Contest June 2021 CaC: Owner's Pokémon (Sign-Ups Open!)

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    Allow me to present my entry.

    Akari's Pikachu HP: 50 [L]
    Mouse Pokémon Length: 1' 4" Weight: 13 lbs.
    [L] Cool Setup
    Each player chooses 1 of their Basic Pokémon in play, searches their deck for a Pokémon with the same name as that Basic Pokémon in play, and puts it onto their bench. Both players shuffle their deck afterwards. If a player doesn't put a Basic Pokémon onto their Bench with the effect of this attack, that player puts 1 damage counter on each of their Benched Pokémon. If either players' Bench is full, this attack does nothing.

    [L][L] Swarm Voltage 20
    Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with the same name as the Defending Pokémon. (don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

    Weakness: [F] x2
    Retreat: [C]

    So, Akari. I'm sore some of you will have never heard of him before, so I'm gonna go into a quick spiel on him. Akari is a character from Chapter #38 of the How I Became a Pokémon Card Manga. He's mostly notable for being a Transgender Boy, of which he might be one of like, two? explicitly trans characters in this franchise? which is pretty neat considering the volume Akari's chapter was in released way back in 2000. It's aged fairly gracefully, all things considered. There's some awkwardness involved in reading it now since you can tell it's old, but as far as trans characters go it's surprisingly respectful for something from the turn of the century. It helps that the moral ("cuteness and coolness aren't exclusively female/male things and are subjective") is still pretty relevant and the way it's spelt out means it's pretty easy to read it as "Akari doesn't have to be born a boy to be a boy". You can check it out online pretty easily, if you're curious.

    So first off, I acknowledge that using "their" instead of "his or her" on a e-Card era card is incorrect. However, I think that's dumb, especially on a card for a transgender character, so I'm using their instead. Image fakers can say they acknowledge it and not get dinged for doing past eras with their, so I'm hoping that I won't be either.

    As Akari only appeared once ever, this card is balanced for the e-Card era. Technically, Akari's chapter was much closer to the Neo era than the e-Card era, but the Neo era is an unfun, flippy mess to play, so I'm going with e-Card as that's the format I'm more familiar with balance for. As a bonus, and because this character's relatively unknown, I made a sprite for him. I'm not really experienced with spriting, but outside of the squished Pikachu I think it turned out pretty okay.

    The card's designed the way it is because the one real scene Akari's Pikachu has is where it defeats a swarm of Ariados. So, this card's supposed to epically defeat swarms of your opponent's Pokemon, like all those pesky babies that everybody plays in neo or just doing a lot to your opponent's main attackers in the much weaker e-Card format. As there's no indication that Akari ever evolves his Pikachu, it's balanced like a fully evolved Basic and not an evolving Pikachu.

    Cool Setup I think is the main thing I'm going to get points on for creativity, as while as probably where I'll lose points for wording. The idea's to let your opponent set up and then punish them later, with the extra punish if they attempt to fail search it. The full bench clause is something I would leave off for a more modern card, but feels appropriate here. Same with the coin flip on the second attack, which otherwise is a fairly strong spread for the era. Most good e-Card era decks end up using a lot of different Pokemon, which mitigates it somewhat.

    While most e-Card blanks lack a Pokedex entry and stats, the "VS" cards exclusive to Japan do have stats. And as those are all Owner's Pokemon, I elected to include the stats here.

    This is a more for-the-fences card than usual, so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't do too well, but I like Akari and I liked this idea, so I'm going for it.

    I hope you enjoy.

