Contest July 2020 CaC: Special Conditions (All Results Up!)


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Welcome to the July 2020 round of the Create-A-Card!

This month’s theme is Special Conditions.

Asleep! Paralyzed! Confused! Burned! Poisoned! Special Conditions have been an integral part of Pokémon since its inception, being the TCG’s way of representing the status conditions of the games. They’ve changed a bit over the years — adding Burned in 2002, changing how Confused works in 2003 — but in any set you choose, you’ll find ‘em.

For this round of the competition, you’ll construct a Pokémon card that uses Special Conditions in some exciting, new, or otherwise innovative way. You might make it a heavy hitter, or a sneaky controller, or another playstyle entirely! The choice is yours — let your imagination run wild!

This competition has two sections, text-based and image-based fakes. For text-based fakes, all you have to do is create a card in text form and post it in here! For image-based fakes, you’ll need the help of some software to let your creations come to life. But one thing remains important between both of them: your cards must be completely original!


  • To sign up you must reply to the thread below. Make sure to include whether you’re in for text or image-based fakes!
  • You may register with a partner and work together on the same card. This way each member can use their different talents and combine their skills, especially if one of you is an artist and the other is a TCG player. (Feel free to post in the thread that you’re looking for a partner if you want one.)
  • We have a total of 20 spaces available for text-based entries and 20 for image-based. If you’ve never done an image-based card before, now is a great time to learn! PokéBeach has many card blanks and guides available for use.


  1. Creativity/Originality
    We’re all tired of effectless attacks! Without images, part of the intrigue with text-based fakes is the creativity of Pokémon Power / Body / Ability / attack effects. Let’s see something cool and new!
    Total: 20 points
  2. Wording
    Proper wording is key in designing any fake card. Try to ensure wording is correct for the era of card you choose as card wording has changed many times over the years. Naturally, grammar and spelling are also taken into consideration.

    Text-based fakers may format their entries any way they choose, but for those who are new or would like a guideline to follow, this is a simple formatting guideline you can follow:

    Pokémon – Type – HP50
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Pokémon

    Ability: Name
    Ability Effect

    [R][C] Attack 20
    Attack Effect

    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Psychic (-20)
    Retreat: [C] [C] [C]
    Pokédex Information

    Total: 15 points
  3. Believability/Playability
    Text-based fakes rely heavily on their believability. Think of your entries as if they were real cards. Try to avoid those 400 HP monsters which do 200 damage for [R]! Proper type (unless Delta-species), Pokédex information, and ballpark HP will be taken into consideration. We will assume that your card is being created for the current TCG era unless otherwise stated, so if you are making a card for a previous era, you must mention this in your entry post.
    Total: 15 points
Max Points: 50

  1. Creativity/Originality
    This should be a given. With the proper photo editing tools, let your imagination run wild! This can involve innovating new gameplay mechanics, blanks, templates, etc.
    Total: 15 points
  2. Wording
    Proper wording is key in designing any fake card. Try to ensure wording is correct for the era of blank you choose as card wording has changed many times over the years. Naturally, grammar and spelling are also taken into consideration.
    Total: 15 points
  3. Fonts and Placement
    Correct fonts are imperative when creating realistic fakes. Placement of text / symbols / etc. is also taken into consideration.
    Total: 10 points
  4. Believability/Playability
    Because this division of the contest is so image-heavy, the believability and playability takes a backseat here. However, it’s still worth a portion of the total points, so try to keep it in the realm of believable! Proper type (unless Delta-species), Pokédex information, and ballpark HP will be taken into consideration.
    Total: 5 points
  5. Aesthetics
    Aesthetics is all about how your card looks as a complete whole. Aspects of this category include using creative and appropriate artwork, using neat or custom blanks, and overall having an appealing card creation. Additionally, You may not use existing artwork from the TCG for your cards. If you’d like to use Ken Sugimori stock artwork, you may do so, but it must be transformative in nature.
    Total: 5 points
Max Points: 50

So that’s the point breakdown for this round’s Create-A-Card. Like last month, @Jabberwock will be judging image-based, and @FourteenAlmonds will be judging text-based.

