Discussion Looking for Collectors Opinions on Pokémon Cards in Foreign Languages

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Hello everyone! While I've been overly inactive on my account I've still been collecting cards, and I recently got some Spanish cards from some family members who live in Mexico. Recieving the cards actually put an idea back in my mind that I was wondering everyone's opinion on.

Collectors, what is your opinion on foreign language cards and would you buy any?

The reason why I ask this question is because on and off for years I've thought about starting some type of store that people could just buy foreign language cards and sealed product from. Cutting out the need to converse with people who don't speak your language and allow people to get ahold of these cards easier. My main focus wouldn't be Japanese or English, and I know for some collectors that's a deal breaker, but I would really like to know people's opinions before I even put an idea like that in motion.