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Expanded Looking for a Mewmew techs

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by The Golden Mewtwo, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. The Golden Mewtwo That guy who plays a counter deck
    The Golden Mewtwo


    I know the concept, I’m just looking for some techs that I can use in the expanded format. I’ve seen a mega Glalie tech that looks pretty good.

  2. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    I used to play a Marshadow-GX Toolbox deck in expanded. Some of the GX/EX techs I used were:

    Jolteon-EX for "Flash Ray", prevent damage from basic pokemon
    Necrozma-GX for "Black Ray GX" 100 damage to each EX/GX
    Glaceon-EX for "Crystal Ray", prevent damage from evolution pokemon
    Epseon-EX for "Miraculous Shine", devolve evolution pokemon

    These techs can be utilized by Mew3 as well. The strategy is to block attacks and spread damage. Once there's enough damage, use "Miraculous Shine", or switch to use Tapu Lele's "Magical Swap", Spiritomb's "Damage play" or Espurr's "Ear Kinesis" to take some unexpected knockouts

    One card that would likely do very well in expanded is:

    Incineroar-GX for "Crushing Punch", it does 130 damage + discards a special energy. [three colorless energy attack]


    Dragonite-EX for "Hyper Beam", it does 130 damage + discards any energy. [four colorless energy attack]
    Lugia-EX for "Aero ball" does 20 times the energy attached to both pokemon [two colorless energy attack]
    "Deep Hurricane" might be good as well
    Pretty much all of the Mega pokemon have great attacks to copy :)
  3. Merovingian Expanded Extraordinaire

    Articles Head Member

    It would help to know what variant and what Pokémon EX/GX techs you have. Right now, there’s several very viable Mewtwo & Mew-GX variants and their techs can vary wildly.

    Off the top of my head, you need Jolteon-EX for any variant.
  4. damage change mewtwo ex
    also this thread dosent belong in deck garage

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