Wi-Fi Trades Looking for a shiny for a friend. Need bye tomorrow please.


Aspiring Trainer
Friend Code: 4227 2489 5581
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Times Available: 8am- 10pm. 10pm or 11pm is when i go to bad.

I look for: shiny litwick, shiny pumpkaboo holding a everstone, shiny solrock

I give you Zapdos from Kalos , Moltres from Kalos, Latios from Unova, Mesprit from Unova, Azelf from Sinnoh, Phione from Kalos, Volcarona from Unova, Terrakion from Unova, Virizion from Unova, Thundurus from Unova, Xerneas, 2 Zygarde, and Shiny Magikarp From Johto.
RE: RayquazaPokemon20's Trades

Rayquazapokemon20, I merged your two XY Trade Threads. Please remember that the rules allow for each member to have only one XY Trade Thread each. If your thread gets old with things that you no longer have or are no longer looking for, you can always, at any time, edit the op and title.