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Landobats (Landorus EX / Hawlucha / Crobat)


Aspiring Trainer

  • 3 Hawlucha FFI
    3 Landorus EX
    1 Lucario EX
    3 Crobat PHF
    4 Golbat PHF
    4 Zubat PLS

  • 4 Muscle Band
    4 Ultra Ball
    3 Professor Sycamore
    3 N
    3 VS Seeker
    3 Fighting Stadium
    3 Repeat Ball
    3 Colress
    2 Lysandre
    2 Silver Bangle
    1 Lysandre's Trump Card
    1 Computer Search

  • 6 Fighting Energy
    4 Strong Energy


Just a typical Landobats deck, spread as much damage around as you can then start taking KO's quickly with Hammerhead, and using Hawlucha when needed, wanted to get some help with this so I could test it and refine it for Regionals in May.

Want to find space for Korrina for sure

Gengar master

shiny Pokémon bait
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RE: Landobats (Need help refining for Regional testing)

I recommend the following:
If Toad is big in that area:
-1 Landorus EX

+1 Lucario EX
In general:
-1 Comp Search: I find Scoop Up Cyclone to be best with Bats
-1 Muscle Band: You won't need that much damage enhancement when bats are already helping a lot.
-1 Silver Bangle: ^^
-1 Repeat Ball
-1 Colress: Less of a chance of starting with it. Wouldn't want to Colress for 2/3 at the beginning, would you?
-1 Ultra Ball: 3 is enough when you have Korrina to search for the Ultra Balls.

+1 Sycamore: Add consistency
+1 Scoop Up Cyclone: Re-use bats
+3 Korrina: Search out fighting Pokemon and can grab the Scoop Up Cyclone when needed.
+1 VS Seeker: Add consistency

Hope I helped!


Don't Panic
Yeah drop the Silver Bangles and Repeat Balls if you want to make room. Maybe leave one Repeat Ball in, but 4 Muscle Bands should be plenty, and the + 30 with Hawlucha doesn't make much of a difference over the + 20 for Muscle Band. 4 Ultra Ball and 1 Repeat Ball should be enough search.

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shiny Pokémon bait
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From my changes, instead of adding a 4th VS Seeker, you could add a SSU.

You could take out a Repeat Ball for a second one if you want. Just my suggestions. Test out the deck to see what you feel like you should take out. (You might like a little different way to run the deck than I do.)