TCG Fakes KnightofDust's October project (hopefully I'll get it done by the end of this month)


your future past waits
So this thread is just a log of what I'm gonna do for October this month. This is just a personal project that stemed from random thoughts. My aim is to finish this card (hopefully) by the end of October, since I might need to take a break from card making after that to focus on uni.

As you could see from below, the card I'm trying to make is M Kyogre and M Groudon and M Rayquaza LEGEND.

I already had a bit of a head start, because I'm incredibly busy for today and tomorrow, so I cheated a little bit and started cropping at the end of September. Rayquaza is about 60% done. Once that's finished I'll move onto Groudon (who shouldn't be too complicated, thank god), then maybe I'll touch up some colors and quality of the artwork, figure out how the holosheets work. I'll save the text and symbols for later, as I haven't come up with anything right now.

Rayquaza is an absolute pain to deal with, since it's talons are extremely thin and the glow makes it very annoying to have a good crop.

Also at some point I'll have to touch up the frame which looks god awful at the moment.

I haven't made cards that are pre-Sun and Moon era for at least a year now, so I need to look up some of the wording and font sizes. To make matters even worse, I have a hard time believing that the name would fit on the vertical section, so I'll have to find a way to deal with it as well.

I do procrastinate a lot, so I'll probably do most of the work on weekends (fingers crossed). I'll update this once I feel like a substantial amount of progress had been made.