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  1. darvor Europe Almighty!


    hey pokebeach! long time no see :(
    i decided to do a comeback on pokemon tcg. So help a returning player!

    i saw this morning the new tag supporter team ( based on pokemon masters on mobilephone game -_-)
    but i saw a big potentional!!!!
    we got this awesome supporter
    Misty & Lorelei – Trainer
    Supporter (TAG TEAM)

    Search your deck for up to 3 [W] Energy cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

    When you play this card, you may discard 5 other cards from your hand. If you do, during this turn your [W] Pokemon can use their GX attack even if you have used your GX attack.

    You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

    so in order just to work you need to do a set up of 6 cards on your hand ( or 3 if you find 3 W nrg from your deck) we suppose tha we used GX during mid-early game ( because otherwise there is no reason to use it just to fetch 3 nrgies) . This means that this is an ONLY late game card ( which means is prone to hand disruption BUT lapras and a discarded misty favor can rbing this up even after a hand discard or shuffle)
    okay after this intro let's see what this can do.

    firstly lets see our recycle. ( This card pushes us to build a deck around a Loop)
    this Naganadel fetches nrgies from discard and attaches em on it. ( only 1 per turn which is a drawback)
    BUT it attacks with 3 colorless nrgies WHICH means YOU get an extra tech-attacker.
    ALSO it DOES in exeptional situation 260 DMG to mioumiou tag team ( 10 away from KO - reachable with shrine of punishment)
    AND its non penalty prizer which is a huge addon!

    BUT it is a stage 1 which brings us closer to malamar decks. (we all saw how much SLOW are during worlds)

    AND for nrg transfer we can use either the trainer one OR this one
    quag for a frail 120hp can transfer nrgies in play which IS HUGE. but still another stage 1 so i think trainer may be better anyway.

    can bring us this hottie.
    but i think this will be a waste of space in deck both misty and lapras :/
    anyway moving forth!
    ( im still trying to see which cards can fetch supporters from discard pile in order to force a loop. HELP me plz if you know it)

    after that. if you play misty favor you can add up this meme
    by a misty favor you can build dmg ( doa solid 40-80 per turn) or push up more lapras in order to start sweeping for at least 160 dmg per turn.
    250 solid Hp. 2 W nrg cost and grass weakness? ( ON YOUR FACE PIKAROM)

    BUT sweep what without a GX attack?!?!?!? so what gx we choose lastly???
    well after that im between
    this chicken can grab nrgies from nagadiel ( good for late game if we think you used your GX attack) but anyway waste em again is smthg... BUT still how about SCALD away a hot reshiram from Welders nrgies??
    3 nrgies grabbed from nagadiel for 130 and a chance to nrg shutdown em?? why not..?? ( low hp and metal weakness andd prize penalty)
    so i would just add it as a tech or smthg

    Well i think i would go with this beauty for main attacker- defence- GX attack
    this keldeo has a lovely ability (LET THEM CRY WHILE THEY DONT DO DMG ON YOU)
    low HP but again grass weakness!!!
    both attacks are 3 nrg but chargable from nagadiel swap nrg. first ignore effects and second set up for slowduck. he is a crazy healer??? MISTY AND LORELEI PLEASE HELP US HERE. let your enemy cry for a second BEFORE YOU SMASH HIM WITH YOUR GX ATTACK AGAIN.
    and we cannot forget about viridian forest about discarded nrgies ALSO
    it would be a total heresy if we dont talk about
    this starmie has a pair gym
    which JUST adds a SMALL amount of 40 TOTAL DMG.
    which means: 80 dmg for 2 nrg FETCH from DISCARD pile. (loop anyone??? )
    140 for 3 colorless nrgies.
    OR GX attack for 40x nrgies attached here. ehm hello? 200 for 4 (with gym) or more?!
    1 sound: OUCH.

    lastly i thought it would a be a totall troll deck if you ignore gx at all and for swanna and
    3 colorless nrgies AND not a gx prize penalty but for a frail 90 hp ( BUT TOTAL RPOTECTION next turn? and if you loop this IT DOES PUSHES DMG)

    Anyway many thoughts maybe nothing can work out without a playtest but what are your thoughts about this supporter card??
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  2. Otaku The wise fool?


    ...or it means just use your GX-attack early, and then take advantage of this Supporter to use it again later on. I know when I saw this, the first thing that entered my mind was "Starmie-GX swarm". I'm far from 100% certain it would prove worthwhile, and I know you brought it up as well, but I'm just making the point that is the first deck to spring to mind, and the idea is you can use Hydro Pump-GX multiple times in a single game, including early game without as much consequence.
  3. Sharkrai Aspiring Trainer


    Any thoughts on if this card will work with a.ninetales-gx in expanded?

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