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This thread will have the pairings for each round, as well as important notes for all players. All players are responsible for checking this thread at the start of every round; ignorance of the contents of this thread is not an excuse for not following any instructions found herein.

Do not post in this thread.


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Every month I get questions that could be answered by reading the news story. Read the news story. It will help, I promise.


Here is the signup list for your convenience. Use it to speed things along. The name in parentheses next to a player's username is their PTCGO username. If there is no name following their username, their PTCGO username is the same as their PB username.

Please make sure your PTCGO username is correct. Your PTCGO username is the name you battle with, not what you sign in with. If this is the case, please PM me ASAP so I can fix it, and please PM your opponent so they can make the necessary changes as well.

Premium competitors:

  1. Nobodyshero2727
  2. Arneboy11
  3. tsefood
  4. BKRapper
  5. MoFoTY86
  6. Doby (Doby619)
  7. woahaustin
  8. QkumberSlice
  9. rayuma
  10. Joai
  11. Hansel (rhodan818)
  12. ozzie347
  13. Frisko (Flash907)
  14. jbcheshire (macboy02)
  15. Trixss
  16. Seng vang (Svang20)
  17. Coolpilot
  18. Dadoum
  19. Biosci (Blazeron)
  20. Twixz
  21. Serperior (EspeonROX)
  22. F4H_Jay (DariooJay)
  23. stevexue
  24. killrnite
  25. Anthony Bulone (bulone24)
  26. Jaypenny777
  27. Fapasaurus_Rex1291 (Fapasaurus_Rex)
  28. olivasds
  29. Ryan Heller (RaryJenkins)
  30. MrxRubin
  31. TorchHG
  32. Tangelatwist (wondercards)
  33. danjack08
  34. CassieBrown (CassieBrown0905)
  35. AngelBeast (BurnsyBeast)
  36. Gengar master (Gengar-101)
  37. Jpkemperor
  38. Sean Timmons (TreiNization)
  39. akabryanhall (akabryanhall1)
  40. Derek2727

May overflow competitors:

  1. josie0001
  2. anthony7245


  1. that_one_venasaur
  2. musicismyalibi_
  3. Cridtian (CRIS1011)
  4. Zeno (zeno101200)
  5. rainyman123
  6. SzymonPrzybyl
  7. Snibachi
  8. uncleyuri
  9. Victor-io-us (BakuSenpai)
  10. Erpeg (ErpegYT)
  11. masterman918
  12. YoYeBlaff_YouTube (yoyeblaff)
  13. Mr. Mirek (mrmirek00)
  14. theprp30
  15. Kirby
  16. lukas2aces
  17. Omarphylax
  18. arturomod
  19. Supergingerkid
  20. ztstephenson (Hallucinate)
  21. WangWei (DavidWei)
  22. basilisx
  23. Jonnysniper (xjonnysniperx)
  24. TheAnticipationEevee (AbsolutelyEevee)
  25. Bournopolis (dlbourne90)
  26. lt_tatter (lttatter)
  27. Kirbbyman
  28. xTITAN (Ace-fighter)
  29. Mrlyrical1
  30. AndrewSalami
  31. sw_bionic
  32. Ilir Nikqi (IlirSophie)
  33. PieterPie (Skyraker)
  34. Crizor (BandedCrizor)
  35. Jun11b
  36. ElGrandiosoNico
  37. ThePsychoticEspeon (ZATISH)
  38. Jadethepokemontrainer (Someweirdpokemo)
  39. Sethy79
  40. Peekapeter
  41. Yog (Yoggington)
  42. Slurma
  43. Matthew Johnson (icemanmatt)
  44. Rindon
  45. J0k3rSoS3riOus18 (sethayala)
  46. DaGod503
  47. SupremeLeaderQuagsire (krattboy8)
  48. benson lu (Superultimatep)
  49. normanc
  50. vnguyen188
  51. freedomfightre
  52. Josh Koehler (jkoehlz)
  53. DaBoss Gamer (gabriel110011)
  54. theschneids


Here are all the deadlines for every round. I will post each round's deadline in the main thread as well as in each individual round's post in the pairings thread. If you aren't sure when the round ends, check! It's right here!

