack, this is just Midnights GX attack but spammable. I dont like the fact that its dependant on your opponent filling up thier bench, but with Zoroark being so popular, it's pretty good!

  • Second attack, ehhh its decent, but for this much and this mainly being used as a Zoroark counter, I don't see it being used much.

  • Artwork, I actually really like this art! 4/5 Smeargles

Overall 3.5/5


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Love the art work and that first attack is pretty nice. 3 benched + choice band 1 shots Zoroark GX, not bad.


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adding it to my collection, probably will never play it though. And I still play Midday version so that tells you something.


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I really love the art! Definitely a great addition to the Lycanroc collection!


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Want this for my Rockruff/Lycanroc collection, but unsure if it will ever come out in English. Same deal for the Dusk Lycanroc from Japan's Solgaleo/Lunala box