We’re always looking for new judges. Keen to join the team? You can learn how to apply here.

General Rules

  • For those entering image-based, you must include the symbol here on your card (such as the set symbol) or else your entry won’t be accepted. It was designed by the lovely Nekoban Ryo who continuously creates resources for the faking world and is a prominent faker himself. In addition, we do not allow any image-based entries that have been made using automatic, online card generators.
  • If you edit your post you’ll have an instant deduction of 2 points from your overall score, and posting your entry again on a different post also deducts 2 points. When you submit, make sure you’re done! If you mess up the tags or have a similar coding disaster, contact myself or the month’s judges to get it fixed. If you forget to credit someone, do so in a new post instead of editing.
  • Participants who fail to submit a card by the deadline, if the particular portion is full, will automatically lose 2 points for next round (similar to losing 2 points for the current round for editing). If the portion you have signed-up for is full and if you wish to drop out, you must do so with three days remaining before the deadline to not incur the penalty. Continuing to fail to post a submission in future rounds will result in a possible ban from the contest for a couple of months. Please keep a close eye on the deadline.
  • All CAC entries should not be posted elsewhere in the PokéBeach forums while the current month’s contest is ongoing. If you have a personal thread or gallery where you post your fake card creations, you must wait to post your CAC card there until the contest is complete and full judging results have been posted. This is to ensure that CAC judges can continue to give proper feedback both within the contest and in the forums.
  • Artists (illustrators) are free to post in this thread, letting participants know that they are available.
  • All entries should meet the forum rules. You should always credit the artist, and never use someone else’s art without their permission, else it is considered art theft.

Deadline: July 31st (Fri.) 12:00pm EST
Here’s a deadline countdown for convenience: [link]​

Anticipated Entrants

  1. @bbninjas
  2. @Nyan
  3. @FourteenAlmonds
  4. @Gabs Kazumi
  5. @KnightofDust
  7. This could be you!

  1. @Kaizaac
  2. @DashKing
  3. @Vom
  4. @FireLizard
  5. @ThePigThatCriedRii
  6. @47bennyg
  7. @PMJ
  8. @Babywinds
  9. @Nyora
  10. This could be you!

Bold names means I have seen your entry in this thread.

Want to help advertise the contest? Just paste the code below for the banner in your sig!

Credit goes to @Nekoban Ryo and @CardPone for the banner.
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Delta Species is best species
I'll hop in for image I think. I have ideas, but I'm not sure they're creative enough for that elusive 50/50. Hopefully I'll at least have time and motivation to make it look good.


A man who knows nothing about proportions.
I'm probably in for text this time,since Paint isn't the best way to make cards,and I can't use the other apps.


once again, I will tentatively put myself down for image

hopefully I can actually find the time to make a card this time, aha..


A man who knows nothing about proportions.
Venomoth-GX HP 220
Stage 1-Evolves from Venonat

[Ability]-Panic Scale
As long as this Pokèmon is your Active Pokèmon, the Special Conditions are not removed when your opponent's Pokèmon evolve or devolve.

[G] [G] [C] Toxic Wing 90

Your opponent's Active Pokèmon is now Poisoned.Put 5 damage counters instead of 1 on that Pokémon and discard an Energy attached to it between turns.

[G] Moth's Attack-GX
Your opponent's Active Pokèmon is now Burned and Confused.If it's also Poisoned,discard your opponent's hand.


Retreat Cost:[C]

Your opponent's Active Pokèmon is now Burned and Confused.If it's also Poisoned,discard your opponent's hand.

Since I'm not that good at image-based cards,I've decided to make a text-based card.And since it's a Special Condition themed contest,Venomoth was the best option.Its canon GX is kinda meh,so I made one for own.And it's even more stalling the canon one.Enjoy my moth!


your future past waits

I wasn't planning to enter this month, but thanks to the 'rona I'm working from home and I have a lot of spare time in my hands.