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    Well, my second CaC is in! Or my THIRD CaC, since I participated in the first Flash CaC (in which case my entry's set number is a mislabel. Sorry!)
    Galarian Weezing (Rebel Clash)
    Gallade (BreakThrough)
    Axew (Plasma Blast)
    Red's Challenge (Unbroken Bonds)
    Reshiram & Charizard GX (Unbroken Bonds)
    Red's Intervention is based off of the backstory of Red's Charmander. Yes, I know Ash is technically a different person, but in essence he is just another incarnation of Red in another of Pokémon's many alternate continuums, and in Pokémon Yellow, the player (Red) is given a Charmander under SIMILAR circumstances to in Pokémon the Series. Sure, the trainer appears to be more conscientious and feels he is unworthy to raise his Charmander, and sure he GIVES you the Charmander instead of abandoning it, but when you consider the similarities, and the number of alternate continuities in the Pokémon universe, its not too far of a stretch. Charmander's attacks are also references to Pokémon the Series. During Ash's battle against Richie during the Indigo League, two things happened that are canonically absurd... first, Ash's Pikachu uses DOUBLE EDGE (yes, that's right, double edge) on Richie's Charmander, Zippo, and second, Zippo uses TACKLE (you heard me right, tackle) on Pikachu, knocking it out in the process. And when Ash's Charmander was battling a wild Primeape and learned the attack Rage, Dexter identified it as Charmander's "signature move" (a word which was thrown around a lot back in that day, when the canonical bounds of the franchise were still fluid and terms referring to real-world animals and countries were common and where baby Pikachu were shamelessly being displayed a mere year before Pichu was revealed). The artwork is from Pokémon the Series, with a few art filters applied in LunaPic. Even the template is a reference to Ash's Charmander, with the template color scheme giving Pokémon-the-Movie-I-Choose-You-ish vibes.
    Now, you may ask, since basically every element of this card references Ash, WHY did I choose Red for this card? Well, for one thing, to give synergy with Red's Challenge. For another thing, I honestly prefer Red to Ash; Red is wiser, more mature, more successful, AND is not cursed with the dubious "blessing" of unending ten-year-oldness which Ho-Oh vested on Ash. He also existed before Ash did. And in Japan, they are both named Satoshi, reinforcing my claim that Ash is just another version of Red. I think Ash's Charmander's backstory is a very thoughtful backstory... I just don't believe that it necessarily has to be restricted to ASH as opposed to his more worthy counterpart Red. As for the other Pokémon the Series references... well, they were fun references, weren't they? They don't necessarily have to be PERFECTLY in theme with the trainer if they are SOMEWHAT in theme, and when they are rather SUBTLE references, do they? Besides, neither Ash nor Red would object to the contrast, because, after all, "its the bond between the Pokémon and Trainer that matters, and for a Trainer to draw the spotlight away from their Pokémon would be a betrayal of that bond." So lets not argue about whether it should be Ash's Charmander or Red's Charmander, but rather celebrate the bond between Charmander and its trainer.
    P.S. I used the Mega Evolution logo as a reference to the mark on Red's hat. That's a SECOND reference to Red compared to, well, four or five references to Ash.
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    It's been a while, sign me up for text based
  4. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    I don’t like the concept of “Owner’s Pokemon” as a mechanic, in general. I understand it can be used to limit the power Evolutions to a singular Pokemon line, but that can just be achieved by using different Pokemon altogether. Obviously, when this mechanic was introduced, the game had already run out of new Pokemon, but perhaps the answer was to just wait for the next generations, instead of limiting cross-set evolution lines. Other than that, the mechanic is a “tag” mechanic, allowing random Pokemon to be referenced by various cards, such as the modern “Rapid/Single Strike” - though the implementation of these is much more logical, even if thematically inconsistent.

    So yeah, this has generally made me quite disinterested with this CaC, until I came up with a specific Trainer + Pokemon combination. Someone so legendary, and so feared, that their Pokemon - while not a legendary itself - definitely deserves a separate card. We are talking about Joey’s Rattata.
    Joey’s Rattata // HP50
    Colorless - Basic Pokémon
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    NO. 019 Mouse Pokémon HT: 1’00” WT: 7.7 lbs.

    [C] Top Percentage Tackle 10+
    If Rattata is your Active Pokémon since the beginning of the game, this attack does 20 more damage.

    Living wherever there is food available, it ceaselessly scavenges for edibles the entire day.

    weakness: Fighting x2
    resistance: none
    retreat cost: [C]

    Only god knows how many fake "Joey's Rattata" cards are out there on the internet, but it is also the case that all of them suck. When it comes to the card’s design, I did not want to employ Abilities or Attacks with extremely wordy and complicated effects. We are talking about a Rattata - one of the most basic Pokemon, wielded by the first Trainer you fight in Gold and Silver. Making it overly complicated does not really resonate.
    So, what are the thematic identifiers? Definitely Joey’s commitment to keeping Rattata as his only Pokemon, also the fact that he’s the first Trainer you fight.

    The attack I went for includes most of these themes - of the “starter experience”, of “trusting in your Rattata in spite of everything else”. It does not ask you to forgo everything else in the name of your Rattata - this, while evocative, wouldn’t really be playable (not like Common Basics are meant to be match-winners, but there’s apparently 20 points to get). Having to front your Rattata and keep it there is “just as good” in my opinion - you lose your faith, you lose the bonus damage. 30 damage for a Basic seems to be pretty reasonable.

