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    Kingdoms VIII - The Broken Peace
    For centuries, the Kingdoms had been at peace. But suddenly, a conflict! The war was inevitable. The Kingdoms began rallying their troops.
    Welcome to Kingdoms! A game where you battle against opposing kingdoms with your own army of Pokémon. Each kingdom starts with 8 Pokémon of a specific type, eventually expanding their army with more powerful and differently typed Pokémon.

    Sign Up and Preparation

    • To join, please post a reply stating you wish to do so and your primary Pokémon type. The types are not restricted; multiple players can sign up with the same primary type.
    • After signing up, at any time before the game begins, you must PM me (simsands) a list of 8 Pokémon of your chosen type using the format below. Any players who have not sent in a list by game start will be removed from the game. Warning PMs shall be sent to players that have not submitted when the deadline approaches, but there shall be no extension unless I deem it necessary.
    • At any time before the game begins, you may change your type (in-thread), so long as you haven’t already sent in your list of Pokémon.

    Phases and Gameplay

    The game consists of three phases: Day, Night, and Event. Day phases are when battles take place, and all matches must be completed in a timely manner. Trading between kingdoms may only happen at Night, and posting in-thread is still allowed. Players must PM me during Night phases whether they are doing anything that night or not, to ensure their activity. Players that fail to do this will receive a warning.

    An Event phase will always follow the Night phase. Details for the Event shall be posted at the start of each Night phase, to allow people time to decide on their participation.

    • Day phases last five days, or until all matches are completed.
    • Night phases last two days, or until each player has sent their activity PM.
    • Event phases last until they are completed or I deem them completed.
    • During Day phases you may:
      • Challenge other Kingdoms to battle (you may only challenge the same Kingdom once each Day phase, unless specific rules state otherwise).
      • Each battle must follow the rules and regulations set by the Day update. Day rules always take precedence over standard rules.
      • Challenge another kingdom by posting in bold: I, >name<, declare war upon >kingdom<.
      • Accept or rebuke challenges from other kingdoms. Denying challenges comes at the loss of 2 areas of land (-2 score).
    • During Night phases you may:
      • Trade Pokémon or items in public (in-thread) or private (private message). Items and Pokémon can be traded or sold. Pokémon may only be traded one-for-one, to prevent teaming players from having major advantages over other players. Be sure to add me to all private conversations, especially about trading, for this game.
      • Buy your items at the market. Sell prices vary depending on the night.
      • Adopt Pokémon from the adoption shelter, for a fee.
      • Decide whether or not you will be participating in the upcoming Event phase.
    • During Event phases you may:
      • ...Participate in the Event, I guess? Oh, wait:
      • Carefully not die.

    Pokémon Lists and Set Up

    • Use the following format to send in your original 8 Pokémon.
    [*]Kingdom Name:
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    [*]Pokémon Name / Nature / Ability - Rank 0
    • All Pokemon chosen must have a BST of 400 or less.
    • Smeargle may be chosen, but cannot Sketch to learn new moves. Instead he will always have access to any TM and tutor moves you have available to you.
    • Nincada, Eevee, and Speed Boost Torchic may not be chosen as starters.
    • Legal DW Clause is NOT in effect. Pokémon can have any of their available abilities.
    • Pokémon that have your primary type in any of their evolutionary stages or forms may be chosen. This includes Mega Pokémon as well. (i.e. Swablu may be chosen for Flying, Normal, Dragon, or Fairy.) (The ability Protean does not count as a type in their line or a form change, and as such, does not apply.)
    • Alolan forms count as the same Pokemon. So Ground would not be able to choose both Diglett, and must specify which one they want. Also, to that end, Dark would not be allowed to use Grimer, but is allowed to use Grimer-A.
    • Take note that natures and abilities are not changeable through normal circumstances. I will keep a record of all Pokémon to ensure they don't change without permission.
    • Abilities and moves that increase evasion are allowed.
    • Moves, EVs, and IVs are interchangeable at any time, and do not require permission. Only restriction here being that all moves must be chosen out of each Pokémon’s Level-Up and Egg moves, unless you have access to a TM or tutor move.
    • TMs and tutor moves are not allowed until there are tutors moves available and when TMs are for sale. After gaining access to the Tutor or TM move, it is from then on able to be used on any of your eligible Pokémon.
    • OHKO moves may not ever be present on any Pokémon.
    • TMs and Move Tutor moves do NOT carry over if traded. The current trainer must have access to the move in order to have his Pokémon learn it.
    • Gender does not matter. Pokémon can evolve into any gender-specific form as long as it fills the other requirements.
    • All Pokémon must be chosen in their most basic forms, baby forms included. Pokémon can evolve by increasing their Rank (details below).
    • All Pokémon are set to level 100 for battles, and as such do not have any restrictions on Level-Up moves.

