Leftover 'Sun & Moon' Full Arts Releasing in English!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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  2. Chicken008 Aspiring Trainer


    Did The Masked Royal come over?
  3. AshCo Ouchies!


    YES. This is a really large part of the Sun and Moon era and I would have been incredibly sad to see them be exclusive to japan. While I won't bother much with the Rainbows, I'm definitely happy those full art supporters and that amazing baby trio card is finally coming here.

    Seriously, I'm glad to be happy about something for once after being disappointed a bunch on Pokemon lately.
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  4. Shinxed3 Get Shinxed bro


    I... I feel... what is this feeling?

    I'm... complete. I finally feel complete.
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  5. Nyora A Cat


    Welder is hot
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  6. bbb888 One Life. One Dream.


    Pun intended, right? ;)
  7. JayMankey Optimistic Trainer/Collector


    WOW!! THIS IS HUGE!! These Full Arts were among my favorites from the entire era, and now they’re finally getting their well-deserved localization! I imagine this might be a sort of Premium Trainer’s Sun and Moon Collection, and I’d be happy to pay for all these gorgeous Full Arts! I’ll drink a MooMoo Milk to that!
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  8. Diego Lima Aspiring Trainer
    Diego Lima


    That Misty and Lorelei :rolleyes:

    The gold cards though, *barf* :confused:
  9. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Haha Missing SM cards go Yellow A Stamped
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  10. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    I really do hope there's a Generations-type set next year where they dump all of these Tag All Stars cards. Even though I just caved in and bought as many of the Japanese versions as I could.
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  11. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    Champion's Path: Take my money

    Possible Tag All Stars English: Do you accept the coins? (Robot Chicken Mario Luigi reference)

    25th anniversary and olympics limited products: Take the children, just let me live!!! (Malcolm in the middle reference)
  12. TheRealBro..


    Fingers crossed. Let's hope they will be released in an awesome, cohesive set and not some random box.
  13. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    There seems to be only a few, not exactly a lot to make a mini set, except maybe a holiday set, but that'd be September 2021. If anything, probably a Best of XY like the full art N, Shaymin Ex, etc.

    And respectfully, I feel that now more than ever, companies are listening to loud voices, but only if it benefits them.

    Sonic movie
    Wreck it Ralph 2 (the Black Princess was not dark enough)

    Here though, it costs them cents to produce these cards. A little more for the sheet necessary to add texture or gold looking. Yet, they know we will spend hundreds on these chase cards. They know how to get to us now.
  14. TheRealBro..


    Definitely. Pokemon is all about the bucks now. That's exactly why I don't buy these boxes, only core products. I know that will probably not be the case, but I have a feeling that 2021 is gonna be a good Pokemon year.
  15. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    ngl, that Erika FA is actually really pretty. Also, I really like the FA Sightseer/Tourist.
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  16. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    My full art binder is going to need an EPIC shift.
  17. Kumaquat Collecting Birbs


    Gonna need that special art baby card
  18. Halcyonseer Aspiring Trainer


    I just hope however they get these to us they come with Steam Siege packs
  19. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    Well, well, well...

    I hope the dreaded Bellelba & Brycen-Man FA that I saw there comes w/ the altered wording promised to us by Creatures/TPCi when they banned it from Standard...

    ^ If not, then I could see such wording being released in box form alongside Mismagius UNB in early August 2021, which is too close to the end of Block C's Standard format lifespan to allow them one last shot of glory in Standard before it can't be played in Standard at all anyway , as the 2021 rotation takes effect approximately later in August/early September unless Creatures/TPCi says "no rotation will happen in 2021", so if I'm proven correct on the late box possibility, then for the sake of everyone seeking to use the errata'd version in tourneys, I shall hope Creatures/TPCi gives the aforementioned possible news that grants C block of cards, which that FA is a part of, more time in the spotlight, even if such news also means the scrubbing of the 2020-21 P!P season and/or the unfortunate deletion of all CP and tourney invites earned before the time the force majeure clause is triggered, as if that season never happened. Although I expect such news to not actually happen, given the nature of 2020, the COVID year, the unlikely is still possible...

    ...But the displayed FA card, along w/ promised errata, is the glue. Looking forward to seeing the release of the promised errata for the Bellelba & Brycen-Man in English, as when it is released in that language, it wiil likely be the errata'd version. Further, I prefer that the answer to this question is a "yes", so it gets more use in standard, by the masses, rather than staying banned for the entire time Block C is legal in standard: Will you deliver your promise w/ enough time left for these cards to enjoy the tournament limelight, rather than showing bad form by neglecting a promised errata until it is too late for those cards to be played in Standard anyway, Creatures/TPCi???
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    Very happy to see this.

    I was rooting the entire time for these cards to not get thrown into an SM-era set as an afterthought for a number of reasons, mainly because I've been holding out hope for a special SM-era box set (you may remember me wishing for as much in several previous news post threads).

    The yellow-A alt makes it more likely these guys end up in some sort of promotional box, vs. getting mixed into another set.

    I'm not quite on board yet with the idea of them getting mixed into another set in 2021, though I guess we could either see them pop up scattered across several different boxes (as Yellow A cards), or a Generations-style set with either updated templates, or for some bizarre reason, a set that either mixes SM and SWSH cards, or a SM-era style set released in 2021.

    With the recent JP SWSH promos using the SM templates for SM cards, despite a SWSH numbering, I can't think of any good recent examples where TPCi actually bothered to swap card template styles. The last instance I can think of are some of the Evolutions-associated promos (Full Art Pikachu/Venusaur/Blastoise/Charizard EXs) that had the retro/Evolutions card template style in the Japanese version of the Evolutions set, but got changed to the XY-era template for the English release. (And I still don't understand why, given they were always sold in boxes under an Evolutions thematic.)
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