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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by His Goominess, Aug 19, 2011.

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    His Goominess


    Hi everyone

    I'm not sure how many of you would have seen this, but Lady Gaga has recently released her music video for You And I.


    Personally, I don't really like it. I never really liked the song that much to begin with and I felt that the video didn't redeem it. Another thing I wasn't so happy about is that she chose it over 'Hair'. However, that's just me.

    What are your views on her new vid? Did it live up to your expectations? Discuss!

  2. Mudkip711 Aspiring Trainer

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    It definitely lived up to expectations after The Edge of Glory music video. Personally, I wish she kept Yüyi in the Edge of Glory video like she was planning, and kept Yoü & I a short, simple video like the song.

    I also don't like how she chose Yoü & I over all of the other songs on the album to be the next single. I felt that Yoü & I would be a good "closer" single. She could have chosen any other song and it would have have a good video too. I feel that Hair will be the next single because she's performed it so many times already for the public.

  3. Lil Wayne .=I Hate to see her go.. love to watch her leave=.
    Lil Wayne


    The song is diferent for her anyways, more soft rock instead of her normal Pop. I like Pop...

    But this is VERY VERY weird. Even weird for her! That is hard! I don't really like it. But Mudkip does! It's just to weird for me.
  4. esperante started there, now i'm at the bottom


    I tried to enjoy the video because it seemed slightly interesting at points but I hate the soft rock trash song so much that there really wasn't much of a point.

    (still waiting on Scheiße single..)
  5. Xdog Pokemon X(dog) and Y


    I like the song, but like Mudkip said, it should have been the closer single. I think most of the songs on the album are single worthy, but I was really looking forward to Hair next.

    The video's fine. It's not her best, but it captures what the song seems to represent. Living life on love, nothing fancy. At least that's what I feel from seeing/hearing it. It's nice, but honestly her BTW vids have just been lacking in general in my opinion.
  6. Vortex Bass Musician Since '11


    The Edge of Glory video was a disappointment, so it's due time that we had a decent video.
    The song Yoü & I isn't one of my favourites and doesn't match the video. I want Bloody Mary, Government Hooker and ScheiBe as singles. Then I'm satisfied, because they're the other highlights of the album.
  7. Meaty You can't deny that Psyduck is beast. I guess.


    GUITAR. He's still doing it right today. Rock on Brian May!

    When I heard that Lady Gaga was collaborating with a member of Queen my interest in her really went up lol, especially for this song. I was also happy when I heard she was inspired by Queen. It made me respect her a lot more.

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