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Hello PokeBeach readers! Isaiah here and I am happily bringing you all another article! Last time, I talked about Ondřej Škubal’s winning Arceus VSTAR / Flying Pikachu VMAX deck and its future in the Astral Radiance format as we approach the Baltimore Regional Championships. Since then, Arceus VSTAR / Flying Pikachu VMAX has continued to put up solid results in the online tournament space thanks to its overall strong matchups across the board.
This week, Lost Origin finally released, and with it has come a variety of new decks. Cards like Giratina VSTAR and the rest of the Lost Zone support cards have started to make their case in the...

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While I’m not playing the exact list listed here (I’ve opted for the Baltimore winning list to experiment myself), I’ve been finding Radiant Charizard a super interesting deck to play! Complicated to learn though, at least for me, I do think it’s incredibly strong though. Do you have any additional tips on playing the deck? Thanks!