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Standard Low Budget Alolan Ninetales

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by NL168, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. NL168 Aspiring Trainer


    Here is my very bad Alolan Ninetales Deck that lacks attack power, I need help and cannot spend any money (I may be able to trade for some cards so still suggest card swaps). I need tips for strategy and tips in general. I also need a faster way to get energy from my deck to my Pokemon. Thank you!

    Pokemon (19)
    3 Alolan Vulpix BUS 27/147
    2 Alolan Ninetales BUS 28/147
    1 Rainbow Rare Alolan Ninetales GX GRI 150/145
    1 Shuckle LOT 16/214
    2 Alolan Sandshrew GRI 19/145
    2 Alolan Sandslash GRI 20/145
    2 Magikarp AOR 19/98
    1 Gyrados GX Promo SM212
    1 Marshadow GX BUS 80/147
    1 Blastoise EX GEN 17/83
    1 Mega Blastoise EX EVO 22/108
    1 Keldeo GX UNM 47/236
    1 Lapras GX SUM 35/149

    Trainer Cards (24)

    1 Lana BUS 117/147
    1 Pokemon Fan Club FCO 94/106
    1 Wishful Baton BUS 128/147
    1 Brooklet Hill GRI 120/145
    3 Aqua patch GRI 119/145
    3 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130/145
    1 Enhanced Hammer GRI 124/145
    1 Escape Rope BUS 114/147
    1 Energy Retrieval SUM 116/149
    1 Hau SUM 120/149
    2 Timer Ball SUM 134/149
    2 Nest Ball SUM 123/149
    1 Professor's Letter BKT 123/146
    1 Evosoda BKT 116/146
    2 Ultra Ball FCO 113/124
    1 Great Ball SSH 164/202
    1 Rotom Bike SSH 181/202
    1 Crushing Hammer SSH 159/202

    Energy Cards (15)
    14 Water Energy
    1 Double Colorless Energy

    Shuckle and aqua patch are for energy, (I need a few rainbow energy for Shuckle). Marshadow is for the ability, Alolan Sandslash is for the ability too. Keldeo GX and BUS Alolan Ninetales are for GX/EX counters with ability. Main damage dealers are GRI Alolan Ninetales GX, Gyrados GX, Lapras GX, and M Blastoise EX.

  2. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    Before we do get into it. Which format are you trying to play in? Expanded or standard? Because your title says Standard but the majority of your cards can only be played in expanded.
  3. NL168 Aspiring Trainer


    It's standard. Can you tell me what cards aren't allowed in standard? I didn't know. Still need tips. Thanks! :)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2020
  4. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    Standard-legal cards right now are all the cards from Ultra Prism onwards, inclusive.
  5. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    If you are going standard, sorry to say but you'll have to build an entirely new team as only a few of your cards are standard legal. Shuckle LOT, Great Ball, Rotom Bike, and Crushing Hammer. Everything else on your team has rotated out :/ Sorry mate
  6. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    Some others are legal, like keldeo and gyarados gx, lana, hau, water energy, energy retrieval, and pokemon fan club.
  7. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


    Well, the whole deck, just about, needs replacing to be legal for standard tournaments. But assuming you are playing with friends and they don't mind, general deck building tips are in order. I'd suggest getting somewhere between 8 and 12 good supporters. Some decks use specific sets of supporters like the" tag call" engine, but it never hurts to have the best general draw supporters for your format. In standard, Cynthia, professors research, Lillie and marnie would all work. In expanded add N to that and sycamore and juniper can fill in for research.

    If you need to keep the deck mostly intact for budget reasons, see if you can trade for alolan vulpix GRI, as they have the beacon attack which helps greatly with set up (though they too are no longer standard).

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