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Standard Lucario Garchomp (SM5)


The Angel That Flew Too Close To the Sun
Pokemon x18
Gabite SM5 x1
Gible SM5 x3
Garchomp SM5 x3
Riolu SM5 x2
Lucario SM5 x2
Rockruff x2
Lycanrock GX (midnight)x2
Tapu Lele x3

Trainers x 32
Rare Candy x3
Ultra Ball x4
Brigette x1
Lusamine x1
Cynthia x4
Rescue Stretcher x2
Special Charge x1
Feild Blower x2
N x3
Sycamore x2
Skyla x2
Energy Lotto x2
Devoured Field x2
Escape Board x3

Energy x10
Fighting x6
DCE x4


Mush. Up!
Have you considered Puzzle of Time? That may be another good way of recycling your Cynthias, and playing two becomes easier with Lucario's ability.


UK VGC Regs Champ 2015
I'd drop energy loto. You have Lucario to search. Also, escape board to float stone. Plainly better. I second the Puzzles. You have easy search, making it better.


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This deck is doing quite well in Hong Kong and Japan where SM5 is legal. Try a 2/2 split of the Cynthia chomp and BKP energy acceleration chomp, and remove a fighting energy for 1 Boost Prism Energy.

Here's a sample list of what people overseas are playing (and topping with):
18 Pokemon
4-3-4 Garchomp (2cynthia / 2bkp)
3-3 Lucario
1 Alolan Vulpix

32 Trainers
4 Cynthia
2 Sycamore
2 N
1 Guzma
4 Ultra Ball
3 Rare Candy
2 Evosoda
2 Pal Pad
2 Rescue Stretcher
1 Counter Catcher
1 Super Rod
1 Field Blower
3 Brooklet Hill

10 Energy
5 Fighting
1 Boost Prism
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