Kofu, Veluza, and Crabominable from Stellar Miracle!

I don't have a problem with them making a Crabominable art rare, but I just think it's kinda funny they gave him a V and an art rare when he's not a very popular Pokemon. Meanwhile, there are countless more popular Pokemon that haven't been printed at all in years.
What's stopping the player from just running multiple Conkeldurr instead? How many of these 250 pokemon are you running?
Running only 4x conkeldurr puts you at a risk of prizing 1 or more, and at some point you will have discarded all your conkeldurrs which then presses you to rod or miriam them back into your deck. I’m just saying, for consistency’s sake it’s not a bad idea to run 1 or 2 other attackers as well, even if it’s not crabominable