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Standard Latias/Latios GX Tag Team Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by SuperHoundDoom, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. SuperHoundDoom Aspiring Trainer


    Laitas/Latios Tag Team

    Latias & Latios Tag Team- 2
    3 – Inkay
    3 – Malamar
    2 – Swablu
    2 – Altaria (Ability)
    2 – Tapu Lele GX
    1 Instruct Oraguru
    1 – Latias [*]

    4 Mysterious Treasure
    3 Nest Ball
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Guzma
    4 Cynthia
    2 Lillie
    2 Max Potion
    3 Choice Band
    1 Rescue Stretcher
    2 Altar of the Moone
    3 Acro Bike

    10 Psychic Energy
    4 Water Energy

    I was debating dropping a swablu and altaria for another tag team or two. What do ya think?

  2. JumpluffTCG Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I can’t imagine a scenario where Altaria is useful when you’re dealing 240 damage... Besides Wailord/Magikarp GX, Latias/Latios with a Choice Band knocks out literally everything in the format. On a similar note, 3 Choice Band seems overkill. 2 is enough.

    Altar of the Moone is also kinda awkward too. After attacking, Latias/Latios is left without a Psychic energy so you can’t retreat the thing. And in such a stadium heavy format, it’s just not very reliable as a means of retreating. A huge selling point of Latias/Latios over Ultra Necrozma GX is the 1 retreat cost, so I would strongly consider Escape Board.

    So I would drop 1 Choice Band, the entire Altaria line, and both Altars. That’s 7 new slots, so with these I suggest:
    +1/1 Inkay/Malamar. Latias/Latios’ attack requires you to discard 3 Psychic energies. You really need to have a full line of Malamars to consistently pull this off. If your Malamar pieces are prized or they get knocked out early, it suddenly becomes very difficult to charge up Latias/Latios and impossible to attack multiple times with it. This leaves Latias/Latios an easy 3 prizes waiting to happen. On that note, I might even consider adding a Ditto Prism Star for the sole purpose of functioning as a 5th Inkay.

    +1 Lillie. Your supporter line is a little thin. Personal experience tells me thayn4 Cynthia + 3 Lillie + 3 or more Acro Bikes is pretty decent. I know a lot of deck space ends up going towards your Ball search cards, so maybe shaving a couple of those for some combination of 2-3 additional supporters in Erika’s Hospitality, Sightseer, Tate and Liza, Copycat, of anything else that’s decent isn’t a bad call either.

    +3 Escape Board, +1 Adventure Bag. This is me projecting a GasKan template onto this deck, but I think it makes sense. The addition of the Adventure Bag maintains your 4 outs to an Escape Board and kicks up your ours to a Choice Band back up to 3 (so there’s no downside to dropping that Choice Band).

    Other options I could consider include Marshadow GX that “only” gives up 2 prizes as opposed to 3, and can use Latias/Latios’ attacks. Plus it works well with Acro Bike. Escape Board works especially well with Deoxys Attack from Celestial Storm. Giratina from Lost Thunder is a pretty solid attacker in any Malamar deck. Marshadow is an easily searchable form of disruption that also has only 1 retreat so you can just put an Escape Board on it to make it useful even after being benched.

    On a final note, I would strongly consider Lunala Prism over Latias Prism. Lunala will get you closer to powering up a Latias/Latios in a single turn than Latias can, and functions as a solid attacker in the end game.
  3. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi SuperHoundDoom,

    In line with JumpluffTCG I would suggest to include Escape Board and use Viridian Forest instead of Altar of the Moone to fill the discard pile and search out Water Energy. Also consider to remove Altaria in favor of a full Malamar line and some non-GX attackers such as Giratina and Deoxys. Also consider to increase the supporter count to have a stable draw engine. This deck is able to play its hand fast and can therefore abuse both Lillie and Erika's Hospitality.

    Pokémon (14):

    • 2 Latios & Latias GX (beatdown)
    • 2 Giratina SM7b (beatdown)
    • 2 Deoxys SM7 (beatdown)
    • 4 Malamar (accelerate)
    • 4 Inkay (evolution)
    Trainer (32):
    • 2 Erika's Hospitality (draw)
    • 4 Guzma (control)
    • 4 Cynthia (draw)
    • 4 Lillie (draw)
    • 4 Mysterious Treasure (search)
    • 1 Rescue Stretcher (retrieval)
    • 3 Escape Board (retreat)
    • 3 Spell Tag (beatdown)
    • 4 Ultra Ball (search)
    • 3 Viridian Forest (search)
    Energy (14):
    • 10 Psychic Energy
    • 4 Water Energy

    Hope this provides some initial assistance.
  4. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Another consideration: Marshadow GX, so you can use this from the discard pile and not risk the 3 prizes, in some matchups. I suspect *most* matchups you'll want L&L out themselves as they'll easily survive the attack, but matchups where opponents can't even do 150 damage at once, or matchups where opponents can do 250 damage at once, as well as Fairy matchups, you'll have another out. I doubt you need Malamar for the 2x Fighting damage (I guess if you face Eevee&Snorlax and can't find your choice band / they're playing a bonus-to-HP card like choice helmet?) but for the avoid-3-prizes it will sometimes be helpful.

    With the Malamar variant, I'd also consider Acerola, which serves two purposes: one, to allow you to pick it L&L up when they're damaged when your opp is in 2HKO land; and two, to allow you to get L&L out of the active without losing the water energy; as long as there's some damage on there, you can Acerola, put it back out, add the water energy, pump it up with Malamar, retreat your active, and have it ready to go again.

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