    If we're talking about wording examples, I roughly tried to base the card around HGSS era, but there's only one card that somewhat resembles this wording, and it's Sableye. There's nothing else out there, leaving me somewhat free to invent what I want, but I roughly copied the Sableye's format and applied it to this attack.
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    For this month's CaC, I chose none other than Cynthia's Garchomp. This card also features my brand new LINK mechanic! The whole point of these cards is to give owners' Pokemon a bit more oomph. Each LINK mon is Basic and restricted to 1 per-deck; however, their most defining feature is the "Link" ability. These effects essentially give buffs to existing supporters, and in Garchomp's case, it's Cynthia UPR. Instead of shuffling your hand into your deck and drawing 6, you'll be drawing 7 with Regal Link. For reference, the wording should be the same as current generation (SwSh).

    The art is Garchomp's Pokken render with some slight modifications, while the background is Cynthia's room from the Pokemon Adventures Sinnoh trailer. I wanted to go for a style similar to the SP cards from the DPP era, with some additional influences from Team Plasma cards.
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    Question asked over on the Faking Community Discord, reposted here out of fairness to everyone:

    Q: "Could Pokémon like UPR Garchomp be considered as owner's Pokémon?"

    A: Yes. The requirements for the round only state that the card has to be designed around a Pokémon and a Trainer who has owned that Pokémon in some form of official media. Out of a desire not to stifle creativity, we'll allow cards that reference the Trainer without drawing an explicit "Owner's" link, like Garchomp UPR.
  7. DopeyDoodle Just thinking.


    Hello! I would to participate in the text based category, please. Kinda new here but I'll give it a shot.(Well, truth be told I've been lurking around the post for a couple of days now. Hope I can make it in time!)
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    [Stage 1] Honchkrow HP130 [D]
    Evolves from Murkrow

    NO. 430 Big Boss Pokémon HT: 2'11'' WT: 60.2 lbs.

    Ability: Head Honcho
    Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is in the Active Spot when you play Boss's Orders, you may Knock Out 1 of your Benched Murkrow. If you do, flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's new Active Pokémon is Knocked Out. If tails, you may Knock Out 1 of your Benched Murkrow and flip again. Pokémon other than this Pokémon cannot attack during the turn you use this Ability.

    [D] Heir Apparent 80
    If this Pokémon is Knocked Out during your opponent's next turn, you may search your deck for up to 3 in any combination of Murkrow and Honchkrow and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck.

    Weakness: [F] x2
    Resistance: -
    Retreat: [C]
    Its goons take care of most of the fighting for it. The only time it dirties its own hands is in delivering a final blow to finish off an opponent.
    Glimwood Tangle (kind of. I didn't say ignore these results because the whole reason you get to reflip is the tails, so that might cancel out or something)
    Extend Metagross
    For too long, the little guy has been pushed under the rug. Dunked. Outraded. Outgunned. Today, the little guy strikes back! Under the banner of none other than Honchkrow, who likely picked up a thing or two about leading during its time with Cyrus (which, btw, is the whole inspiration behind the card, thanks to my recent ish Platinum playthrough - that you can check out, incidentally).

    The Ability is very clearly the driving force behind this card, and what ties it to the theme. I asked, and apparently it's close enough even though there is no Boss's Orders featuring Cyrus yet. Anyways. Just for clarification, you are still very much intended to finish Boss's Orders effect before the Ability KOs, hence the 'new Active' bit. The restrisction at the end is pretty much so it's not splashable in any deck that plays Boss's Orders - which is every deck. Imagine getting a free KO and then switching to Eternatus and doing 270 on top, yikes. But it was also a way to allow you some wiggle room and be able to play things like Crobat because the alternative was no Pokémon Vs in play.

    This rigs your Boss's Orders to pretty much Knock Out any of your opponent's Pokémon at the cost of (at least) one of your goons. This is very thematically accurate but also not as busted as you'd immediately think since even if you flip heads on that first KO you are essentially giving up 2 Prizes, so it's only favourable vs very big decks. Which, surprise surprise, is pretty much the meta right now. That and you have to chain them without using your Supporter for the turn because you still need to actually play the card.

    You can greed and Knock Out more than 1 crow to secure the KO, but it's up to you to make the decision if it's worth giving up the extra Prize or to cut your losses. I originally put in something like 'you cannot reflip in any other ways' but honestly you already gave up the Prize before flipping and are probably gonna get KOed next turn so I think it's fine. That was more future proofing anyway since to my knowledge there are no generic refliips for Abilities.

    Which brings us to the attack, which really is just there to a) STREAM CROWS, you will be throwing them out the window without even considering your opponent is also trying to get them so you'll need a lot and b) small decks, vs which it's not always best to use the Ability.

    The way I see it playing out in PTCGO is you get KOed, Honchkrow is put in that diagonal position as the attack triggers, you put them on the Bench and can promote them immediately so you can go again without needing to fish for a switching card on top of everything.

    Also as a bonus note, I initially gave it Yveltal stats (L Weakness) but I remembered the change and...sigh. Crobat V stats it is.

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