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Hey everyone! It’s Charlie, and I’m back with another article. I last wrote before Charlotte Regionals, where I finished 5-2-2 with Gardevoir ex. I’ve played Gardevoir at four of the five Regional Championships I’ve attended this season, and unfortunately only have one Day 2 to show for it. There are myriad reasons why this is the case, including poor play, bad luck, and inherent flaws with the deck, but regardless, having a 20% Day 2 conversion rate feels really bad. Most importantly, in a year with a 600-CP invite and relatively strict BFLs, these finishes simply aren’t good enough for a World Championships–caliber player. If I want to play in Honolulu, I need to be on my A game for the rest of the year, since at this point, I’d say I don’t deserve an invite.
Luckily, there’s a six-week gap before I play in my next major tournament, which is Vancouver Regionals in late March. Instead of thinking...

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