Round 1: Friday 6/2/17 to Monday 6/5/17
Turn in your deck list to PMJ by: Monday 6/5/17
Round 2: Tuesday 6/6/17 to Friday 6/9/17
Round 3: Saturday 6/10/17 to Tuesday 6/13/17
Round 4: Wednesday 6/14/17 to Saturday 6/17/17
Round 5: Sunday 6/18/17 to Wednesday 6/21/17
Round 6: Thursday 6/22/17 to Sunday 6/25/17
Round 7: Monday 6/26/17 to Thursday 6/29/17
Top 8: Friday 6/30/17 to Sunday 7/2/17*
Top 4: Monday 7/3/17 to Wednesday 7/5/17*
Finals: Tuesday 7/4/17 to Thursday 7/6/17*

*Top cut rounds will end early if everyone has completed their match.


No changes this month, but I would like to stress that you can send your deck list in at any time before round one ends. You do not have to wait until you do your match.


Have PTCGO copy your deck list to the clipboard, paste it in a new conversation to me, and hit send.

This is the only way I will accept your deck list, so pay attention. Here's an image to help you out if you don't know what I'm talking about:


In the deck manager, pressing the button highlighted in the picture will copy your deck list to the clipboard. The program will even tell you it's done.

Now, in the conversation to me, right click and Paste, or hit CTRL + V to paste the contents. Make sure PTCGO approves of your list before you send it - if it's legal for them, that's a good sign.

If your client is not in English, do not translate your card names. Let me worry about that. Just copy it to the clipboard, paste, and hit send. Easy.


Round 1 ends Monday, June 5, at 11:59 PM EDT. You have until that time to send me your list and get it approved. Do not assume that just because you sent it means it was approved. Be sure to get confirmation before you relax.

Don't forget you all promised to make 3 posts! We love to see people contributing to our community and doing their part to help it grow. Three posts is easily doable. Please do it.

Do not post match results in this thread. Post them in the main thread only.
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Round 3 ends Tuesday, June 13, at 11:59 PM EDT.


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Round 4 ends Saturday, June 17, at 11:59 PM EDT.


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The round ends at 11:59 PM EDT and not a minute later. If your result isn't posted by that time, it doesn't count. You may as well not post it at all. If I'm not around at 11:59 PM EDT to notify players that the round is over... too bad. I don't have to - the deadline is posted in the pairings thread (twice) as well as the main thread. Pay better attention. If you don't know what 11:59 PM EDT is in your own time zone, I don't care. Find out - it takes ten seconds.

If I don't hear anything from either player when the deadline passes, you will both get a tie for the round and a warning for failing to complete a match. Otherwise I will rule on your match based on how much of an effort was made by each player to get the match done. You may still end up with a tie, but if I feel that both of you at least tried, you may escape with no warning.

If your match is going to go past deadline, you need to somehow inform me, before the round ends. The news story has this outlined.

In other news, friendly reminder to tell your opponents exactly when you can play. Show some initiative and stop relying on your opponents to set things up. The longer it takes to hammer out a time to meet, the more likely you're gonna be sad when you end up with a match loss because I didn't feel like you tried hard enough. Do yourself a favor and list your availability in the very first message you send.

That's all. Thank you for those of you who have been consistently on the ball and don't need reminders like this - I really do appreciate it and it helps the tournament go a lot more smoothly.

Round 5 ends Wednesday, June 21, at 11:59 PM EDT.



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Round 6 ends Sunday, June 25, at 11:59 PM EDT.



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This is the final round of Swiss. If you are not in the top 8, the tournament is over for you after this round.

Messages regarding prizes go out after the entire tournament is finished, so please be patient if you're a premium member in the top 16.

Please tell your friends about July's tournament! I'm hoping to get permission to post the thread Wednesday afternoon. Regardless, it'll be here in the next few days, so spread the word!

Round 7 ends Thursday, June 29, at 11:59 PM EDT.

Did you make your three posts?