I'm horrible at balancing, that's just a fact, I make cards because I like to be creative and I enjoy the aesthetics of it. I think it's balanced in it's current state, Ethreal Grasp drags out the annoying Bench sitters while The Long Night locks their abilities and puts some damage on them. I don't know if the damage on The Long Night is reasonable or not, but maybe 8 is too much for vanilla cards and 13 is too little for GXs, Vs, EXs, V MAXs (and whatever ridiculous mechanic they're throwing out), I don't know because I don't play the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*The only reason why this is a Prism Card is because I didn't want The Long Night to be stackable but I ran out of space with the "You can't use X Ability each turn." line. Older iterations of Ethreal Grasp also makes the opponent flip 2 coins for the Sleep mechanic but that's also scrapped due to insufficient space (and it might make the card even more overloaded than it currently is).

I don't usually talk about this, but the holosheet is such a pain to do on this card. I had to cut out Darkrai itself, then cut out all the purple swirlies that are in front of Darkrai, and apply feathered edges on all of them so that it'd look alright.

I tried my best to make the card borders look glossy. I'm not happy with it and I'd tweak it more if I had the time, but it looks better than the plain grey border so there's that.

Nothing really special about the wording, except the last bit of Ethreal Grasp. It's what it is right now because it feels grammatically correct. I've tried finding similar wordings on official cards, didn't find anything unfortunately. However, I did find a "reference" of some sort...
Stats, WRRC etc.
Darkrai Prism Star (UPR 77)

The Long Night
Mimikyu (CEC 97)
Komala (UNM 185)
Hakamo-o (CEC 162)
Espeoon & Deoxys-GX (SM 240)

Ethreal Grasp
Druddigon (UNM 157)
Dark Sylveon (OP 03) by CardPone


Ready or Not!
Advanced Member
Here's mine!


I've always been intrigued by how Special Conditions can be used to Knock Out Pokemon without triggering classic Abilities like Fainting Spell (Gengar, Chandelure) and Overflow (Lugia-EX), so I decided to push that design space to the extreme! The strategy is to use a Special Condition of your choice to rack up damage on your opponent. The catch obviously is that if you KO with the Special Condition, you don't get the extra prize. We can then use Pollen Flick to prevent a premature KO.

Intended release is in the Roaring Skies era, right next to Dustox AT, with notable partners or counters including Virbank, Virizion-EX, M-Rayquaza-EX (very fast) and Night March (also very fast).

Beautifly is obviously pretty potent with Virbank, but there's a few counters that should keep it from being overpowered: other Stadiums, switches / full heal-style effects, and the fact that you still have to juggle the Special Condition damage accumulating between turns (60 - 90 HP and 130 - 160HP Pokemon would be notably annoying).

Credits: Art -> Autobot Tesla, Blanks -> @aschefield101 and Snoops (Stage 2 bar).


Aspiring Trainer
Here’s mine! (I don’t know how to do the spoiler tag)

Amoongus- Grass - HP 110
Stage 1 - Evolves from Foongus

Ability - Crippling Toxins
During Pokémon Checkup, if your Opponent’s Active Pokémon is poisoned, discard an Energy card from it. You cannot apply more than one Crippling Toxins Ability At a time.

[G] [C] [C] Finishing Fungus 50+
This attack does 30 more damage for each Energy card in your Opponent’s Discard Pile.

Weakness: Fire X 2
Resistance: None

Retreat: [C] [C]


Aspiring Trainer
My entry:

Type: [G] – HP170
Stage 2 – Evolves from Ivysaur

Pokédex: A bewitching aroma wafts from its flower. The fragrance becalms those engaged in a battle.
NO. 003, Seed Pokémon, Height: 6'07", Weight: 220.5 lbs.

Ability: Flowering Spores
As often as you like during your turn, you may discard a [G] energy from your hand. If you do, you may put 1 damage counter on 2 of your opponent’s Pokémon.

[G] Enchanting Enzyme
Your opponent's Active Pokémon is Poisoned. Move any number of damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon to their Active Pokémon.