    Player and Pokémon Stats

    • Each player starts with their chosen Pokémon, a kingdom divided in fifths, and 1000 gold coins in their treasury. More coins may be earned through Events, or selling Pokémon and Items to other players. Note that tutors and TMs require gold coins to obtain, at times through auction. Some Events also require an entrance fee, with greater prizes if they do.
    • You do not start with any items that Pokémon can hold. So for the first Day at least, all battles will be conducted item-less.
    • When you lose land to another player, it is not added to theirs (we'd have an endless game when we hit 2-4 players). It is simply removed from the game. As such, the "land" is treated more like health points. Lose all 5, and you're out. More points may be earned, sometimes by buying more land, sometimes by winning it through Events.
    • Instead of leveling up, Pokémon get stronger depending on their Rank.
      • All Pokémon start at Rank 0.
      • Each Pokémon maxes out at Rank 5.
      • Ranks carry over when traded.
      • At Rank 3, Pokémon can evolve into their first stage.
      • At Rank 5, Pokémon are allowed to evolve into their final stage.
      • Mega stones can only be used on Pokémon at Rank 5.
      • Ranks can not be lost.
    • Trade evolution Pokémon evolve at any Rank when traded. Pokémon that also require trade items must have that item and be traded for them to evolve early. Without trading, these Pokemon will evolve like any other at the required rank for the stage. (Seadra can evolve either by trading while having the Dragon Scale or by simply reaching Rank 5, for example.)
    • Pokémon that evolve with friendship evolve at their normal rank.
    • Pokémon that evolve with stones evolve at any rank with the necessary stone, or at the normal rank without one.
    • Ranks are earned by winning challenges or battling opponents (see below).
    • If you were to ever forget any stat on anything (how much money you have, your Pokémon stock or ranks, items, move access, etc.), just ask. I will be doing my best to keep a record of everything. (There is a lot to track, and I’m only human, so if something seems wrong I’ll do my best to figure it out to ensure a fair game for everyone!)

    Battles: Beginning, Conducting and Reporting

    • When accepting a match, you must select 6 of your Pokémon to battle your opponent. Upload these Pokémon to PS, and conduct your match there.
    • Be sure to save your Battle Video and send it to me for confirmation. No wins or loses count if I do not have the Battle Video.
    • To report a match, the winner is responsible for sending in the replay (though either player may do so). I will then need to know what Pokémon you wish to apply ranks to, what Pokémon is being lost to the other player, etc.
    • Winner:
      • Receives 1 Pokémon used by opponent in battle. The opponent has no consent over this, but feel free to beg and/or try to appeal to their better nature (if they have one).
      • Receives +2 ranks, which may be applied to any of his Pokémon used in battle.
    • Not-Quite-The-Winner:
      • Receives -1 point to their land score.
      • Loses 1 Pokémon used in battle (the unused Pokémon are still unknown and unaffected).
      • Receives +1 rank to be applied to any of his Pokémon (this is chosen after the Pokemon is lost to the other player, and may not be given to it).
    • Tie:
      • If the battle ends with neither player having any Pokémon left, the battle is a tie. There are no exceptions to this. Rough Skin KOing your opponent's last Pokémon while they kill you leads to a tie, and other similar cases. (You can't lead an army with no soldiers!)
      • Both players receive +1 rank to add to any Pokémon used in battle. No Pokemon or land are lost.
      • If the battle is left unconcluded, it is treated as a Tie, though no ranks are received.
      • If it is found that one player purposely avoided battling for this reason, they will receive a warning.
    • I cannot guarantee the safety of those who do not complete matches on time.
    • Defeated player's Pokemon will be put in the Adoption Shelter for other players to purchase.

    Player List

    • double o squirtle - Dark - Kingdom of Shadowyness 2.1 - Land: 4
    • rainyman123 - Bug - Big Bad Bug Boys - Land: 2
    • Vracken - Water - The Everflowing Chalace - Land: 5
    • TOTAL_EPICNESS - Steel - Oreborne - Land: 2 - Eliminated 6th place
    • Brave Vesperia - Fighting - Fighting Fight to the Death by Fighting a Fight - Land: 3
    • bbninjas - Fairy - Prank Control - Land: 0 - Eliminated 7th place
    • Blakers - Normal - Simple Pacifist Village - Land: 5
    • TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - Grass - Greenland - Land: 0
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  2. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    What's this I see? Been waiting for another kingdoms.

    In with Dark.
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  3. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    This looks interesting.

    In with Steel.
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  4. Nyora The End of the World~


    In as Bug
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  5. Vracken On Holiday, dun message

    Chat Room Staff Member

    In with Water
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  6. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Ya boi dabs in with that harder than rock cool as ice smooth as water STEEL
  7. Brave Vesperia Head of Buy, Sell, & Trade.
    Brave Vesperia

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    In with Fighting!
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  8. PMJ happy thoughts

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    This was fun. Not in, but I challenge one of you to switch to Bug and keep it. Don't be a bunch of sissies.
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  9. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Let's do this with Fairy!
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  10. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Quick question:
    Do we have to include you in Alliance or trade threads I didn’t see anything about in the rules or I might have missed it
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  11. double o squirtle Sweet Summer Child
    double o squirtle


    In past games alliances didn't need to be with the host, but trade s did. Wouldn't want the host to not know that you switched pokemon. :p
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  12. Blakers Holder of the Holy Diamond!


    In with Normal!
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  13. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    As dos said, add me to trade conversations. I'll need to know what's been traded! ;)
  14. TOTAL_EPICNESS it wouldnt let me put morse code


    Another question:
    It says that we can mega evolve our Pokémon at rank 5 but would we need to buy a stone to do so? Or is it just you’re rank 5 you can mega evolve now
  15. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    You need the appropriate mega stone to mega evolve.
  16. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


    Sadly, I'm going to have to drop out.
  17. Ice Espeon _____________________________________hi
    Ice Espeon


    In with Flying (if it's not too late).
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  18. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    I was gonna close signups in just a little while, you just made it!
  19. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    And with that, the signups are now closed. The game is a bit smaller than previous iterations, but I'll do my best to keep it entertaining!

    Day 1 will begin Friday, February 16th. I'll be contacting those who I'm missing lists from to finalize the teams by then.
  20. PMJ happy thoughts

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    >mfw rainy of all people has the most stones out of everyone


    Good luck to all

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