Contest July 2022 CaC: Lost Zone II (Stay Tuned for Results!)


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I thought about doing this in DP era just because I'd be able to avoid having to use the new Lost Zone swirlies (and SWSH's atrocious foil). Even though they've only just been revealed in Japan, I decided that they looked simple enough that I could recreate the effect (sort of) in Photoshop. While I used similar colors, I didn't try to mimic the exact design since that would have been impossible. I personally think it looks awful but the card would be worse off without it and who knows, maybe you'll be like wow pmj I am somehow extremely impressed by your ability to use the brush, blur, and smudge tools, the contest is over here's your 50.

Really don't like this foil. I can't get it to look nice. Or maybe my brain just can't figure out that it does look nice and it's supposed to look like this. It reminds me of Acid Wash and how godawful that foil looks too. I originally had it fairly dark because I didn't want it to completely drown out the background but I've since lightened it up to at least get a little color in there. I'm open to any way you think it could be improved.

As far as the card itself goes: It's a little difficult to balance the power of Lost Zone attackers since we only have a few to work with. Magcargo, a Stage 1, does 220 for RRC with all to the Lost Zone. Shiftry, a Stage 2, does 210 for G but Lost Zones itself. Given that Lugia VIV can do 250 for four of anything if your opponent has a moderately sized hand, I didn't think it was unacceptable for Dialga to hit the same benchmark for four colored Energy, as a Lost Zone attacker. It LZs three Energy as an extra drawback, making streaming attacks with it quite difficult. But, as an extra bonus, if you have a hefty investment in the Lost Zone, the attack goes into overdrive, and nets you extra Prizes as a result.

Fifteen cards is a lot to ask for, as evidenced by Mirage Gate requiring seven, and the new Sableye and Fantina requiring ten. This cost is mitigated somewhat by Dialga's Rewind Ability. I noticed that there weren't a lot of cards that actually help you get cards in the Lost Zone. Comfey can LZ one per turn but requires it to be Active, and Colress can LZ two but it's a Supporter. I wanted a card that can help speed up Lost Zone decks, and when it comes to making the game go faster, the Lord of Time himself makes perfect sense, which is why I chose it for my entry.

I think Rewind is the perfect Ability. Being able to get up to 4 cards back in a turn is a powerful effect, but this is held in check by needing to LZ something with every usage, shuffling the chosen card in (as opposed to going to the hand or to the top or bottom of your deck), and only being able to do so at the end of your turn. I think that most players would want no more than two Dialga in play, as Dialga itself is an expensive attacker and likely won't come out to swing until the mid to late game in order to close it out. I felt that limiting Rewind to once per turn was unnecessary because of the LZ requirement; having that many cards to throw away while still maintaining consistency is going to be tough. Needing to LZ something also prevents it from being used to create endless loops.

Its ability to LZ cards consistently without needing to be Active like Comfey, and its ability to close out games with Lost Overdrive's extra Prize gain, cements Dialga's place in Lost Zone decks, while its ability to recycle resources consistently earns it consideration for non-LZ-focused decks that can afford to pay Rewind's cost. Lost Overdrive is expensive, but it's strong, which makes it appealing as a single-Prize attacker in Metal decks, but streaming attacks from it basically can't happen due to permanently losing three Energy with every swing. It's the perfect balance of attacker and Bench sitter and can do anything you need it to do.

As a final note about Lost Overdrive, it is so named to keep the "Lost" naming convention of recent cards that reference the Lost Zone, and I feel like it accurately describes what the attack does, too. It's the perfect attack name. Rewind is also perfectly named, and doesn't require a LZ reference as evidenced by Comfey or Banette, or existing cards like Ampharos LOT and Skiploom LOT.


- Radiant Greninja ("You must [do a thing] in order to use this Ability.")
- Whimsicott CEC ("put a card from your hand in the Lost Zone")
- Radiant Venusaur ("Once at the end of your turn (after your attack)")

- Snorlax CL/Typhlosion LOT ("Put [number] Energy attached to [target] in the Lost Zone.")
- Greedent VMAX ("If your opponent's [target] is Knocked Out by damage from this attack...") ("...take 2 more Prize cards.")
- Unown LOT (MISSING) ("...and if [you] [have] [number or more] cards in the Lost Zone...")


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PMJ, I know this might not sound like much from the guy who always mixed holosheets and flooded the help channel of th e Discord every other day, but that's a beautiful card! It's also one I would be excited to build around if it was an actual card! (Actually, who says it has to be an actual card?)
As for the holosheet, didn't Aschefield make two SWSH holosheets, one with more of a rainbow pattern?