[G] Catalyzed Cocktail 10+
If your opponent’s Active Pokémon is Poisoned, this attack does 110 more damage and your opponent’s Active Pokémon is Paralyzed. If 1 of your Pokémon used Catalyzed Cocktail during your last turn, this attack can't be used.

Weakness: [R] X 2
Resistance: None

Retreat: [C][C][C]

Galarian Zigzagoon SSH
Frosmoth SSH
Walrein CSC
[P] Tapu Lele Promo
Toxicroak VMAX RBL
Roserade RBL


happy thoughts
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Sorry for taking the easy way out but I don't have the time, energy, or desire to even make an attempt at botching an image fake for this.

Shedinja GX - HP 160 - P
Stage 1 - Evolves from Nincada

Ability: Spirit Payback
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may remove all Special Conditions from this Pokémon. Count the number of Special Conditions removed in this way and put four times that many damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon in any way you like.

P - Unstable Soul
This Pokémon is now Burned, Confused, and Poisoned. Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokémon during your opponent's next turn. If 1 of your Pokémon used Unstable Soul during your last turn, this attack can't be used.

P - Life Steal GX
If this Pokémon was your Active Pokémon at the start of this turn and was damaged by your opponent's Active Pokémon during their last turn, your opponent's Active Pokémon is Knocked Out and for the rest of this game, damage done to any of your Shedinja-GX by attacks is reduced by 30 (after applying Weakness and Resistance). (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

WK: D x2 / RS: F-20 / RC: -

Here's my take on the Special Conditions theme. It was challenging but I think I've come up with a way to not come in dead last. (Disclaimer: Haven't seen any other entries so I really hope no one else did this idea.)

Didn't know how to go about making a creative fake at first since most augmentations to Special Conditions have been done to death. Not only that but I wanted to avoid "standard" inflicters of Special Conditions, like powder-using Bug-types and Grass-types, and further still I wanted to use a Pokemon that doesn't typically inflict status. Shedinja fits both of these criteria; while it has had one print (out of seven) that inflicts a Special Condition (it can confuse), none of the rest can drop any status at all, and even the one that can confuse doesn't utilize Special Conditions quite like this.

With 160 HP, this is the lowest Stage 1 GX HP out there. No real card has this HP, but I consider a Shedinja-GX to be an outlier, much like Gyarados-GX being the only Stage 1 GX with 230 HP. Shedinja has always had especially low HP for a Stage 1, and 160 on a Stage 1 GX is just begging to get demolished. Which brings me to the attack and Ability:

Unstable Soul is this card's bread and butter, and is also your main source of damage. For the cost of raining down Special Conditions on yourself, you gain immunity for 1 turn, with the caveat that it cannot be used multiple turns in a row a la Walrein CEC. The idea is to use your turn of immunity to then fully cure yourself with Spirit Payback and then spread damage around like a madman before fleeing or taking the life of some poor sucker that tried to hit you.

Spirit Payback, at best, can spread 120 damage around for 1 Energy. The actual damage is a little less than that because you have a 25% chance of curing your burn going back into your turn. The damage is capped at 4x because 5x is too powerful. It seems a bit weak, but getting a turn of immunity every other turn is fantastic.

Life Steal GX is pretty strong but the fact that you can't just bring Shedinja up to wipe something balances it a little too well. It does act as a massive deterrent to attacking, allowing you to stack Unstable Soul damage without a lot of worry, but with you losing a minimum of 30 HP at a time with every use, it increases the chances of you dying in one hit (as if you weren't easy enough to kill already). Should you pull off the GX, though, you earn a bit of damage resistance for your trouble, which will definitely help your little bugs stay alive longer (but not much longer).

Bottom stats are typical for a ghost in SM era. Free retreat to make better use of Shedinja without having to constantly burn Energy on him. Honestly, that's the only part of the card I would probably change (increasing it to 1) but I'm giving him free retreat solely as a competitive decision, and I don't think it's that big a deal since, y'know, 160 HP.

See you cats in the winner's circle