Discussion Judge Whistle in decks

Ethan R

Aspiring Trainer
So, I've been thinking about how one of Judge whistle's effects is "draw a card." It seems like some decks could improve consistency by running four copies of judge whistle and effectively having 56 cards in your deck. This seems like it could be good in decks that want to pull off combos like turn one full blitz or altered creation. Or if you just don't draw everything in a lot of games, having "less than 60 cards" seems like it could help. Is this idea worth trying out? If so, what decks could take the most advantage of it?


The wise fool?
The question is "How valuable is a slot in my deck?"

Remember that Pokémon is a TCG without a Side Board (Side Deck), so counters are included in your main deck. Four slots for making your deck slightly more reliable, versus running counters for problem matchups, redundant copies of key cards to improve reliability that way, or other draw/search options to improve reliability in yet another way, often mean there's no "56 card build" where Judge Whistle is a no-brainer. As you yourself implied, there are also decks where those four slots are already occupied by essentials.

Judge Whistle is always an option to remember, however; the fundamental principle is sound,I'm just listing the main reasons why 4 Judge Whistle aren't a staple.