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PMJ, I know this might not sound like much from the guy who always mixed holosheets and flooded the help channel of th e Discord every other day, but that's a beautiful card! It's also one I would be excited to build around if it was an actual card! (Actually, who says it has to be an actual card?)
As for the holosheet, didn't Aschefield make two SWSH holosheets, one with more of a rainbow pattern?
What's that? Can't hear you, guess you'd better get your ass back in the Discord. :) :) :)

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Eternatus VSTAR HP: 270 [D]
ddkmhru-68f55379-fac6-46cc-88e9-0fa312aa6104.pngVSTAR – Evolves from Eternatus V
eternatus sprite.png
NO. 890 Gigantic Pokémon HT: 67’07” WT: 2094.4lbs.


Ability: Lost Power

This Pokémon’s attacks do 30 more damage to the Active Pokémon for each card in the Lost Zone (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

[D][D] Power Spot 30x

This attack does 30 damage for each [D] Energy card in the Lost Zone.

==================VSTAR Power=====================

[VSTAR Power] Calamity Starstorm 250

This attack does 20 damage to all Benched Pokémon. For the rest of this game, your Pokémon’s attacks do 100 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

Weakness: [L] x2

Resistance: [F] -30

Retreat: [C][C]

The core on its chest absorbs energy emanating from the lands of the Galar region. This energy is what allows Eternatus to stay active.

When your Pokémon VSTAR is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.


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i'm falling into a pattern with my CaC entries. struggle for ideas, procrastinate, struggle for ideas, find one, optional procrastination, then rush and put something together in the last 3 or 4 days. this CaC i was full of motivation and really wanted to get something done but every idea i had was boring or had already been done. eventually, i came up with an attack that revolves around having multiples of a card in the lost zone! it seemed interesting enough, so i ran with it and here i am! the card was originally going to be a swsh card but i didn't think i'd have enough time to make a good first swsh card with a holosheet, so i made it a sunmoon card instead. i feel better about the holosheet with this one, but i'm not sure how to handle moving the attack and ability this far up. also, despite coming from an official drifblim card the evo icon looks a bit off... other than that, i'm pretty happy with the card overall! drifblim is neat and i've been wanting to use this art for a while.
text entry will come tomorrow...ish! (will that cost me points because it's a second post?)

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Originally planned to be a Shining Legends, SM-style card, this contest seemed like a good opportunity to make a new era Lost Zone card. (And to that end, I borrowed the *marvelous* Lost Zone smoke that PMJ made for his Dialga!) I present to you: Radiant Giratina!

I don't tend to make cards with a holofoil layer, but for Radiant Giratina I tried to give it a shot. With a mix of layers using color dodge, multiply, and color burn I've done my best to recreate the effect on a real card. I also cut around the Lost Zone smoke in the foil layer, to blend the foil a tiny bit different (and so the smoke shows up a little better).

Now, on to the card itself. First, the names of the attacks. It's worth pointing out, while the SWSH era Lost Zone-related attacks and abilities occasionally reference "Lost" in their title, they are not consistent with this. So, we have chosen to go half-and-half on the names here. Lost Pull is the ability (fairly standard name for what it does), and Dark Dismissal for its attack (my choice for a cool attack name).

Lost Pull was designed to combo with Giratina's attack, not necessarily as a replacement for Boss or Cross Switcher. I feel the drawbacks of requiring RG to be active, and having to send 2 cards in hand to the LZ, are a high enough cost that you'd have to still expend significant resources to combo this with something else. Radiant 'Tina has a 3 retreat cost, so it's not something you can just Air Balloon out without paying at least 1 energy. This ability is meant to be good, but not so broken as to be overpowered. You could theoretically slot this card into any deck willing to take up a bench slot, but I feel that's not very practical. You'd probably want to just Boss/Cross Switcher, instead of paying a 1 retreat + balloon for a gusting effect.

Dark Dismissal is where it's at. While it has a fairly high cost, the payoff is that it has an incredible effect. If you score a KO against something with Dark Dismissal's damage, you Lost Zone the 'mon and all the cards it has attached. Goodbye energy, tools, and all the Pokemon in the line. This attack would be a death sentence for Regis if you can pull it off twice, effectively turning off Ancient Wisdom for the rest of the game. This attack can also eliminate Inteleon pieces, Manaphy, or any other vital Pokemon that your opponent generally expects to recycle with Rescue Carrier, Ordinary Rod, or other cards. In short, this attack is a good remover for any Pokemon you don't want to see coming back in the game. I feel the high cost is enough to keep this attack from being too easy to pull off. Overall, your best chance of using Radiant Giratina would likely be in a Shadow Rider deck, which are not exactly popular at this time since Dark is so rampant (and RG itself being weak to Dark).

For all the points I've laid out here, I personally view this card as fairly balanced, and thus a realistic enough card that could exist in the game.


* Radiant Greninja ASR (You must [put 2 cards from your hand in the Lost Zone] in order to use this Ability. Once during your turn, [if this Pokémon is in the Active Spot,] you may)
* Cross Switcher FST (switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with their Active Pokémon.)

* Greedent VMAX FST (If your opponent's Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from this attack,)
* Tyranitar GX LOT (put that Pokémon and [all cards attached to it] in the Lost Zone instead of the discard pile.)
* Eldegoss V SSH (all attached cards)


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Xatu – P – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Natu

NO. 178 Mystic Pokémon HT: 4’11” WT: 1.5 lbs.

Ability: Sunpath
Once per turn, when you put a card in the Lost Zone, you may put a card from your discard pile in the Lost Zone. You can't use more than 1 Sunpath Ability each turn.

[P][P][P] Lost Visions
Choose an attack from 1 of the Pokémon in the Lost Zone and use it as this attack.

Weakness: Dark (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: [C] [C]
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this is my first text fake, and i had a fun time! this fake was easier to come up with, but i'm happy with how it turned out. the ability went through several iteratons, but i ultimately settled on this one because it lets you accelerate cards to the lost zone faster in a semi-unique way - not much goes from discard to the lost zone, and this card cuts out the recovery card and puts them straight there. it can be used to hit other criteria or let xatu use the attacks of knocked out pokemon.


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Bastiodon PL#20 "...remove 1 damage counter from Bastiodon between turns."
Gulpin AR#40 "...during your opponent’s next turn, if Gulpin would be Knocked Out by damage from an attack..."
Arceus AR#AR5 "Remove all Energy cards attached to Arceus and put them in the Lost Zone."
Nidoking RR#29 "...put 2 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon."
Meganium is an underrated Pokémon, and I wanted to give it some love here in CAC, and salanchu's art gave me an interesting angle to pursue in design terms. Withered Swirl is the result of that. It has a very favorable typing to pair with Mew Prime and Celebi Prime, which makes the attack all the more dangerous. While Catcher does get around the effect, I think it's strong enough to consider play, as losing all of the Energy you put on your attacker results in quite a loss of tempo. And once you've set up your Lost Zone, Meganium gains some healing to help it stay on the field just that little bit longer. I'm not much more familiar with the metagame as it was back then to commentate further, but I feel that the design is interesting enough and I'm glad to have made it.


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I'm unfortunately going to have to drop this month, mostly due to a lack of free time. Best of luck to everyone else though.


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Klinklang– Metal – HP150
Stage 2 – Evolves from Klang

NO. 601 Gear Pokémon HT: 2’0” WT: 178.6 lbs.

Ability: Shatter Gear
Once during your turn, you may put an Item card from your discard pile in the Lost Zone. If you do, use the effect of that card as the effect of this Ability. You can't use more than 1 Shatter Gear Ability each turn.

[W] Gear Lockup 60
During your opponent's next turn, their Pokémon can't use any VSTAR Powers. (This includes Pokémon that come into play during that turn.)

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: Grass (-30)
Retreat: [C] [C] [C]
The three gears that compose this Pokémon spin at high speed. Its new spiked gear isn't a living creature.
Girafarig LOT# 94 "Put 2 cards from your opponent’s discard pile in the Lost Zone."
Mimikyu CEC #96 "If you do, use the effect of that card as the effect of this attack."
Cobalion-GX TEU #108 "During your opponent’s next turn, their Pokémon can’t attack."
Canceling Cologne ASR #136 "This includes Pokémon that come into play during that turn."
Reusing Item cards is always a control dream, and this Klinklang can do so, at a price. You only get to do so once per turn, and it gets Lost Zoned after use, so in any standard play, it's actually unusable, because Klinklang is a Stage 2. That said, I wanted a fun effect, and working with Items seemed like it could be useful. The attack is another cool idea that's unplayable because Stage 2, but currently there isn't much counterplay to VSTAR Powers beyond Path to block Abilities. Perhaps if the upcoming Klinklang is popular, this could be teched in alongside it, as replaying cards like Rare Candy and Evolution Incense would greatly help that Klinklang accelerate, but that card remains to see if it will be playable. Overall, I'm happy with where this ended up.


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